Range Rover Evoque - Road Test

Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers' started by Gord, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Gord

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    Interesting read:

    Range Rover Evoque

    Model/Engine size: SD4 Dynamic 5 door

    Fuel: Diesel

    Fuel economy combined: 41.3 mpgUS (converted from EU combined figure)

    Green-Car-Guide rating: 9/10

    The Range Rover Evoque, in diesel manual form, returns 41.3 mpgUS; for a Land Rover this is excellent, however there are other 4x4s that beat this – so can the Evoque show it’s in a different class to these rivals due its superior off-road ability?

    If the Evoque can prove that its off-road ability is in a league above other 4x4s that can return more than 41.6 mpgUS, then in addition to being able to claim that it’s the greenest Land Rover ever, it can also claim that it is the greenest ‘real’ 4x4.

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    Great MPG, but $60k US is a bit steep. (x2)

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