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    Nope, from what I recall, it was about 1k annually for insurance. BUT... it only covered structure, no "stuff". Here's what I've got from '93 or '94. The Escape shot was from '03 or '04.

    Almost the same shot as the Escape, but 10 years earlier.

    Neighbor on the left.

    The garage... we lost 15k in model R/C equipment that year. Never got back into it.

    Shot from the house facing the road (and my 86 Civic, blue door and all).
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    Floods are my least favorite natural disaster.
    Everything is covered in mud-and in a few days the houses STINK with that mildew odor-everything is ruined-sheetrock is worthless-the wood frames are ok-insulation all has to be pulled out.
    Lotta work-miserable
    Yeah I like that radio controlled stuff-lotta fun.
    When I was a kid I wanted a radio controlled plane-never got around to it-radio controlled planes were really expensive in the early 60's(maybe $500 or more for a full setup-you could get a new car for $2500-a base Plymouth or Rambler-not a Chevy or Ford).I don't think there were any RC cars back then-just planes and boats.
  3. carrmann

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    that sucks a lot man...!!! sorry to see

    so I've gotten real fortunate... my parents decided to cosign a loan with me (only way to get a loan cuz of my bankruptcy) and it looks like im getting a leftover dodge or chevy.

    anyone have any experience with new dodges/chevies? Lookin at a 5.3l 2011 chevy 4x4 ext cab, or a 5.9l hemi dodge quad cab 4x4. The chevy is rated 21 highway, dodge is 19 highway. However, the dodge is a quad, and the chevy is a extended cab. Im really tossed on which one I want. They are basically within about 15$ of each other in terms of payments. THe dodge is cheaper for insurance (about 15$ a month lol), and the loan for it is about 15$ cheaper.

    Any input?
  4. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    Hey that is good luck! New is certainly more reliable than 12 year old used!
    I don't go to Dodge Forums but I haven't heard-on GM forums-and Hemi Horror stories-
    other than the pitiful FE the earlier (5.7 I think) Hemis got- but now the Hemi has cylinder shutoff or whatever Dodge calls it-they now get decent FE but still less than GM FORD .
    I would be biased toward the Chevy because of the FE. They are both 6.5 foot beds right?
    If so the GM will be a little shorter easier to park maneuver might be handy for fishing hunting situations on dirt roads trees etc.
    Still the FE difference is significant-10% adds up-
    18mpg= 5555 gallons over 100,000 miles=$22222 per 100,000 miles
    16mpg=6250 gallons= $25000 per 100,000 miles
    This assumes $4 gallon-wouldn't be surprised to see higher prices than that-maybe $6/gal

    I would favor the GM- might consider that 3.5 Ford- but suspect it is costly.
    If not to personel- how much are these- maybe $23000+ Tax Title License??
    You are getting the 5.3 right- not the 4.8 or 4.3- sometimes end of year vehicles are the less desireable engines-the 4.8 and 4.3 have ZERO advantage over the 5.3-other than slightly cheaper-which is something of course.
    Make sure it is the 5.3- 4.8 V-8 buyers constantly post "What adds ons-CAI exhaust etc" do I have to put on to get 5.3 performance?? Nothing wrong with the 4.8- but it just doesn't have the feel of the 5.3-They are never satisfied-despite having a functional reliable truck! Especially younger guys-oldsters like me won't mind-price comfort FE is everything when you get older and the 4.8 is identical in comfort and FE.

    I would check Dodge truck forums to see if there are any chronic complaints- the early Nissan Titans ate the rear ends at VERY LOW MILES. Dodge has been making pickups for a long time-so I wouldn't expect that.
    I bought a 1980 D100 318 in 1980-$5400 out the door-ok truck but the windows froze shut-rust- in 1983 and I was such a cheapskate I bought a stripper with NO AC IN NEW ORLEANS- BIG FREAKIN MISTAKE. Ohterwise it was a reliable vehicle-off idle stumble common to that era-carbs had problems meeting EPA regs.

    Let us know what you find out about the Dodge?
    I would favor the Chevy- but the Dodge is probably a decent choice also.
  5. carrmann

    carrmann Well-Known Member

    same beds!

    chevy is extended cab, dodge is quad (more space).

    FE has me leaning towards chevy, but my buddy gets 24mpg highway with his quad dodge (2wd tho).

    GM actually has a worse turning radius than the dodge even tho its shorter. it IS the 5.3 6spd, I drove a 4.8, pretty noticeable difference. same with the 4.7 dodge vs 5.7 (actually, the hemi IS WAY more powerful than the 4.7 or the 5.3 lol).

    Yea the ford is way more than Im lookin at (roughly 27k for either truck).

    Im def. looking at the functional/reliable. Consumer reports basically says they are both the same in that regards.

    oof, no ac in new orleans?hot stuff lmao!!! i suffered a summer here in my truck with no ac, man did that suck.
  6. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    Yeah the Hemi is stout by all accounts. 24 mpg-wow-it is certainly plausible- I get 21 mpg with my 1998 which is EPA rated 17mpg hy-so his rated at 20 mpg-getting 24mpg sounds about right if he keeps it about 62mph or so.
    The 5.3 will beat it the latest hemis by just what the EPA difference is.
    Yeah the hemi is quick!! Quicker than the old 426 hemi as delivered from the factory-
    The old 426 Hemi did respond dramatically to aftermarket exhaust and intake.

    You will do ok with either choice.I test drove a hemi Ram in 2004- it was quick-much quicker now I think.The extended cab back seat is not horrible for adults-fine for a dog of course.
  7. carrmann

    carrmann Well-Known Member

    I ended up gettin a great deal on a 4wd quad cab hemi 2012 ram. Got the basic options (windows, locks, cruise, cloth) and 3.55 gears(they tried to up me to 3.92s) for 28k out the door. Cant wait to take delivery in a month when my dad drives it down here. Sticker on it was 35k!

    Almost went with the chevy, but the quad cab vs ext cab won me over... plus Im a dodge guy haha! Looking forward to seeing what I can do with the ram. I think I will be able to bust the epa mpg out pretty easily cuz my friend does it in his... and he is NOT an efficient driver at ALL.
  8. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    I have a soft spot for Mopar-more or less learned to drive on a 1965 Fury 3 stationwagon-318 V-8. My brother and I ran it sooo hard but it kept on ticking. It would show 111mph at WOT-

    You should get good service from that hemi-they are 6.2 or so now- not 5.7??
    Yeah with that big motor you don't need 3.92 even with OD trans the 3.92 would have you turning >1700 RPMS at 60 mph(pure guess on RPMs)-probably turn 1550 RPMs at 60 mph with the 3.55.
    I'm guessing you'll get 23 mpg hy at 62-65mph-
    It is nice to have a full sized backseat.The extended cab backseat is tolerable for maybe 30 minutes but after that it is strictly"are we there yet" time.
    I like the Ram's looks also.
    Yeah you luck is changing!!
    $28000 OTD means actual selling price about $26000 or less- $9000 discount- pretty good!
  9. carrmann

    carrmann Well-Known Member

    Haha! Nice. I've had sooo many mopars. I miss havin a old hot rod. NO point in havin it in alaska.. maybe when I grow up lol I'll get another hot rod to play with. See if I cant make a real fuel efficient big block mopar.. lol.

    Nope, still 5.7. The 'srt8s' have the 6.2 I think with like 470hp. The 5.7 in the truck has 390hp/apprx 410tq. Big step up from my 240hp/340tq 360/5.9l haha.

    I guess the new 6spd really has 2 alternate 2nd gears. Has 2 ODs as well, .76 and .67 I believe. Lookin forward to drivin it! I cant wait :). So its not REALLY a 6spd, but a 5spd with 2 diff. 2nd gears.

    Bout time with my luck.. life has kinda sucked for about 3 years (since I got married... lol).

    I ended up at 29k after extending the bumper to bumper to 5year/50k miles lol. Warranty is nice... esp while Im in AK where parts etc. are more expensive.
  10. 08EscapeHybrid

    08EscapeHybrid Moderator

    Maybe stuff a fuel injected Hemi with cylinder deactivation into a Dodge Aries? One thing is certain, as light as they are that sucker will be fast. I would imagine if responsibly driven, it would have decent FE as well.
  11. carrmann

    carrmann Well-Known Member

    that would be fun... not a fan of the aries tho! maybe a dart/demon/duster. badass lookin, with a nice engine.

    tho I HATE all teh advanced electronics/crap in the new dodges. When I had my dakota r/t tuning for mods was such a PITA. The computer would 'learn' over any standard bolt in modifier such as SAFC/JET etc. So it would 'help' at first, and then relearn its program and ignore ur adjustments.
  12. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    Right- EVERYTHING is more expensive in AK. Probably a good idea to get the longer warranty.Maybe it has some tow benefit and maybe even a loaner car.
    Probably be many years before you need it-heck one benefit of buying the warranty is your sure to not need it if you buy it!
    Heck I wonder if gasoline is more expensive -they must have a refinery-wouldn't make sense to ship that oil twice.
    My all time favorite car was the 1971 383 Cuda I bought from then sold back to my brother-loved that car.Once again the Cheapskate gene showed up- my brother bought it new in 1971-or maybe late 1970- NO AC!
    He was living in Enterprise Ala-hot as heck there-so wasn't like he ws living up north-just cheap-and probably didn't want to weight to get it installed(didn't take long back then since dealers commonly installed ACs.

    Yeah you will love that MOPAR- 390 HP- full sized Dodge horses not those little ponies Ford used to claim! Hmmmm my Suburban makes 250 hp-feels quick enough- 390 hp-rocket-!!
  13. carrmann

    carrmann Well-Known Member

    yes indeedy! It does come with both towing/roadside and loaner haha.

    hopefully many years, but you never know!!

    gas is about 4$ a gallon there right now..as opposed to $3.15 here :-(

    badass car! I had a 71 440 3spd auto challenger that was super rare (had power win/lock/ac/8track/adjustable seat . Never shoulda sold it :-( , i was 19 didnt know any better *sigh*.

    cant wait to get it. I test drove 12 hemi here, and it had some 'git' to it haha
  14. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    When the economy was booming those Challengers went for BIG MONEY!!!
    Suspect they still go for most of what you paid for your Hemi
    I looked up the 1971 440 in Chiltons-the 3 two barrel version-six pack-made 385 hp
    and 490 lb ft - very serious power for 1971.
    Still your 390 2012 hp is FAR MORE HP than 1971 HP ( but those older vehicles would really respond to headers exhaust mods cams better tires etc)
    The way ratings were calculated was changed in 1972-and the new ratings were far lower-frequently just 2/3 than the older ratings(the 318 dropped from 230 hp to 150 hp-same compression-the 340 dropped much less 275 to 240-everything else-all brands dropped to 75% or less)

    Your Ram will be almost as quick as that 440-despite maybe 2000 lbs extra weight.
    Still I would LOVE to have that old 440-was it 3x2 or was their a 4 barrel option that year-Chilton shows just the 3x2 for some reason.
    Imagine that-3 carbs on one engine
    Couple of years earlier it showed 2 4 barrels on the 426 HEMI!
    No way those cars EVER saw 10 mpg!!
    You'll get double the mpg despite 2000 extra lbs-and maybe 50-70 more actual hp.
  15. carrmann

    carrmann Well-Known Member

    yea.. pretty dumb. turns out it was SUPER rare because of all the options it had, most specifically power sunroof which was only made in something like 30 ish 71 challengers.

    it was a 4barrel carb.

    yea 440s respond incredibly well to mods. Cam/intake/headers/carb is probably pretty easy to call that an extra 100 hp lol.

    stock 440 challenger with 4spd would run low 13s with a good driver/good tires (stock ones sucked badddd). my truck will run low 14s with sticky tires.

    my 440 roadrunner went 10.5s@135mph when I was a senior in HS, i got about 4-5mpg with it. but it was tubbed, had a dana 60, wheelie bars, roll cage, skinnies etc. etc.
  16. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    Power Sunroof- heak I was 20 yo then-and I didn't know there was such a thing as a sunroof-to say nothing of a Power Sunroof!! It actually worked-the sunroof!!
    Yes in the old days simple bolts ons really woke those all but race motors(10.3 compression)
    100 hp was plausible) I forgot about my fancy Holley aluminum intake manifold-the stock cast iron one weighed 50 lbs easy-maybe more!!
    Sure a stock Challenger-440- would do 13's with right tires-maybe advance timing-not much just right tires and driver-heck almost race motors.
    10.5 135- !!! What is that 650 hp! In a street car!!

    Plymouth Dodge always gave you lots of performance for the $$-loved Mopar-Chevy Ford were always soooo expensive-396 Chevelle might have been $700 more than RoadRunner SuperBee with 383- couple hunded $$ more than the 440 also
    There were very very few 427 Chevys back then-too $$(except maybe Corvettes- but 350's probably outsold 427s 10/1 even in Corvettes- 100/1 otherwise)
    Just as well a really good 350-built a bit-could outrun the 427(tire limitations helped of course)
    Memory lane!
    Luck with that Hemi- be a fun truck get good mpg considering size utility performance.
  17. carrmann

    carrmann Well-Known Member

    Lol yea, mine didnt work (needed a rebuilt kit).. but it had one lol.

    yea, old things LOVED bolt ons. Shoot, advance timing, tires, flip the lid on the air cleaner (more air flow), and tweak the carb was good for almost .5 in the 1/4 on avg with a big block. um, not sure about 650 lol. probably around there. Not hard to do with a 440 lol. Dad raised me as a mopar guy. we've always liked the underdogs haha, back when he was racing no one really liked mopar so they were DIRT cheap. 440 is better than a hemi IMO (426) due to much cheaper parts. Its a poor mans race eng compared to the hemi lol.

    yea, 350 is a great platform. Small, easy to build/cheap, runs great haha. lots of kits to fit it into lots of things too. kinda crazy what you see it in. the newer version of it, the ls1 is pretty good to (346ci tho), and can make impressive HP#s without sacrificing mpg. my 450 rwhp (510 apprx crank hp) got 29mpg on the hwy with 3.90 gears in a Moser 9".

    memory lane for me too.. sucks haha. Im only 28 lol!!! had cooler stuff when i was still in HS than I do now. stupid ex wife.. lol

    Cant wait to drive the ram, see what kinda mpg I can get out of it. Once it gets here I can sell mine also.

    Does anyone know if the toppers that are even with the roof hurt or help mpg? pondering getting one.. if it hurts mpg i'll just get one of those fabric tonneau covers so I can put stuff in the bed without weather gettin to it (especially for the trip up to AK).
  18. 08EscapeHybrid

    08EscapeHybrid Moderator

    That's what I did on my old 74 Chevy C-10. I flipped the air cleaner lid, installed an electronic distributor from a 75 Chevy van, and put platinum plugs in it. When driven responsibly it would get about 25 MPG on the highway. Not bad for a 20 year old truck with over 300,000 miles. When I bought my 86 Chevy it had dual tanks, and I thought "Imagine how far I can go on dual tanks!". Reality was it took 2 tanks on the 86 to go as far as the 74 went on one.
  19. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    The Death Trap tanks right??
    I don't think I EVER saw a 426 Hemi car on the street.Maybe car show-or local weekend car shows- but I never actually saw a Hemi anything just driving or parked on the street-and I was an adult- more or less- back when they were "alive"
    They were just so expensive-no one ever bought them- The 440- had most of the HP but $1000 cheaper.Cheaper to fix cheaper everything.
    Heck the 426 Hemi even required some sort of SPERM WHALE OiL ADDITIVE- no kidding I read that somewhere!! Not sure what it was added to-oil trans gearbox diff

    08Escape-wow- 25mpg with a carbureted pickup with a CD about .5 (maybe worse) pretty good.!You were a hypermiler long before the rest of us.It was a MT right ? Was it that straight 6 (250-300) or a V-8?? In any case 25mpg would have made jaws drop back then!!
    In the 50's 60's the MPG brag was "my car gets 20 mpg".
  20. 08EscapeHybrid

    08EscapeHybrid Moderator

    No, it was a 350 with a TH350 3 speed automatic with locking torque converter. Back then all the highways in my area were mostly 55 MPH, so I'd just set the cruise on 55 and enjoy the ride. Remember, 1974 model year light duty trucks had no emissions requirements. It had no cat converter, smog pump, or any other crap that robs power and FE. It was even designed with leaded gasoline in mind, and I added lead substitute to the gas at each fillup.

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