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    :cool:In early October I was able to hypermile MITSUBISHI's newest addition on the compact SUV market: the ASX 1.8 DID INVITE. I drove a 487 mile loop through major passes in the swiss Alps. Total altitude gain/loss was 44'300 ft! Average speed was 37.3 mph. The drive resulted in a amazing overall 45.23 MPG (MITSUBISHI claims 5.7 litre per 100 kms in the New European Driving Cycle which is equal to 41.27 MPG, however EPA estimates are easier to beat!!). The 305 miles with the toughest topography were covered with 39.2 MPG. The rather flat stretches on highways and autobahn at 55 mph delivered even 62.72 MPG. That's the good news, the bad news is: Up to now the 4 cylinder 1.8 litre Diesel is not (yet) available on the US-market...
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    Hi Savefuel:

    I am warming up to the Ford Edge with the 2.0L EcoBoost. While it is no diesel like the European’s can purchase, my 10-minutes behind the wheel of one a few weeks back proved it was a 40 + lifetime mpgUS CUV for the right US based driver. It put my wife's 30 + mpgUS capable MDX to shame! The Truck side of Ford knows how to make powerful yet very fuel efficient vehicles from their monster 6.7L Power Stroke to the 2.0L and 3.5L EcoBoost engines. All with good spread ratios for towing when you need it and relaxed highway cruising when you do not.

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    Has Wayne or anyone test driven one of the Kia Sportage vehicles? They get 31mpg hwy on the EPA test. You should be able to outdo that, right?
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    Compact SUV? Wait for the upcoming Mazda CX-5.
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    Does Mitsubishi even have any plans to bring the ASX to North America? So far the smallest SUV they offer here is the Outlander.

    As far as currently available CUVs, the EPA's site says the most FE ones available other than hybrids (Escape, RX400h, Highlander) are the Juke CVT (27/32mpg), CX-5 MT (26/35, of course not available quite yet), followed interestingly by the Outlander CVT (25/31).

    If course if you don't need AWD (few genuinely do) or high ground clearance of SUVs, you can do quite a bit better with a small wagon or hatchback -- especially with this year's new crop like the Focus, Mazda3 and forthcoming Elantra GT.
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    Hi All:

    Following Andrew’s post, with the release of the 35 mpgUS highway rated Mazda CX-5, nothing comes close in the Compact CUV/SUV segment this side of a European diesel.

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    Or, The new 2013 Kia Soul. 1.6L DOHC, DFI, VVT.
    Fun little 'car' to drive, and good MPG if you don't punish it.

    With a wide track and high ground clearance, it's my Go Anywhere car.

    Take one for a test drive and see what you think. I took my own test drive
    and three hours later I drove it home and I wasn't even looking for a new car that day.

    I sure do love mine! And 35+MPG on the highway is no problem at all.

    Happy Holidays!
    The Doctor :cool:
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    Has GM improved on their 32mpg Equinox?
    That-32mpg-was its number in 2009-10 when it came out
    should be better now-right?
    Probably bargain priced

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