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  1. melissa_schnell

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    Have you ever heard of Suzuki Celerio? I've seen one when i went to Manila, Philippines a couple of weeks ago & drive tested it. It consumes only 1 liter of gasoline per 32 kilometers. This was also certified by a private non goverment agency being the most efficient cars nowadays. It's really a people's car.
  2. lxmike

    lxmike Well-Known Member

    right around 80 mpg depending on the conversion.
  3. Blackbelt

    Blackbelt Well-Known Member

    Suzuki is really good at making small efficient cars. The Celerio is about 11' long and weighs around 1900# and has a 1 liter 3 cylinder engine. Nice looking car.
  4. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

    ItsNotAboutTheMoney Super Moderator Staff Member

    But I'm not sure it's that good. I think it's Kei.

  5. Blackbelt

    Blackbelt Well-Known Member

    No. it's a little too long, wide, and the engine is too large to be a Kei. The engine size is limited to 660cc, the Celerio is 996cc. In addition, the max length for a Kei is 3400mm, and the Celerio is 3500mm. The max width for a Kei is 1480mm, while the Celerio is 1600mm.
    Suzuki has a number of Kei cars it sells in Japan, in fact the "wagon R" has been the number one selling Kei car in Japan the past 4 months. The Alto, Palette, and MR wagon are also strong Kei sellers.

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