Nissan August Sales Up 19.2% (14.6%*)

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    [fimg=right][/fimg][​IMG]Colin Wright - CleanMPG - Sep. 3, 2011.

    2012 Nissan Versa - the new Versa is more efficient and better equipped than the previous model, and although not the best its competitive pricing helped make it the best selling subcompact in August.

    Nissan reported August U.S. sales of 91,541 units versus 76,827 units a year earlier, an increase of 19.2 percent (14.6 percent*). Nissan Division sales increased 22.4 percent (17.7 percent*) for the month with 82,517 units. Sales of Infiniti vehicles decreased 4.3 percent (8.0 percent*) from the prior year, to 9,024 units.


    Nissan vehicles posted August sales of 82,517 units, an increase of 22.4 percent (17.7 percent*) over the 67,399 units sold in August 2010.

    The all-new Versa Sedan helped boost sales of the Versa subcompact by 14.9 percent (10.5 percent*) to 8,566 in August.

    Strong sales of the Nissan Altima continue, with 23,016 units marking an August increase of 24.5 percent (19.7 percent*) over the prior year.

    Sales of the Rogue crossover achieved a record in August, up 13.2 percent (8.8 percent*) with 11,467 deliveries.

    Deliveries of all-electric Nissan LEAF totaled 1,362 in August, with 6,187 units sold since its December 2010 launch.

    The Nissan Juke continues to outperform earlier projections, with August sales totaling 3,464 units.


    Infiniti sales totaled 9,024 units for the month of August, a decrease of 4.3 percent (8.0 percent*) versus 9,428 a year earlier.

    Infiniti G Sedan sales of 4,267 mark an increase of 8.7 percent (4.5 percent*) from prior year.

    With sales of 1,148 for the month of August, the Infiniti QX has a year-over-year increase of 11.3 percent (7.1% percent*) but sales fell 8.1 percent (11.6 percent*) compared to the previous August.

    * To ensure consistency in global sales reporting, Nissan North America calculates monthly variances on a straight-percentage basis, unadjusted for the number of selling days. The figures in parentheses are the adjusted percentages. August 2011 had 26 selling days, while August 2010 had 25 selling days.

    Automobile Manufacturer's US Sales Rank - August 2011 vs. August 2010 Comparison and Total Sales
    1. GM August Sales up 13.4% with 218,479 vehicles sold.
    2. Ford August Sales up 7.0% with 175,220 vehicles sold.
    3. Chrysler August Sales up 25.6% with 130,119 vehicles sold.
    4. Toyota August Sales down 16.1% with 129,483 vehicles sold.
    5. Nissan August Sales up 17.7% with 82,517 vehicles sold.
    6. Honda August Sales down 27.2% with 82,321 vehicles sold.
    7. Hyundai August Sales up 4.9% with 58,505 vehicles sold.
    8. Kia August Sales up 22.0% with 41,188 vehicles sold.
    9. VW August Sales up 6.2% with 25,232 vehicles sold.
    10. BMW August Sales down 4.0% with 23,924 vehicles sold.
    11. Mazda August Sales up 10.2% with 22,632 vehicles sold.
    12. Subaru August Sales down 9.9% with 20,837 vehicles sold.
    13. Mercedes-Benz August Sales up 1.3% with 20,728 vehicles sold.
    14. Audi August Sales up 6.8% with 10,201 vehicles sold.
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    Nissan will have to offer a manual Versa hatch with better EPA numbers than they currently have to get my attention. Also , who would actually trust/buy a CVT ? Don't they like,break,after a few years ?
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    They can but it depends on the manufacturer. As far as I'm aware Nissan's CVT is reliable and has a 10year/120,000 warranty. But that reliability comes at a price, commonly $1,500 I think, and I read that they lock it so that only Nissan techs can change the (expensive, proprietary) fluid.
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    Nissan seems to be leading the CVT pack, and I'd trust it -- but I still wouldn't want the extra expense and loss of FE control.

    I agree though, it's disappointing that the hatch won't get the updates for another year.

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