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Discussion in 'Hyundai Sonata Hybrid' started by carrmann, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. carrmann

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    So does anyone know what Blue Drive actually does?? I've noticed some odd things about it. Even took a video that I will publish to youtube and link... when i turn it off, it feels like the car suddenly had a light brake pressure released. I find this quite odd, it has more power/feels more response, takes less throttle to do the same speed (by a noticeable amount).

    Im very confused as I thought blue drive is more fuel efficient, and thats what the manual says as well.

    The 'eco guide' actually is lower when i Dont use blue mode, and it seems easier to maintain speed than it is when in blue mode. The 'dragging' sensation isnt there either.
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  2. xcel

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    Hi Carrman:

    In our realm, the Blue Drive system is only going to reduce Throttle output for a given throttle input when engaged. I am not sure if it softens up CC or the HVAC functions or not but will try and find the details if you want. I was not at the Sonata Hybrid/2.0L Turbo launch and did not receive the details directly.

  3. carrmann

    carrmann Well-Known Member

    that would be greatly appreciated.. or even if you could point me at where you would find it.

    the reason the question came up is i noticed a dramatic download mpg spike (about 5mpg) without any change in driving style.. and the car feels like it will not both hold speed and maintain the instant mpg pegged at 50mpg at the same time when it used to be able to :-/
  4. carrmann

    carrmann Well-Known Member

    the blue drive no doubt softens up the throttle response. it is MUCH more responsive out of blue mode lol.

    I cant figure out why maintaining the same speed, with all the same variables(iMPG, flat, no ac)... the ECO guide shows almost 1/4 of a bar lower with blue mode off than it does with blue mode on.
  5. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Carrmann:

    The iFCD in the Sonata hybrid is not a very accurate display/gauge but after an SG-II calibration, use your SG-II as an iFCD instead.

    Blue Drive softens up the TPS output as a function of input so jack rabbit starts are a thing of the past. You floor it and she will give you all she’s got but a steady pedal and she’ll pay you back with higher overall FE with it engaged then without. After a while, it will not matter if it is on or off because your accelerator control will get that good but for a new driver, I would leave it on.


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