Nissan Asks: What If Everything Ran On Gasoline?

Discussion in 'Nissan' started by ItsNotAboutTheMoney, May 28, 2011.

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    [​IMG] The world would be a pretty ugly place.

    [FIMG=LEFT][/FIMG]Colin Wright - CleanMPG - May 27, 2011

    Answer: engineers would probably be able to make really, really small gasoline engines :)

    Nissan has a new campaign for the Leaf electric car called "Gas Powered Everything" where innovation has began and ended with the ICE in a series of humorous new spots for the 100% electric Nissan LEAF.

    The campaign was conceived to challenge the notion that cars can only run on gas. By using humor and asking the simple question “What if everything ran on gas?” Nissan is able to rationally make the case that electric cars' time has arrived.

    The full 60-second spot will make its world television debut during the NBA’s The Finals on June 12. Four more 15-second teasers start appearing next week.
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    Too bad you could not have included the links to the videos.
    Watching them, I realized how much more attractive the Renault is than the Nissan that looks like a platypus or something.
    The scene of the guy with the Volt was kind of a cheap shot.
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    Nissan just opened themselves up for embarrassment (for lack of a better word) in the future.
    Imagine another commercial in which Leaf owner is stranded on the side of the road due to running out of charge and has to call the tow truck. As this is happening, his friend in Volt stops by to give him ride home and the two truck is heavy duty Chevrolet C/K 4500 series.

    Actually, here is the response .....

    From the the article:

    A carmaker poking gentle fun at our product ignores towtrucks they need and rental cars they recommend as backup to their product,” tweeted Laird, hinting at the Leaf’s limited range and reports that owners would be given free rental car days to help eschew concerns over range anxiety.

    Sorry Nissan.... better try next time.
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    Rather than a cheap shot at the Volt, maybe it's a shot at the "journalists" who still call the Volt an electric car. Maybe it's a bit of both, either way, I thought the commercials were very clever.
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    Occasional rental isn't an issue, it's a part of ownership. It's actually how things should be, but buyer ignorance means that car manufacturers have a profit incentive to encourage the purchase of larger vehicles.

    Besides, $8,000 plus $250 per year pays for an awful lot of car rental.
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    Its bad news when the two EV manufacturers (and soon Toyota) poke at each other.
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    GM have the Volt PHEV.
    Nissan has the LEAF BEV.

    Toyota will have the Prius PHV, an iQ/Yaris EV and, through their Tesla tie-up, a RAV4 EV. I suspect Toyota's approach will be a bit more measured.
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    I see the most liked comment is this:

    The majority of commuters drive an average of 30 miles a day! Why not use your Leaf for those occasions?! And use your gas guzzlers when you go away on vacation! Think of the money you can save!

    There is gas savings from that logic but I doubt anyone will save money by adding a Leaf, while keeping another vehicle. I hope the majority doesn't add an additional vehicle to their fleet.

    Clever commercial but most of those items would still be electric driven by a generator attached to gas motor. There is no computer that could run on just spinning motion, at least no computer with any power. The world of that commercial is where the electrical transmission line hasn't been invented so every electrical device has a gas generator.

    What would the public reaction be to this as standard equipment on a leaf. It sure would be a handy backup, or better yet have a generator to eliminate the tow or recharge vehicle.

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