2011 Ford F150 EcoBoost Fuel Economy Adventure Challenge

Discussion in 'Ford' started by xcel, May 2, 2011.

  1. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi All:

    A few pics from Bobs home in Williamsburg VA.

    2011 Ford F-150 with EcoBoost – Fuel Economy Adventure Challenge

    To catch an EcoBoost, you have to move in quite stealthily ;)

    Are you ready to Rrrrruummmmbbbbblllleeee?

    Ready for yet more towing… And still holding onto 24.1 mpg!​

  2. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    The Fiesta is NAKED!!!!
  3. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi All:

    More tornado damage near Birmingham, AL…


  4. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi All:

    Looking through everyone’s pics and saw Andrew taking this one from behind the passenger side windscreen of the Fiesta.

    Welcome to Arkansas!​

  5. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi All:

    Did the 5-cases of Pepsi loaded up early on in the trip suffice for the trip from Dearborn to Chicago to LA to Savannah?

    10-cases loaded early on but left 5 back due to room constraints :(

    As we crossed the Georgia border, I started begging Fiesta drivers for one from their stash because the F-150 was out. By central Georgia, the Fiesta was out too :eek:

    Georgia is a Coca-Cola state so it was not until stopping for a break in NC did I find a machine at a rest area to pick up another! Oh how Happy Days are here again :D

  6. Carcus

    Carcus Well-Known Member


    My pickup: 2009 F150, 4.6 3v, 6 spd auto, regular cab, long bed, stock steel wheels with p235/70r17's @ 40 psi, tailgate down, 1 person in pickup,

    Wx: OAT 89 deg f, s wind 15 to 25 mph

    Tested going both north and south and averaged the mpgs
    60 mph -- 26.4 mpg (Wayne's EB number 25.5 mpg)

    Tested going both east and west and averaged the mpgs
    40 mph -- 33.5 mpg (Wayne's EB number 32.6 mpg)

    My numbers were with no A/C, cruise control on, pretty flat terrain, taken from a "dialed in" (last 4 tanks have been within .1 mpg of hand calculated) scangauge ii that was reset at speed
  7. Carcus

    Carcus Well-Known Member


    Forgot to say I have the 3.55 rear end.

    Would be very interesting to see a nose to tail mpg comparison of equally equipped 4.6 3v vs 5.0 vs 3.7 vs EB F150's.

    I agonized over my purchase in 2009 wondering just what I'd be missing out on with the turbocharged 6's. Preliminary indications are not much if anything as far as mpg goes (?), .... it's always nice to have extra power though.
  8. rhwinger

    rhwinger Well-Known Member

    "The Fiesta is NAKED!!!!"

    I'll tell you, Mike, it was sad to have to remove those beautiful graphic wraps. Good thing you were not here to witness it. I tried to get the boys involved so they might have a little "fun", but for me it was more than just a little bit sad.

  9. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    I bet! It sure doesn't look the same.

    BTW: You need to sharpen your lawnmower blades. I see considerable bruising on the grass blade tips. The cut on each blade of grass is jagged. :D
  10. LinuxGold

    LinuxGold Hypermile to the finest

    Great job guys! =)
  11. Airbalancer

    Airbalancer Well-Known Member

    Is there any word on maintence with the turbocharge ?
    I read somewhere that you have "rebuild" them after 100,000 miles or is this a myth?
  12. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    That's the kind of focus these guys had on the trip. Everything was scrutinized and followed to ridiculous levels of detail.

    The Fiesta definitely doesn't look as good without the wrappers. It was easy to pick out in traffic at any distance.
  13. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    My impressions of the drivers involved. I was in the Fiesta so didn't get to interact with the journalists much.

    Wayne - Intense and focused. Always ready to bark a few orders if you're driving too fast or dare to touch the brakes. He made this whole event happen, so he has skills of persuasion. Also a story teller - the journalists know about all our other event drives now.

    Mike Sirach - How can one man generate so much social media?! At times he was running both a smartphone and Ipad at the same time! Also, the coffee man. We may not have had haute cuisine, but we had the best coffee you could ask for from around the world.

    Bob - Smooth and steady behind the wheel. Thanks for the updates from home - those boys know how to have "fun". ;)

    Chris (Maxx)
    - Knows details about nearly any subject, like the gear ratios on an AMC Matador. He can make you laugh while telling you those details. Made the trip much more interesting.

    Mike Sefton - Down to earth, practical, dedicated. Knows how to enjoy life while still being practical. Few others could have made the numbers he did in the Fiesta. Drives a TDI at home. From Canada - he was the only one to dive into the ocean when we finished.

    Brandon - wired and connected. Dedicated and works hard - nearly finished with his Master's. Keeps his mind open to alternatives. (he's hypermiling with us, right?)

    Thanks to all for a great event. There were minimal personal conflicts. That's commendable considering the close proximity we had for such a long time.
  14. MaxxMPG

    MaxxMPG Hasta Lavista AAA-Vee Von't Be Bach

    And I will add my impressions as well:

    Wayne switches from "Challenge Mode" Drill Sargeant to politician and cheerleader as trip conditions dictate. You never know if you're going to hear "BACK OFF!" or "That was perfect", and you need to be mentally prepared for either. He is the best of the best, so you take the compliments and corrections in stride and most importantly - analyze and learn as you go because the wisdom imparted carries over to your daily driving.

    Mike Sirach is a walking Best Buy store. Equipped with a smart phone, iPad, and notebook, I was surprised to see that he wasn't typing on two devices simultaneouly with his two hands. Definitely a wizard of social media and current computer and communications technology, he is also an excellent instructor. Mike was up at dawn every day, setting up the coffee pot and catching the rising sun with his Olympus pro-grade camera. Not only was he a major part of the success of this challenge, but he was also a critical part of capturing images and text to document it along the way so we have detailed content to share with the CleanMPG membership.

    Bob is a pilot and so the smooth and steady driving wasn't a surprise. It's the result of years of training and hours of flight time. Just casually watching Bob at the wheel, you'd never know that he was doing anything much different from the rest of us, but the numbers he achieved revealed that there are years of experience and impressive skills that make him an excellent hypermiler.

    Andrew (PaleMelanesian) - Quiet and reserved. And when he speaks, the number crunching and data analysis are nothing short of amazing. He is passionate about saving fuel and it is reflected in comprehensive spreadsheets and dinner-napkin calculations (that take place on a virtual dinner napkin on the laptop PC). Meal breaks would be spent discussing terrain, temperature, wind speed/direction, and the plan to push the Fiesta to higher numbers in the coming segment. Check Andrew's mileage logs (60+mpg from a stock '96 Civic) to see the payoff anyone can realize when they approach driving with the level of focus Andrew has.

    If this challenge drive could be correlated with the movie "Stripes", Wayne would be Sargeant Hulka, and I would be a hybrid of John Candy along with a healthy blend of Bill Murray in the dialog. The comic relief comes in handy when the tension runs high (such as when driving uphill into gale force winds at freezing temps), and to instill memories of laughter and fun not only in the seven CleanMPG'ers but also in our three guest journalists. If they didn't think hypermilers are crazy before the trip began, they do now!

    Mike Sefton is one of our elite manual transmission drivers. Along with Andrew, he can wring fuel economy out of any stick-equipped car and make it look effortless. A man of few words, Mike's conversations are direct and informative, and he's the kind of guy you want to speak with so you can learn. He's the opposite of me (first gear on an AMC Matador 3AT, by the way, is 2.70:1), where his informative dialog contains facts and tips that drivers can use to reach for higher mpgs. And he's always smiling, the sort of person you want to spend time with in conversation.

    Brandon is ambitious and eager - ready to tackle the challenge and come out - as he says - Winning! Great personality, talkative, and he drove the F-150 EcoBoost into the 33mpg range during his segment. He's a big guy - at over six feet, and evidently pretty flexible, because he could fold himself up to fit in the rear seat of the Fiesta. The fact that he was willing to take the Fiesta's rear seat for so many hours of driving will tell you how eager Brandon is to learn from all of us, and also share his knowledge and experiences. He's ready for any challenge, and he doesn't plan on losing the battle. An excellent part of the challenge team.

    No personal conflicts at all, that I could see. And as you said, the close proximity as well as the hectic schedule, fast food, and lack of sleep could have made for the perfect storm. But everyone rose to the occasion and everything worked without a hitch.
  15. volton

    volton Well-Known Member

    My guess... 31.87
  16. nighthawk

    nighthawk Well-Known Member

    just a weeeee bit late :D
  17. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

    ItsNotAboutTheMoney Super Moderator Staff Member

    Who said hindsight was 20:20?
  18. sculptair

    sculptair Member

    Vangonebuy posted this question on Saturday. It would be interesting to know what the answer is.

    Cross country, What was the average speed driven on the F150?

  19. MaxxMPG

    MaxxMPG Hasta Lavista AAA-Vee Von't Be Bach

    "Average" speed can be misleading in that it is a calculation based on engine hours and distance. The drive was completed with interstate speeds that are "between the limits" - above minimum and below maximum. Reviewing the steady state numbers Wayne gathered during testing last Saturday morning, it appears that the F-150 EcoBoost prefers to cruise in the 45-50mph range, with a minimal degradation of FE as you approach 55mph.

    Stating an average speed for the trip doesn't reflect the unique conditions we encountered in our 2500+ mile journey, and simply saying "40" or "45" or "55" or "60" would mislead readers who might think that we were blasting down the Santa Monica Freeway at 55mph, weaving in and out among the dense thicket of leased European exotics carrying Saturday morning shoppers to their destination, or crawling across the endless fields of Oklahoma at 40mph. Part of wringing the best mpg out of any vehicle is learning and understanding its capabilities and then working with what the vehicle offers.

    If you were to drizzle me with pancake syrup and threaten to toss me onto a fire ant mound (readers are encouraged to dream up other fiendish methods of coercive interrogation), I would attempt to avoid the dreadful end by saying parts of the trip were covered with the speedometer needle pointing toward numbers starting with "4" and "5". :)
  20. seftonm

    seftonm Veteran Staff Member

    Now that I am home and somewhat rested, it is time to reflect. A few of you now know I'm short and to the point, and this post will reflect that. It was great to meet all of you for this amazing drive. Each had unique and valuable contributions and I am glad to have met each one of you who came along. Thank you all for making this such a fun trip, and of course, thank you to Wayne for brainstorming the thing and inviting me to come along. It is always an honor to participate in events like this.

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