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    Anyone know how much electricity will cost to charge nissan leaf? Cause lets say a person has a 200 buck a month gas bill in a regular car. It makes NO sense to get excited about the Nissan Leaf if their ELECTRIC bill when they get it also goes up 200 bucks. Just curious.
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    Depending on your electric rates, a full charge at home should cost I'm guessing about a dollar, given $0.12 kWh here in Tallahassee and an 8 hour charge time. I highly doubt anyone's bill is going up $200... I would guess at most $50, and that's a complete drain and charge every day for a month. If that's, say a conservative 50 miles a day (25 mile commute one way), the average 25 MPG car would use (with $3.50 per gal gas) $7.00 a day. It quickly makes sense.

    I've heard others pay as much as $0.20-0.25 per kWh, so that makes it maybe $2.00 a day to charge? Still worth it.
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    Because rates vary so much, you have to think about it wall-to-wheel (wtw) and then apply your electricity cost.

    The best place to go is The drivers are very interested in efficiency.

    One driver has remarked that it costs about the same as their TDI but that person is in an area of California and paying $0.27/kWh in an area where TOU would take a long time to pay back due to installation costs.

    I've seen one person quote 2.8kWh/mi wtw but that was with the 120V charger that's a bit less efficient than a 240V charger.

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