Volt at electric car meeting

Discussion in 'Chevrolet Volt' started by 300kmileprius, Mar 13, 2011.

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    Hi all, Jesse here from MA. I drove my prius down to the New England Electric auto association meeting yesterday in Deep River Connecticut. Sure enough there was a Chevy Volt on location. Unfortunately the owner would not let me drive it but I got a quick ride in the back seat. The back seat seemed very cramped. The car was fully charged so I did not get to experience the range extender. The guy said he is leasing the vehicle for three years 36k miles. This is the first one I have seen in real life. Hope to get to drive one soon. Otherwise the car seemed like it was cheaply built.
  2. brick

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    I sighted one recently, too, just driving around town. Apparently people are really buying them.
  3. xcel

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    Hi Tim:

    920 something in the last 3-months.


  4. xcel

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    Hi All:

    Another from Jesse's meet:


  5. Right Lane Cruiser

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    Hey! That's a pretty neat trick!! How'd he take that picture when his camera is smooching the shift lever?

  6. 300kmileprius

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    That must be the owners cam, since I took this pic with my Android device.

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