Cruze eco with manual tranny

Discussion in 'GM' started by joesgot4, Mar 7, 2011.

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    And the Volt is LOTS heavier than a Cruze Eco, almost 900lbs. Note the Volt is rated at 40mpg on the hwy, in the CS mode.

    The efficiency thing is a myth, the series configuration mode of the Volt is actually more efficient than the parallel configuration mode.. but only at speeds below 60-70mph or something like that.. the SAE papers GM recently published go into lots of details. Apparently there are lots of losses in transmissions.

    The Volts 1.4L is limited to 4400 rpm I believe, to keep NVH down. The Volt has a 53kw ICE/Genset (70hp) system solely driven by the requirement to cruise at 100mph with an empty battery.. a 35kw system would have been more than plenty for sane driving speeds, due to its nature acceleration would not have been affected.

    The sad fact is that any car sold with a 0-60 less than 10 secs is considered unsafe by many people.
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  2. Right Lane Cruiser

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    You mean more than 10s, I think?
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    The Volt engine requires PREMIUM gas! That's not optimized for fuel economy in my book...
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    Premium gas?? wow, was not aware of that... even better to have that turbo on the 1.4, it runs on regular gas, and got more torque than the NA Volt one.. :)
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    You've almost got me convinced.:Banane35:
    well, you and the 42+ mpg I'm getting with the 1.4T using only rudimentary techniques.
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  7. herm

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    You would put cheap gas in a $42k car?.. are you nutz? :)

    The car will run on regular, but you get better economy on premium, enough that its worth it.
  8. Right Lane Cruiser

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    I believe they have ramped up the compression ratio for efficiency and they also state that premium lasts better in storage. I'm not sure I believe the latter, but the higher compression ratio could reasonably account for the premium fuel requirement.
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    That is the reason i'm parking my actual car, premium gas, too expensive this days ( 4.16/gal)....

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