The 2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Transcontinental Challenge

Discussion in 'Hyundai' started by xcel, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. freezin4

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    Hi Wayne,

    I am curious about your thoughts on how the Sonata Hybrid compares/contrasts with the Toyota Camry Hybrid.

    Drive Safe!
  2. xcel

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    Hi All:

    And that descent continued… At least until Carlsbad, NM anyway? Following Jud’s elevation profile map #10, Carlsbad, NM is at 3,250’ and I am near the bottom so the Sonata's aFCD is going to fall off quickly as the climbs begin again.

    Jud, your resizes are not showing up properly on page 1 via image shack :( Can you upload them to the CleanMPG gallery or send them to Sean so he can upload them? TIA.

    61.3 mpg over 856 miles and 5 of 12 pips of fuel left.​

    When the Sonata Hybrid is being driven downhill, it can do no wrong ;)

    Some additions… When climbing the real steep stuff. Get above 42 mph and hold at 1,200 to 1,300 as if your life depended on it. She allows between 15 mpg for the 8% grades to 35 on 4% or less grade when climbing in the truck climbing lanes. You lose 42 mph and your R’s will jump up to 1,700 + and you have to speed up again to get the low R ascent technique back.

    For any glide to ICE on transition. Use the slightest of pedal pressure to evoke an EV mode first and let the Hyundai transition to ICE on when it is ready. At altitude, run LOD to between 95 and 97% at 1,225 RPM to start and let her climb softly. Too much pedal and you will be running at 1,750 +. It is very hard to get back down to the 1,250 – 1,500 at the top before the next shift point when this 1,750 RPM acceleration appears/occurs. Just a really really soft pedal above 40 mph and she will take care of you very well indeed.

    Glides are easy no matter what the speed. You can use your right foot with a hint of regen and the ICE will drop out or simply shift to N and she always drops out! Been through that cycle probably 1,000 times and never seen a failure of it yet other than during warm up.

    Because this is a 6-speed slush box, you really want to stay out of town. It is a highway glider, not an in-town Prius or FFH slayer. If you do find yourself in town, let those rabbits trip everything because getting her off the line properly takes a lot of patience. For us, it is easy but for the aggressive driver… You know what I mean :D

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  3. xcel

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    Hi Billy:

    Welcome back and it has been a while! And thanks for posting the fuel starve tip. Probably done it 25 times in my life so we know all about fuel starve ;) Mike already mentioned this as the Sonata Hybrid is a Push Button - Smart Start/Entry system and an N shift drops her right out.

    And I wish the forum was along for this one. The day time vista’s in San Diego, AR, NM and TX are incredible!

    EVuser, Dallas/Fort Worth around noon or well after afternoon rush more than likely. Hopefully Chuck will chime in as well as create one of his infamous polls ;)

    Vick took a pic of the leafy forest thing but his flash blew it out :( I will take another pic at my next stop… I set it up to show flowers instead of the greenery and it is a full bouquet just like it would be for any CleanMPG’er driving the Sonata Hybrid :D

    I have not seen any armadillo’s on the road yet and I pray I will not either!

    Marc, it is a 1203 and luckily it did not tip over, break open and ignite or there would have been a serious problem for the people in the car more than likely.

    Freezin4, if I were buying today, I would take the Sonata Hybrid. It is larger and much more elegant looking both inside and out. The TCH could take it out in the inner city if the TCH is driven to 50 mpg + (few ever do that however) but in the the suburbs and Highway, the Sonata would kill it.

    Paul, I only have TEXT on my Verizon data plan through the Mobile Internet unit, not my Verizon cell. Call me on my cell when you get the chance. I am at a McDonald’s using their WiFi and have not yet memorized the Mobile Internet devices number yet. I will PM you tomorrow when I can pull it out and get the number off of it.

  4. xcel

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    Hi All:

    Well, I burned through a full charge on the laptop so its best I hit the road again before I buy anything else in the Carlsbad, NM McDonald's.

    And the Pepsi Challenge? 12 down and 12 to go I think ;)

  5. SentraSE-R

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    Wayne's tanker photo reminds me of the time I drove my son down the Baja California peninsula in 1994. We were entering a canyon and saw a flagman on the opposite hill waving his flag. We came around a corner, and there was an upside-down propane tanker on the right shoulder, with day-glo orange "PELIGRO" spray painted on it, and a right-side-up tanker next to it, offloading the propane. Meanwhile, I'm driving by them, less than ten feet away, shooting off 2500 sparks per minute!
  6. joesgot4

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    wayne, when will you be coming through meridian,ms? that is where i live!
    p.s. i will be purchasing a hyundai elantra in mid february!
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    I wish I knew the answer to that, I just always suspected people don't like to travel alone. I prefer to be the one lone car in between the packs, but that's just me.

    I love looking at the uploaded travel pix, please keep those coming!

    Have fun -
  12. msirach

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    Goal #1 has been achieved!

    Just talked with Wayne and he is at 1204 miles and still rolling. He only needed to get 1160 miles out of the 1st tank. The last PIP started blinking at 1193.3. If it is like many cars, there should be about 1 gallon after it starts blinking. Gas stations are about 30 miles apart, so he is a bit concerned.

    He is going to stop and get some sleep when he fills up. He drove through the night so he is running on fumes in more ways than one.

    He should get to Dallas later in the afternoon. Pm me if you would like to meet him along the route.

    The FCD is reading the tank average at 61.7 mpg!

    2011 Hyundai Sonata Transcontinental Challenge

    # PIP LossEstimated MilesActual Miles
    1NA311.5 actual
    2NA383.6 actual
    3NA449.6 actual
    4NA543.6 actual
    5621623.2 actual
    6698697.4 actual
    7775780.4 actual
    8852877.7 actual
    9929950.7 actual
    1010061048.2 actual
    1110831131.1 actual
    1211601193.3 blinking
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  13. Nevyn

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    I like those wheels WAY better than the originally shown ones! Good luck with it all!
  14. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    This trip has been less than ideal conditions. Much of the drive has been in less than 50° temps. Last night it was around 32° and very foggy. The drastic elevation changes are rough on mpg too. This drive has been nothing like the drive to New York that he made in a non-hybrid Hyundai Sonata. There weren't any 4000' climbs and the ambient temps were in the 80° range. To do a true comparison, he needs to drive the hybrid on the same route.

    He did say that the Ford Fusion Hybrid could not be maintaining comparable mileage to the Sonata Hybrid either. If you remember his record run in the FFH, it was around a 25 mile course with a posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour.
  15. ALS

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    That is awesome, Hyundai executives in Marketing if they are reading this thread have got to be popping the champagne corks as we speak. :D
  16. paulbates

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    Incredible news. :Banane27: I am happy to eat the words of my concerns earlier.
    I think weather-wise he made the right choice to get a good ways into Texas before taking a break.
  17. paulbates

    paulbates Well-Known Member

    Wayne, take a look here:

    I think you should take a huge break in Dallas, right into tomorrow. Those super high winds behind you will turn into a decent tail wind tomorrow and blow all of the rain clear from the Gulf.

    Look the map tabs for today and tomorow.

    As for the rest of your trip, it looks awesome if you wait in Dallas as well. Temps back up in 60's and 70's, extremely dry. Here is the station call from Lenox, Ga, about half way through the state

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  18. Ophbalance

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    Wayne> Have you ever thought about picking up a netbook or Android tablet? They suck down less juice than a typical laptop.

    Hyundai> Man o Man... I will be picking up a Hyundai yet again when it comes time to retire the Prius. At that point, there should be enough used Sonota (and hopefully Elantra) hybrids floating about for me to be able to afford it. That is assuming the Prius doesn't last beyond 200k miles, but by all reports it should go at least that.
  19. msirach

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    Final call from Wayne before a lengthy nap at his current location of Mineral Wells, TX.
    1221.8 @61.8mpg on the fcd.
    Added 1.9 gallons from the can and 18.769 at the station which calculated at 59.1mpg.
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  20. MaxxMPG

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    Location should be Mineral Wells, TX, based on the planned route. Looks to be about 20 miles west of Weatherford, and 80 miles west of Central Dallas.

    Up ahead are winds from the south for a while, so it's best to nap now so he's ready to face the challenge of a cross wind over the rest of TX.

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