Kia Ray Concept Has Plug-In Hybrid Powertrain

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    [​IMG] Kia says the Ray will be capable of traveling up to 50 miles on its fully charged lithium battery pack before its 1.4-liter, 153-horsepower, direct-injected gasoline engine kicks in.

    [FIMG=RIGHT][/FIMG]John O'dell - EDMUNDS - August 22, 2010

    Kia Motors apparently is looking to jump into the plug-in hybrid race that will be kicked off late this year with the advent of the Chevrolet Volt.

    The automaker - which does okay in the fuel efficiency arena by dint of its small cars and SUVs and is trying mightily to carve out a hunk of the green market for itself - unveiled its latest concept car, the Kia Ray, at the Chicago Auto Show this morning and called it a package whose elements are "all possible indicators of future technology from Kia."

    The company says the Ray, or a car using its various elements, would be badged under its recently announced EcoDynamics sub-brand and would feature an array of advanced aerodynamic elements working with the gas-electric drive system to deliver world-class fuel efficiency.

    Those elements, contained in a shark-nosed, front-wheel drive, four-seat, glass-roofed sport sedan, include a smooth, one-piece underbody panel to reduce turbulence; engine compartment air intakes that close when the gas engine doesn't need additional cooling; that smooth glass roof, and a telescoping deck lid that extends the rear of the vehicle for reduced drag at higher speeds... [RM][/RM]

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