A New Fuel Efficient 5-door hatch

Discussion in 'Kia' started by JusBringIt, Jun 24, 2010.

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    [​IMG] Check out the Kia Forte 5 door Hatch

    [FIMG=RIGHT]http://www.cleanmpg.com/photos/data/501/forte5.jpg[/FIMG]Andrew Ganz - LEFTLANENEWS - June 24,2010

    With the same fuel economy package as the regular forte, am I the only one drooling over this? I think the matrix has just been run over. --Ed.

    Kia expanded its Forte lineup this morning at the New York International Auto Show to include a five-door hatchback intended as a budget-friendly alternative to Mazda’s Mazda3.

    The hatchback will go on sale later this year with a choice of the same 2.0 and 2.4-liter four-cylinders the automaker offers on the standard Forte sedan and its Forte Koup, as well as the same automatic and manual transmissions. The hatchback – and probably the sedan and Koup – will get paddle shifters with the optional automatic and push-button start and navigation will be newly available. Expect other optional and standard equipment, as well as trim levels, to roughly mirror the sedan. Kia has only shown off one Forte hatchback, which the automaker says isn’t quite production-complete.

    The interior features a handful of minor revisions up front – and of course the added utility of a hatchback bodystyle out back. Outside, its front fascia and front doors are identical to the sedan, while the rear hatch uses some of the design language the automaker premiered on the
    ... [RM]http://www.leftlanenews.com/kia-forte-hatchback.html[/RM]
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    Elantra Touring, but with the Elantra Sedan's engine? Nice. The Elantra gets 23/31 for the Touring, but 26/34 for the sedan, while the Forte is rated 25/34.

    It seems odd to me for them to introduce this now, with the new Elantra coming next year. Why not wait and do a simultaneous release, and have a knockout one-two punch?
  3. Ophbalance

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    That, or stick the GDI engine in it.
  4. JusBringIt

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    This is not one of those companies that keeps the consumers waiting ;). Also, this one is much easier on the eyes than the current elantra touring and the updated elantra sedan fascia.

    A new product to entice customers is always there, so I dunno, maybe a constant stream of potential buyers? I'm sure they're considering who they could lose out on if they wait too long to bring this to the market.

    The fuel economy pkg with the 5spd AT is rated at 27/36. GDI this baby with the 2.0 FE pkg and OMG!...on that note, I think I might wanna wait and see if they do it. Knowing them, they will probably do it and cause a total wipeout on the hatch market!
  5. WriConsult

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    This would be a nice addition. Kia's quality seems to have lagged a few years behind parent Hyundai's, but is following the same upward trajectory, so this is VERY promising. Even if Hyundai doesn't bring us a redesigned Elantra Touring next year, this will be a nice stopgap.

    Interesting they label it a hatchback rather than a wagon. I've always considered anything with much more than 20cf cargo space (seats up) to be a wagon and not a hatch. The Elantra Touring has 28cf, so I've always considered it a wagon.
  6. MaxxMPG

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    For the last few model cycles, most of what Kia has been selling is either current-gen or previous-gen Hyundai products. Case in point - the current Optima is the 2006-2010 Sonata. They are built in different factories, so build quality can differ between Kia and Hyundai (squeaks and rattles, cheaper interior materials, etc), so the ratings can indeed vary between the two. But powertrain, chassis (brakes, steering, suspension), and electrical systems are common, and so the Kia will have good "bones", even if it were to potentially have issues like cheap switchgear or creaks & leaks or other assembly/parts quirks.

    That being said, most of the quality/reliablility numbers for Kia have been heading upward, as you noted. And I believe that many of the actual problems are dealer-related. I did a little snooping online earlier this year after seeing the 2011 Kia Optima (A 2011 Sonata with '74 Torino greenhouse, The Joker for a nose, and a late '90s Saab dashboard). Very eye catching and unique. I wanted to see if buying a Kia version of a Hyundai for less money would be a safe bet. Almost all the problems people list online are related to dealer service, and Kia dealers are not always known for excellent customer care. If the car has a fault that is fixed quickly and properly under warranty, the customer is not likely to remember the incident as a major quality gaffe, and find the motivation to post online. The Kia Sedona minivan seems to be doing well and holding its own in the minivan segment, and the Optima and Forte are rather nice fraternal twins of the 2010 Sonata and Elantra.

    The Forte5, when I saw it at the show, seemed to be drawing a lot of attention. And that is saying a lot for it because it was parked only about 30 feet from the wild new Optima. The size, pricing, packaging efficiency and fuel economy make it a great alternative - sedan size and efficiency and crossover cargo room and flexibility.
  7. JusBringIt

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    The 6spd manual transmission available on the 2.0L is maintenance free also. We all like a reduction in maintenance cost right? ;).

    I'm sure that car will be a lot of fun.
  8. FSUspectra

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    That's a sharp-looking little car!

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