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    To be explicit: The Prius III
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    Hi Sledge:

    ___Beautiful looking rendering! I know the new pedestrian safety features will add crush space for all vehicles but with the sharper/edgier front end, I would have liked to see an even longer wheelbase for improved ride/handling as well as an even more Cab-forward design/look. I really like the rear end changes with the more upright and CAM-Back appearance. I know its only a rendering so I can add any comment I would like ;)

    ___If Toyota can now add a touch more sound insulation and glass thickness as well as an independent rear suspension :D :D :D

    ___I have read about Toyota moving to the Corolla’s 1.8 for the Prius III but I am not sure how they are going to pull more highway efficiency with it vs. the Echo/Yaris’ 1.5? I am not speaking of the Atkinson intake but raw consumption of the larger motor in a std. parallel hybrid? Yoshi has been hinting that the Prius III will see an ~ 12% overall FE improvement which means a real world 50 + and only a slight hit under the new 08 EPA specs but I am not sure what the master magicians out of Toyota City did or are capable of without PHEV’ing the thing. I can almost bet they have removed any MG1 RPM limitations for higher speed EV modes. Remember that nasty FE hit after 41 mph? An even more powerful MG2 is almost a given since more powerful motors do not necessarily mean more electrical consumption at low load depending on design and a larger pack. It is the 1.8 that I wonder about given its fuel efficiency does not appear to be in the 1.5’s league? Wouldn’t it be interesting if they released the 09 w/ Li-Ion’s right out of the gate.

    ___Good Luck


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