Lowest electric bill ever.

Discussion in 'Emissions' started by southerncannuck, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. MadMan2k

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    Our lowest was 134kWh, in the month of August.

    1300 sq. ft, 4br house, no A/C. We use incandescent lights on dimmers, and I still use a CRT monitor on my gaming computer so that combination sucks up some juice when it's on.
  2. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

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    Edited for summary. See later post.

    November 2012 (31) 478kWh compared to 603kWh (3) in 2011.
    Annualized mean 16.61kWh/d, 692.1W ceq.
    (3/2009 24.15kWh) 31.22% reduction.
    Theoretical Leaf: 19.95 mi.

    Next month: last kitchen lights, freezer (3/2012), sound machine (3/2012), tablet (8/2012).
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  3. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    4.5KWHr/d ??? 4500 watt hrs per day?
    2012- full sized house
    You don't use a electric washing machine
    electric oven or stove
    Obviously no ac
    no electric heat
    a toaster maybe?
    Microwave maybe-pretty quick so they make sense-50 watt hrs per use maybe
    So you use lights-TV computer
    Yeah-avoid the AC washers dryers-they are the power suckers

    Your refrigerator- is it your biggest power user?
    PS Significant other ok with this I guess??-that would be a significant problem for most folks-wife husband boyfrend girlfriend kids-wouldn't be "helpful"
  4. vangonebuy

    vangonebuy Well-Known Member

    Final reading for the year.
    I really tried for lower numbers.
    But my real goal has always been reducing waste.
    The hot summer with kids home did me in.
    My goal was under 6000 KWH for the year. I used 6070.
    There is always next year. Only missed by <1.2%.:rolleyes:
    Hurricane Sandy helped my Nov/Dec reading.
  5. ALS

    ALS Super Moderator Staff Member

    Was at the Toyota dealer today and told the service manager how he could easily save at least $2,500 a year. They have a what they call an Internet Cafe which is a area that is set up like a Cafe would be with booths with power outlets. They have coffee and baked goods for the customers. I'm sitting there this morning playing on my laptop and look up at the Tiffany style lamps (12) hanging from the ceiling over each table and realize quickly they are all fitted with three sixty watt incandescent bulbs. As I'm walking around later waiting for them to finish up my car I notice all the recessed light fixtures are the old T12 style units.

    So while I was standing there waiting for the service writer to finish up the paper work I started to tell him and the two mechanics waiting for work orders about all the money the dealer was wasting with the light set up they had. Those 12 hanging lights in the cafe with the incandescent bulbs are costing this dealership over $1,000 a year and I'd bet if you swapped out these old style T12 four bulb units above your head and all around this dealership you would easily save at least another $2,000. The payback on the Internet Cafe is less than two months and the rest probably under 15 months. Hey it is low hanging fruit as they say on saving money.

    I'm going to Email the GM and let him know what I saw and the cheap solution available to him.
  6. ALS

    ALS Super Moderator Staff Member

    See this,


    I have one in my kitchen and it is an evil energy sucking beast.

    On Christmas day I'm standing in the kitchen and I can feel this cold breeze flowing by me. At first I thought it was furnace kicking on and moving the air around me. Nope it wasn't on at the time so where is this air coming from. Well it took me about a minute to feel around for it and there the evil culprit was hiding, right behind my microwave on the counter.

    House was built in 1960 so these were all the rage back then for removing hot air from the kitchen in a hurry before most people had A/C in their homes. Problem is they don't seal very well on the outside wall when they are closed and especially when the unit is over 40 years old. BTW it still works, well it did until I pulled the plug on it. I did a quick and dirty fix on Christmas day packing the opening with trash bags to hinder the air flow and covered the opening with a piece of plastic held in place by the screw on interior cover.

    Well today it took 10 square feet of fiberglass insulation to fill the hole from the cover on the outside wall to flush with the interior wall. Finished it off with some silver (aluminum foil) insulation tape across the front to properly seal the opening and replaced the interior cover.

    I noticed the results very quickly when realizing that the furnace has been cycling on and off a lot less since I properly fixed the problem this morning. I'm hoping this energy saving repair makes a nice impact on my heating and A/C bills in 2013.
  7. MN Driver

    MN Driver 2000 Honda Insight

    Yeah, those are terrible. So are the ceiling exhaust fans, not really worth the energy that you lose in the winter for the energy you save in the summer because they don't seal well at all.

    I would have probably covered the outside with a 2 inch thick sheet of XPS rigid foam insulation that is spray foamed in place. ..or if you want to use it in the summer, temporary seasonal weatherstripping caulk would seal that well too. I think your solution works good enough though, especially if you don't have the foam around to use. A cheap alternative to a whole sheet would be that fanfold foam, glue four inches of sheets together and seal the edges with foil tape or glue. Again, I think you did well enough going your route.

    November to December electric bill was 102kwh. Another lowest for the period. Refrigerator used .56kwh/day this time around even though it didn't defrost for the 34 days, when I finally did defrost it definitely was frosted up badly this time but it still used less energy through the period versus any other daily average over a month. House wasn't as warm as earlier in the month during this period which contributed strongly to the low energy use.
  8. ALS

    ALS Super Moderator Staff Member

    MN Driver, I would have sealed the outside but the cover is sitting fifteen feet above my driveway. My only ladder is six feet tall. Once I get a taller ladder this spring I'll find a way to seal the cover to the housing with an adhesive and silicon caulking to prevent any air from getting into the opening from the exterior. I'm planning in the next 12 to 18 months to gut my kitchen so the problem will be solved permanently when that happens.

    BTW my total electric bill for the year was 4,344 kWh or 11.90 kWh per day and I'm going to try my best to knock that down by at least 10% or hopefully even down to 10.0 kWh per day in 2013.
  9. ALS

    ALS Super Moderator Staff Member

    This is this weekends energy saving project.

    Just in case any of you guys also have one of these out of sight out of mind energy hogs in your house. Cheap, quick and easy fix for energy loses from your attic stairs.

  10. MadMan2k

    MadMan2k Active Member

    Washer is electric, water heater and dryer are gas. All are new models.
    Oven is gas, doesn't get much use except the top burners. It's an older model and I don't like it, plan to buy an induction model if I can find a freestanding one.
    Toaster not used much. Microwave used more often but I am working to stop eating microwaved foods for non-electricity reasons.

    I suppose our refrigerator might be our biggest power user, we just got a larger unit but more modern, still not brand new but I assume more efficient.

    Wife is not a big user of electricity. She is the one home most often so our low bill is pretty much all her doing.

    Sorry for the delay in posting, I forget to check back for replies sometimes.
  11. MN Driver

    MN Driver 2000 Honda Insight

    In response to phoebeisis,

    My 102kwh for the mid-November to mid-December bill would be about 3.3kwh per day.

    You can use the refrigerator, 19kwh that month.
    Boiler, coffee, and microwave are small users, probably 100-200wh/day maybe 4-5kwh that month.
    Laptop 30kwh per month if it were never to be shut off, but I do shut it off when I'm not home, probably 15-20kwh realistically.
    Furnace about 14kwh last month. 35 therms of gas last month.
    The rest, I suppose is the washing machine, bed heat, electric dryer, and lighting.

    I might be getting two roommates soon moving from St Paul. If they move in I figure the use will effectively triple with hair dryer use, more heating, opening of the fridge, computer use, laundry, lighting, cooking(stove is gas though), etc. The summer A/C use will be much larger.

    Rather than reposting the graph, it is on post 300 from 11/20/2012 http://www.cleanmpg.com/forums/showpost.php?p=362316&postcount=300
  12. shiNIN

    shiNIN Hedonist Beginner Biker

    Our lowest months was about 133 kWh? I don't have the log around. 2 people, 1 of them is at home almost all the time. No electric stove yet, just water heater, fridge, washing machine and other household machines, lighting, we use electricity to pump water from our own well - and my computer is almost always on (even if the monitor is off, I listening to music) and there's another one. We usually take showers and we always make sure our computers and lamps don't use electricity in a greedy way... It's no big deal in winter though, it's all heating!

    Now that we heat with electricity and use a dehumidifier, we are around 800kWh? Life is like that. Our house isn't big, we don't like it hot and it's nicely insulated... And we live in Hungary, not in Siberia or Mongolia. That helps :p
  13. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

    ItsNotAboutTheMoney Super Moderator Staff Member

    December 2012 edited due to update.

    December 2012 (32 days to 1/8/2013) 549kWh compared to 675 kWh over 33 days (20.45kWh/d) in 2012.
    Annualized mean 16.31kWh/d, 679.7Wce.
    (3/2009 24.15kWh) 32.45% reduction.
    "Leaf" at 20.74 miles, to work (20.6 miles), beginning journey home (20.8 miles).
    Kitchen lights almost done.
    Remaining: freezer (3/2012).
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  14. ALS

    ALS Super Moderator Staff Member

    Did a quick check at work to see how things are improving.
    KWh daily average and change YOY

     6/11  90.3,   6/12 86.3,  -4.0
     7/11  95.7,   7/12 97.8,  +2.1
     8/11 110.0,   8/12 92.9, -18.0
     9/11  93.7,   9/12 82.3, -11.4
    10/11  77.2,  10/12 53.9, -23.3
    11/11  61.3,  11/12 45.0, -16.3   
    12/11  56.7,  11/12 43.7, -13.0
     1/12  57.6,   1/13 42.4, -15.2
    The big things are done but there is still another 3 to 5 kWh per day, I'm betting I can find with a little work and minimal cost.

    At home there really isn't a lot I can do since the two biggest electric power users are the refrigerator and my Radon Mitigation System which uses by itself about $10 worth of electricity a month. The bill runs between $35-$40 a month on average in the winter. Those two items make up 50% to 60% of my bill and the refrigerator I bought in 2011 was one of the most energy efficient models I could find.
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  15. vangonebuy

    vangonebuy Well-Known Member

    Congrat's. You beat me.
    16.31 to 16.63Kwh/day annually.
    Seems like your about half from when you started.

    I've upgraded with a new LexmarkPro 4000 printer. Only 3 watts when sleeping.
    Beats the old power hungry HP.

    As for my planned projects,
    Insulating my waterbed. 1" to 2" memory foam top pad.

    Picking up 2 more LED's with received giftcards.

    Gas bill is much more expensive than my electric bill now.
    So all insulation is being reviewed. And the 25 yr old boiler is a marked for replacement.

    Crazy back orders on boilers and plumbers now. (Sandy)
    But by summer they should be easy.
    Plus a more efficient boiler and tighter envelope will reduce the water circulator.

    I really wish I could rent a Fluke thermal imager for a week or two.
    Infrared thermometer is good, But not enough info to see the source of the heat leaks.
  16. MadMan2k

    MadMan2k Active Member

    For all of 2012 we averaged 5.91kWh/day.
  17. waltermlee

    waltermlee Well-Known Member

    From Dec 4 2012 to Jan 4 2013 (31 days),
    my all electric 1500 sq ft middle unit townhouse in Montgomery County, Maryland used 606 kwh of power (19.5 kwh/day) -- this is on par with what I used last year. The winter tends to last about four months here - my 2012 December electric bill was about 50% higher than my 2011 December electric bill because of heating cost. Normally my electricity cost peaks from January to February. Last winter, my peak electricity cost was from January-April. This winter, I am expecting my electric cost to peak between December-March.

    My January's Electric Bill breaks out as follows:
    Clean Current ( wind turbine electricity charge 606kwh@.0783 ) = 47.45
    Pepco (delivery- distribution charge, taxes) = 29.93
    Total electric bill = 77.38 ( final cost = 12.7 cents per kilowatt hour)
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  18. ALS

    ALS Super Moderator Staff Member

    As you know I've been looking as we all do for any thing I can to cut the energy use in the house. On the sixth I built an insulation box for my pull down attic steps and weather stripped the door while I was at it.

    The old owners had carpeting which I ripped up and had the hard wood floors redone. So of course the interior doors had been cut, leaving a nice 3/4 of an inch or more gap to accommodate the carpeting. I was up at the local hardware store I see this product called a draft buster. All it consists of is two Styrofoam cylinders about an inch a quarter to maybe and inch and a half in diameter that slide into a zippered cloth sleeve. I bought a few and slide them under every interior door in the top floor of the house on Sunday. $30 with tax for all four, why not try them and see if they make a difference?

    It was warm the last few days so I didn't get to see if they helped with cutting down the amount of time the furnace was running. Yesterday the temperatures dropped to freezing and I can say yes they made a big difference. The furnace is kicking on a lot less than what it was doing two weeks ago under similar temperatures.

    If you enter any of the rooms that I have these door gap fillers installed, there is a distinct temperature difference.

    The house was built in 1960 so it doesn't have the exterior wall insulation that homes built after 1985 or so do.

    Just passing it on for those who may have less insulated older home with hard wood floors or a situation where there is a gap between the door and the floor, that there is a product out there that can help cut your heating and cooling bills. Especially, if you live in an older house built before the 1980's with minimal wall insulation. There are several companies that make a similar product so the one I mentioned isn't the only option out there.
  19. Gord

    Gord Super Moderator Staff Member

    Difficult to compare with you being in the UK but we used an average of 15.5kWh of electricity in the last 12 months down from 16.0 the previous year.

    We have 4 bedrooms, 5 people, washing m/c (used constantly!), electric clothes dryer (used when raining :p and in winter - must be biggest consumption), electric oven and hob, fridge/freezer and a separate freezer, pc, 3 laptops, iThing chargers, kettle, microwave, bread maker, etc.
    Lighting is all CFL aprt from mini spots in kitchen and security light in back garden.
    I try and reduce electricity usage where I can - switching off lights, TV (hate standby!).
    We don't have A/C - this is the UK remember ;)

    We have had cavity wall insulated and extra insulation in loft which has helped.
    We have a new natural gas condensing boiler for heating and hot water which is supposed to be more efficient - we shall see, but I am enjoying the hot water on tap whenever instead of heating a tank.
  20. ALS

    ALS Super Moderator Staff Member

    frv those are nice numbers for the size of your house and the number of people living there.
    I'm in the 11KWh range now, it's just me and the cat in a 1660 sq ft home. :(

    With out the use of the A/C in mid June through mid September I'd probably be below 10 KWh on average.
    Gas stove, heat and water heater.

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