TCH and Scangauge codes?

Discussion in 'Toyota Camry Hybrid' started by honest_abe, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. honest_abe

    honest_abe New Member

    Anyone have a good list of xgauge codes that work on the TCH? Lots of info on the Prius but none on a real car :)
  2. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Honest Abe:

    ___So few were sold and so few have had the chance to delve into its CAN BUS unfortunately :(

    ___I will second that it was one of the best hybrids Toyota has ever produced. Even against the latest 2010 Prius and HS 250h.

    ___Good Luck

  3. ukrkoz

    ukrkoz New Member

    what do you mean? i have gen 1 scangauge and TCH, what exactly are the codes about?
  4. honest_abe

    honest_abe New Member

    They allow you to look at internal car values. The ones special for the Prius allow seeing Hybrid battery information. Unfortunately, they do not work on the TCH. The company is looking for someone with a TCH that is close to their location so they can figure out which codes work.
  5. ukrkoz

    ukrkoz New Member

    so, why would i need that info if i have it on nav system display anyway? what is the point?
    i mean, i used scangauge for couple yrs on OBD2 cars i own, mostly as monitoring and driving habit controlling device. i checked out gen 2 scangauge, it was not much different from gen 1, just better looking maybe.
    what's the practical purpose?
  6. msantos

    msantos Eco Accelerometrist

    Hi ukrkoz;

    More often than not, the information we have one the OEM instrumentation is not very accurate. In fact, there are times where it is truly misleading (if not completely wrong).

    A properly setup scangauge that exposes the most relevant data on the state of the HSD system is able to not only provide more accuracy but also show really important data that the OEM instruments cannot display.

    For instance: Being able to see the current flows to and from the pack, voltage levels, the amount of power/current flowing to each motor among other clues that can only make you into a better informed and more efficient HSD driver.


  7. ukrkoz

    ukrkoz New Member

    i guess. my nav system shows exactly the current flow. there's special display for it. not volts, but general info.

    personally, i like scangauge and used it for well over a year and still use it for OBD2 scans or error code resets. it is, also, a good driving habit modifier, when set to show instant and average mpg.
    it is, also, A HECK OF DISTRACTION, whilst driving. becomes a habit to cross your eyes:eyebrow: onto the display, to check on this or that.

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