Nissan Xterra, best mileage yet

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    My wife and son went skiing in New Hampshire this weekend and took my car. I had asked her to record the mileage, reset the trip meter when she filled up for the return trip etc. but she forgot to record the gallons used :eek: so I wasn't able to calculate her mileage on the away portion of her trip.
    Anyway they both got sick and had to return home in a hurry. I topped off this morning, did the math and found that on her return trip to RI she had achieved 19.9 MPG. This was our (her) first long ride in the car and she was certainly not altering her driving style for fuel economy. Basically she was sick and wanted to get home ASAP so speed limits may have been exceeded. Just imagine if she had been trying to save?
    So while 20 MPG may not seem like a big deal I'm pretty excited about it and here's why.
    In the warmer summer months, when we both bought these trucks I was getting approx. 17-18 mpg +/- on my normal across town commute but when it got cold and they changed to the winter blend of gas my mileage dropped to 15-16. I never do any long highway driving so this demonstrates the difference in efficiency when just keeping the truck rolling vs stop and go.
    I'm looking forward to my next long highway ride when I'll be at the wheel and can conciously strive for better than average fuel economy.
    Now I'm kind of hungry to see what this beast can do.
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    Thats about what I'm getting in my Jeep Liberty. 15-17 around town, 19-20 hiway. The best I've gotten was last fall before the weather got cool was 23.5 on a trip to Corpus Christy and back. About 600 miles round trip. No special hypermiling tricks, just keeping speed and acceleration in check and no more than the speed limit.


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