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    My Dad's got an '09 Chevy 3500 4x4 dually with Duramax and Allison 6-speed auto. He uses it to pull a Jayco Recon 40D toy hauler which my Mom and he live in and with a GVWR of 18.000 lbs. I am seeking a grille block for it in its first winter season to combat a diesel's looooooooong warmup. Any suggestions?
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    In years past, all Dmax's came from the factory w/ a grill cover - "winter front" in GM-speak. Mine was originally sold in AZ and had one with it.

    If they don't do that any more, you could still get one from gmpartsdirect.com. I've seen a handful of aftermarket styles too. Lund, I think makes one.

    Just be careful about keeping it on when it's too warm out. When mine is unloaded, I pull off the cover when it's about 40-50F out. When loaded, you'd want it off at a colder temp. The newer Dmax's with EGR and the like might generate even more heat under the hood.

    Do they still come with block heaters? Look for a electric cord bundled up on the pass side between the fuel filter and the frame rail.

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