kid's song poking fun at SUV's

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    Heard of Veggie Tales?
    Listen to this (I couldn't find the video online, but the sound at least is here).

    Haven't heard of Veggie Tales?
    Kid's animated shows with Christian or moral themes. They started 3d animation back long enough that the computers couldn't handle characters with lots of complex shapes. Thus, the characters are vegetables. They use a Shrek-like mix of kid and adult humor.

    I got a chuckle out of this one. Even though I'm a member of the class they're making fun of.
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    I'm glad you have a good sense of humor about this as many get extremely sensitive on this topic - actually got banned at a greenwashing hybrid site on this. :eyebrow:

    This recession is getting people honest on actual needs on everything - one theme of the site is to sip - not splurge.

    Sort of related to the video, I came very close on a recent News story of using Amy Grant's version of Big Yellow Taxi, but found a Joni Mitchell one with lyrics....after listening to her it might suggest why I might like listening to Sheryl Crow's voice. ;)
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    Very funny song. I bet if you look hard enough theres probably a song out there for hybrids like that one.

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