CleanMPG Fuel Economy Challenge VII - Fall 2009

Discussion in 'The Daily Grind' started by PaleMelanesian, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. JusBringIt

    JusBringIt Be Inspired

    I'd say on this board that's a monopolized market.
  2. fanamingo

    fanamingo Well-Known Member

    Indeed. :( And my fears were confirmed when my wife filled up earlier today. 33 mpg for the tank. That's below the original EPA 50/50 rating of 35 mpg. It's still above the rating as calculated for this competition, which allows me to use 2008+ EPA and an E10 handicap.
  3. JusBringIt

    JusBringIt Be Inspired

    aye aye aye. Cold weather is taking a toll and you share that car, so I wouldn't feel too bad. Not much you can do with a shared car :(.
  4. MT bucket

    MT bucket I want my MPG!

    It could be worse, my car wont even run when it is this cold. (below zero this week in minnesnocold) it is now sleeping under a snowdrift, but it is not using any gas though! ;)
  5. Seraph

    Seraph Well-Known Member

    Hehe i try to school him but he doesn't really like it or he just says "yeah i already know that" but he's concerned about road ragers, holding up traffic and he says he likes the car to be comfortable and not have to think when driving =.=, "20 - 30kms extra is good enough for me" is what he told me. Personally i think his excuses are weak but i can't do much since he's the driver. At least i convinced him to put the tires up from 36 to 40 psi, every little bit counts!
  6. Sulfuric

    Sulfuric Well-Known Member

    If there is a winter handicap then I must request a summer handicap. Florida summers are very hot/humid.

    Let's stick without any seasonal handicaps. :rolleyes:
  7. GaryG

    GaryG Well-Known Member

    Hi All

    I took a close look at the mileage log for the Challenge VII tonight to see how everyone is doing. There is a total of 34 entries and 23 are from prior Challenges. Mr Pancake has his summer results for example in the Challenge VII section and his Fall results in the Hybrid section. When I looked at the current results in the first post of this thread I see there are more than 11 people (34 minus 23 people) in the Challenge VII, so where are those results being updated?

    I just went through my Summer handicap and thought I might enter the Winter Challenge VIII where I don't do so bad compared to most of the snowbirds in the north during this time. It's just a little hard looking at the mileage log percentage of the EPA results when all these old entries not being deleted.

    Also, I now see that the 2008 EPA changes rely lowered the 2006 and 2007 Prius ratings. I see some are using the 2008 EPA ratings in the Hybrid mileage section and many don't. The 2008 EPA ratings are slightly lower than my '09 ratings so do I use the 2008 rating for the Challenges?

  8. lxmike

    lxmike Well-Known Member

    A summer handicap? Thats best time for mileage if you don't need to use your AC.

    Gary, we're using the 2008 ratings in the challenges.
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  9. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Yeah, sorry about not cleaning up the logs from last time. :eek:

    For the challenges, we use the new 2008+ ratings, adjusted according to whatever handicaps are claimed.
  10. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    The final tank in this FE Challenge came in at 65 .4 mpg. I went 560.4 miles and used 8.57 gallons.
  11. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Final fill for me:
    769 miles, 11.42 gallons = 67.34 mpg.
  12. Taliesin

    Taliesin Well-Known Member

    I've been absent for quite a while, but I am caught up on my entries and it should be the last fill for the challenge.

    We'll just say they weren't real pretty. But they could have been worse too.

    I've dropped down to 5th with Drummerboy nipping at my heels.


    I think I can be fairly happy with that.
  13. JusBringIt

    JusBringIt Be Inspired

    Glad to see you back! A couple members (myself included) were beginning to wonder if things were ok.
  14. Taliesin

    Taliesin Well-Known Member

    Just very, very busy at work.

    And now I get a little time.
  15. Die2self

    Die2self Saving more by using less!

    yup, good to hear that you are back.
  16. lxmike

    lxmike Well-Known Member

    final refuel of 2009 not bad considering still had some vacation miles on this trip. 344 miles-8.71 gas.
  17. Seraph

    Seraph Well-Known Member

    Perhaps i should've P&G'ed as opposed to just try a pure DWL tank, oh well slipped down to second =(
  18. some_other_dave

    some_other_dave Well-Known Member

    My last half-tank is in. It was a half-tank because I needed to make sure to have a full tank when I drove Da Boss and myself to the airport for vacation, or she would Be Unhappy. (And when Da Boss ain't happy, ain't nobody happy! ;) )

    Mileage continues to drop, though not quite as precipitously as before. Fortunately for me (but unfortunately from an overall perspective) Seraph's last tank was bad enough to drop him below my new low average. Sorry, Seraph! Not the way I would have chosen to win, if I could choose.

    I'm worried about what this means about my car. I know the engine is tired; it could be that it is now eating itself. (I hope to hear from Blackstone Labs very soon now!) Or it could just be the tires needing more air, but it seems like a larger change than that would account for.

    On the third hand, the limitation in the amount of FAS I can do must be having an effect. Might be time for a new battery, again.

  19. MT bucket

    MT bucket I want my MPG!

    yeah, if you usually fas alot, it would make a big difference.
    as for my car, it is buried six feet under! (snow) Hopefully I can pull off another resurection this spring!:rolleyes:;) I dunno though, it is makeing some awful strange noises this summer...
  20. lnmcmahan

    lnmcmahan Econoclast

    Hi Guys,

    Just added my two latest tanks. Still bummed from the drop due to the tires. I am solidly in next to last place for Div A. Makes me want to take my 2% E6 handicap. Still I am saving money hand over fist compared to before I started hypermiling. Tomorrow I will add my last tank, and if I have time computed my "savings" for the year.


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