Yahoo Answers conclusively settles Hummer greener than Prius myth

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    [​IMG] ive heard (but am still researching to confirm) that the process of creating the batterys for these things uses an insane amount of heavy metals which are causing havoc to the ecosystems in the immediate area of the factories

    Also see Hummer Greener Than Prius Urban Myth Exploded. Yes, this has circulated because many think they can wish things into reality with a magic wand, but let's not give them the dignity of seeming smart - it's not. - Ed

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    There's a lot of myth, urban legend, and misinformation out there on hybrid vehicle batteries and vehicle production, thanks to a flawed marketing paper by CNW and a poorly researched student newspaper article that keep getting quoted...

    Anyhow, I suggest reading:

    Usually the mythic "article" from The Mail on the nickel in the hybrid cars' NiMH batteries is quoted from a now retracted article. The retraction that clears up this bit of misinformation is at:…...[rm][/rm]
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    Great post, thanks!

    I had actually heard this one from an instructor, it sounded dubious and yet somehow plausible. Thanks again for putting up the facts - I'll be sure to share them with him in my next class ;)

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