Prius PHEV conversion

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  1. krousdb

    krousdb Defiant NX-74205

    9/01/09 Evening Commute

    Charge Info
    Begin Charge Aux Pack Voltage = 51.9
    End Charge Aux Pack Voltage = 51.9
    Actual kWh used = 0
    kWh to Aux Pack = 0

    Beginning Aux Pack Voltage = 51.9
    Beginning OEM Pack SoC = 72.0
    Miles Driven = 62.6
    End Aux pack Voltage = 48.0
    End OEM Pack Soc = 49.5

    Driving Conditions
    Sunny & Dry.
    Ambient Temp = 77F
    Winds = 10 MPH Headwind
    Windows Closed
    Fan set to level 2, no AC.

    12.6 Miles suburban at 25-50 MPH
    27.0 Miles on the Interstate, CC set to 55MPH
    23.0 Miles suburban at 35-50 MPH
    62.6 Miles total

    Trip ScanGauge MPG = 81.0
    Current Tank = 256 Miles
    Tank ScanGauge MPG = 90.8
    Tank MFD MPG = 90.6

    10 MPH headwind and 77F. Under these conditions
    I would normally get 60 MPG on the way home from
    work using this particular route. My first converter
    shut down at 106 miles (since last charge) and the
    second converter shut down at 112 miles. At that
    point, I had 82 MPG showing on the SG.

    PHEV Performance
    82/60 = 37% Improvement while under PHEV assist.
  2. krousdb

    krousdb Defiant NX-74205

    9/02/09 Morning Commute

    Charge Info
    Begin Charge Aux Pack Voltage = 48.0
    End Charge Aux Pack Voltage = 54.0
    Actual kWh used = 10.71
    kWh to Aux Pack = 9.28 (Also includes bumping up the OEM SoC from 49.5 to 75.0%)

    Beginning Aux Pack Voltage = 54.0
    Beginning OEM Pack SoC = 75.0
    Miles Driven = 62.6
    End Aux pack Voltage = 51.4
    End OEM Pack Soc = 75.0

    Driving Conditions
    Ambient Temp = 61F
    Winds = 9 MPH Tailwind
    Windows Closed
    Fan set to level 2, no AC.

    Route (Full Hypermiling Route)
    23.0 Miles suburban at 25-50 MPH
    27.0 Miles in the Interstate, CC set to 55MPH
    12.6 Miles suburban at 35-50 MPH

    Trip ScanGauge MPG = 113
    Current Tank = 319 Miles
    Tank ScanGauge MPG = 94.4
    Tank MFD MPG = 94.3

    Same as yesterday except 5F cooler. I had
    problems keeping the coolant temp warm
    enough (157F) for the ICE to drop out
    automatically. This cost me a few MPG's.

    PHEV Performance
    113/72.3 = 56.3% Improvement
  3. krousdb

    krousdb Defiant NX-74205

    I don't have a Gps but I have a Gpp which does work.
  4. chenyj

    chenyj New Member

    I am a representative from AutomationTech Inc, Distributor of Enginer kits. Let me know if you have any questions.
  5. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    Hi Jack!
    Welcome to CleanMPG!
    There are many that have great interest in your application and are closely following Dan's details.

    What are your plans for other cars?
  6. krousdb

    krousdb Defiant NX-74205

    Since these reports are looking the same every day, I will just post new record highs and tank results. I will also start recording tank data at

    9/03/09 Morning Commute - New Record High

    Driving Conditions
    Ambient Temp = 61F
    Winds = 10 MPH Tailwind
    Windows Closed
    Fan set to level 2, no AC.

    Trip ScanGauge MPG = 121
    Current Tank = 448 Miles
    Tank ScanGauge MPG = 94.4
    Tank MFD MPG = 94.0

    Using feedback from the ScanGauge to help me improve my results.

    PHEV Performance
    121/72.3 = 67.3% Improvement
  7. msantos

    msantos Eco Accelerometrist

    I eagerly echo Mike's question on this one... namely a kit supporting the newer 2010 Prius ... and even the second generation Civic Hybrid ;)


  8. bestmapman

    bestmapman Fighting untruth and misinformation

    I would like to know the answer to that question as well.
  9. krousdb

    krousdb Defiant NX-74205

    They are currently working on the 2010 Prius kit. They just need to make a custom battery carrier box.
  10. bestmapman

    bestmapman Fighting untruth and misinformation

    We also desperately need the scan guage codes for the 2010 Prius.
  11. chenyj

    chenyj New Member

    We are actively working on Honda Insight, Lexus RX400H(Highlander Hybrid), Ford Escape. In order to speed up the adaption to other hybrid models, we are looking for help from the user community with compensation. If anyone is interested in being a pilot tester, please let us know.
  12. ericbecky

    ericbecky Member

    I was a part of five installs of the Enginer systems for Priuses in California last month and am now installing the system in a 2002 gen1 Insight in Madison, WI.
    The system in the Insight should be up and running by the end of the week. Feel free post or to call me if you have questions.
  13. TheForce

    TheForce He who posts articles

    Lots of questions! But most of them you wont be able to answer untill you get at least a whole tank worth of driving out of it. You better post pictures!

    Here is one question.

    Do you have MIMA so you can use more of the asist with this battery upgrade?
  14. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    Hi Eric!
    How many KW kit is yours?
    It will be interesting to see if it helps the Insight anywhere close to the amount of Dan's Prius.

    Good Luck!
  15. Wapin

    Wapin New Member

    I bought a 4kwh Eginer system last week for a 2001 Prius. What the heck to I do with the spare tire?
  16. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    Welcome to CleanMPG! Be sure and post your experiences here with the system.

    RE:Spare tire - Replace it with a can of Fix a Flat.
  17. Wapin

    Wapin New Member

    The system has LIFE! Just finished installing the 4kwh Enginer system. Funny thing. We got thrown for a loop installing the batteries. At first we thought the batteries must go in so that the positive and negative terminals are pointing straight up. They we realized that they were to be installed sideways - see picture. Just couldn't shake loss the idea that if we put them on their sides they might spill battery acid.:D

    We have to let the system rest overnight so that the charge gets distributed evenly. We'll start charging it in the morn.
  18. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Wapin:

    ___I am really looking forward to your experience with the Enginer PHEV kit. Given the price and the tax credits, it was probably free, right?

    ___Good Luck

  19. Wapin

    Wapin New Member

    Well not so lucky....

    Everything works fine. It just won't transfer amperage to the traction batteries. Here's the test. I drove it around until the traction battery was indicating it was half depleted (that's all you get on the 2001 Prius screen). Then I parked the car without turning off the ignition. The car quietly sat their. I listened to the radio. I was told that if the system were working I would see the traction battery fill to full charge given a couple of minutes or so. That didn't happen. Before long the ICE kicked in to charge the traction battery. Oh well...

    The lithium battery set is fully charged and balanced. So, my conclusion at this point is that the problem is the converter.

    I didn't do the install. My installer is out of town for the holidays. I am sure he will get it right.
  20. Wapin

    Wapin New Member

    We farted around with the system. We were pretty sure that the DC/DC converter was not working. They just sent us a new one. We got it working and it is pretty clear that the system is now working.

    However, my concern right now is about the driving habits. I seems to me the ICE is too easily engaged. This action is independent of the Enginer system. Remember, I am driving a first generation Prius. I feel like there ought to be an adjustment somewhere in the domain of Toyota system, that would allow me to decrease the sensitivity to the pedal. I just don't want the ICE to come on when I am trying to maintain a 35 mph speed that has only a very small % grade incline.

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