Yes, Toyota is also taking a beating

Discussion in 'Toyota' started by Chuck, Jul 3, 2009.

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    [​IMG] Speculates after the recession the US market will be between Ford, Toyota, and another automaker

    [fimg=LEFT][/fimg]Daniel Howes - DETROITNEWS - July 2, 2009

    Again, nobody in the auto industry is doing well --Ed.

    Could Toyota Motor Corp. be mortal after all?

    For the third month in a row, Ford Motor Co. outsold the Japanese juggernaut in the United States, still a crucial and rich market amid this nagging recession. In June alone, the Dearborn automaker reported an 11 percent year-over-year decline in monthly sales to 148,153 cars and trucks, compared to Toyota's 34.6 percent slide to 131,654 vehicles.

    And this: General Motors Corp. -- beleaguered and bankrupt, its dealer body jittery and brand image suspect, its only willing lender the Treasury -- so far this year has outsold Toyota 947,518 to 770,449, according to Autodata Corp. Partly evidence of Toyota's strong presence in, and dependence on, the imploding California market?

    Yes, but what else? ... [rm][/rm]
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    A few months ago we had a few Detroit shrills saying we gave Toyota a pass....if they were civil enough to have stuck around, it would be obvious Toyota is taking it's lumps as well.

    Not sure I agree with the editor on the post-recession US market being between Ford, Toyota, and a 3rd automaker. I see those two along with Honda gaining market share, and China gaining inroads.
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    According to this link: Toyota did recalled 950,000 USA vehicles in model year 2008. They announced a recall of nearly 830,000 USA vehicles in January 2009 via this link: Then there was the nearly 1350 Toyota vehicles built in May and June that have been recalled. The green image of Toyota rests upon its Prius vehicle only. The RAV4, Camry and Venza do not lead their vehicle segments in fuel efficiency. While many where bashing the "Bummer" vehicle, Toyota sold 3 times as many Tundra's in 2007 which obtained the same mileage! What does the future hold for Toyota?

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