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    I was updating my fuel logs tonight for both cars that I keep track of and noticed something interesting. Both fuel logs show nearly the same amount above the EPA rating. They are only off by a few hundredths of a percent between the two cars.

    Does anybody else get close to the same percentage results using separate vehicles? In my case I am sure that it may be partially coincidence since one sits all winter and I drive the other all year. I drive one harder than the other and normally use it for shorter trips than the other but I do generally use the same techniques in both cars.

    Edit: I did a little more underbody smoothing today on the EXP. I also reworked my air deflectors in front of the back wheels. Hopefully it will show an increase soon. It looks sweet either way.
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    Not really, when comparing apples to oranges. The fiancee has a Fit and I have my couch. Hers will pull 35 mpg around town, while I have to sweat mine to get that on the highway. The few times she's let me drive it I've slaughtered my car's averages.

    It works with two similar cars.
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    My cars are also too dissimilar. I love my Insight but it simply can't be hypermiled to the same percentage over EPA on the same routes as the Elantra. While the Elantra just leaves it in the dust easily by that measure, it can't come anywhere close to the tiny fuel usage I get in the Insight (like the 120.3mpg round trip commute I had today ;) Only 0.37g over 44.4mi !!).

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    I guess it would make sense that a less efficient car would have higher percentage gains. If your car gets 10 mpg normally and you save a gallon that would be 10%. If your car normally gets 40mpg that would only a 2.5% gain. It would seem that these techniques are actually more effective, percentage wise, the worse your vehicle is.

    Edit: So if that is the case what does that say about how I drive my less efficient Fiero? ;)

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