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Discussion in 'Toyota Prius Family' started by bestmapman, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. bestmapman

    bestmapman Fighting untruth and misinformation

    I took the new Prius out on the highway today and played with it on the way to the wife's doctor appointment.

    I could not find an equivelant to Warp Stealth. I think that this is going to need some attention, also, my scanguage may not be working correctly, as I had no indication of fuel cutoff either.

    Drove 38 miles and when I got home I was at 65.7 MPG. This included warmup and my initial hill.
  2. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Jud:

    ___Did you see the tell tale 950 RPM while Gliding downhill at 47 mph and higher???

    ___SG-II working correctly would more than likley be the Prius-III not sending out the correct OBD-II data.

    ___I did not see any SHM in one for the 100 + miles I drove the highway but it was in the 30's. Did you see any hint of a somewhat steady 70 - 80 mpg iFCD during your highway drive?

    ___Good Luck

  3. bestmapman

    bestmapman Fighting untruth and misinformation

    Yes, but I was getting regen the whole time and as I increased pressure on the pedal it would not switch to EV, it would switch to ICE power and I could feel a definate acceleration at the same point in time.

    I have had this SG in the Jetta for a long time, I am going to reset the defaults and see if that helps any.

    Yes, it seems that we will be able to document that and start getting some good numbers.
  4. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Jud:

    ___Thank you!

    ___As we spoke in the Carolina's, thank god you and Mike can dial the little beauty in as there are some very interesting tricks Toyota allowed (45 mph glides) while taking others away (WS) for some reason? WN acts the same other than the threshold has been moved up to 45 mph, right? What about MAX FE around town. Does it beat your -II or simply rival it? Same with the Highway form the temps and conditions you experienced today.

    ___I am also interested in seeing anything on he mimic in terms of current (via arrows) when in a glide above 41 mph. The FFH clearly showed current to overcome Back EMF (or whatever) and I wonder if the Prius-III does the same?

    ___Lastly, the FCD vs. actual will be very interesting...

    ___When Mike gets back, I will be very interested in his take on the 55 mph item he was talking about???

    ___Good Luck

  5. hobbit

    hobbit He who posts articles

    Anybody pull down circuit diagrams from Techinfo yet? It shouldn't
    be hard to find the injector lines and put a monitor on one of
    them, so you can tell if you're squirtin' or not. And of course
    if the "hybrid system indicator" isn't a good enough equivalent
    to read battery current, that's something else to work on. For
    me, battery current and lack of injection are the essential pieces
    of info for maintaining WS.
  6. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    I called Wayne this evening as I was about to exit Virginia. I had used warp stealth numerous times as I was going down the hills of I-64 near West Virginia. Feathering off the throttle, watching the HSI go to neutral position, the Scangauge readings would go to: LOD-52 to 57, IG-16, THR-16, RPM-992,the mpg would max at 9999. I got back on the interstate and it wouldn't go into it. I didn't have it in ECO mode when I started the car. The MPG would only go to about 238mpg. A couple hours later after a break, I restarted in ECO and warp stealth worked again. I got a nice ICE off glide. Crested a hill at 45mph, ice off, I proceeded to glide down the 5% grade. I can't say what the glide peaked at. ;)
  7. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    So you have to use the ECO button to get this mode?
  8. ksstathead

    ksstathead Moderator

    Small price to pay, since I'd normally be in ECO anyway?
  9. bestmapman

    bestmapman Fighting untruth and misinformation

    OK, I am able to get into what I think is WS in ECO mode. I can not get into it in PWR mode.

    Also. In glide, my scanguage reads .02 GPH and in downhill regen it reads .23 GPH fuel flow. I think that the SG is not reading right. Otherwise it would mean that there is no fuel cutoff.

    I will get some more figures as I can.

    So far I have 160 miles total and the last 100 have benn all highway and that segment was at 63 MPG at 65-70 MPH AC on (Have to live with the wife).

    Overall my impression is positive and I think that the car seems to glide better. I can not confirm this yet, but I think that they have taken a lot of the drag out of the HSD and the car rolls better. This may be a major reason for the increased FE with the larger ICE.
  10. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    I don't know what you need to be in to get in warp stealth. The ability is very inconsistent. It must have something to do with the boot process when you start the car. We drove about 700 miles today. 1st time out this morning in eco mode, it would not enter in any of the 4 modes. We stopped for a break and this time, I was able to get it in 2 times. Took another break and this time, it would go in very easy. I got it in standard, eco ,and power modes. The rest of the day I could only get it a couple of times. I could get 52, 16, 16, but the mpg was at 190 to 260 or so and not 9999. It's the same when you just let off the gas. MPG never goes to 9999.

  11. bestmapman

    bestmapman Fighting untruth and misinformation

    The SG appears not to give correct fuel flow readings and it is throwing all the other gauges off. IMHO
  12. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    Car has almost 2800 miles on it now. I drove it to my mom's this evening and it dropped in every time I tried on the 35 mile trip there and back. I snapped a pic to verify I wasn't dreaming. I tried it in the eco mode and the "no" mode when the eco button is pressed again and no mode lights are lit.


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