broke 30MPG in a behemoth!!

Discussion in '4x4's, SUV's and P/U Trucks' started by npauli, May 22, 2009.

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    It would be a bad truck buy if you went for the 4.3 in an extended cab, that is for sure. The power to weight ratio would be aweful. However, the 4.3 does good in the regular cab shortbox because it is the smallest, and lightest, but that is not a practical truck for some people.
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    I've been casting around looking for a better-FE wise and reliability - people/stuff hauler than the old Suburban.

    If $$ wasn't a concern any of the full sized minivans would get me 5 mpg better hy, and 3 better city.Unfortunately new they are all waaay over $20,000, and the better used ones-Honda Toyota are $14000 for used in the latest body styles with 60,000 miles.

    I have about $4700 in the Suburban-(cost $3300 total to buy, and $1300 parts) and I put radiator, brake booster, belt tensioner, water pump, intake manifold gaskets, cam chain and sprockets, some hoses,shocks-.
    Old vehicles aren't cheap-I'm guessing it will be close to $1000/yr in parts etc.

    I'm just going to be keeping it going until I have the $$ to upgrade to something that is newer/better FE. I just use it as a giant minivan-don't really need the tow capability.

    It is pretty reliable and extremely versatile.I see why folks love them. I would bet the current ones can get 25 mpg at reasonable hy speeds. I don't have a spare $45000,so out of the question for me.

    I wouldn't be surprised to find one of those pre fuel wasting Duramax 6.6 vans could get 23-25 mpg at 60 mph if they are geared tall enough. They are reasonably priced $11500 for one with 60,000 miles-but a bit too much for me now, and diesel maintenance is more expensive,and they are pricey to repair-injectors etc.

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    Did it again!

    This time, 30.6mpg over 13.x miles. Different route than last time, but both were at night. I guess lack of traffic helps.

    Current tank is around 25.7 mpg on SG2 after 500 miles. I think that pretty much beats the EPA ratings of any non-hybrid w/ more than 4 cylinders.

    I'm hooked. Thanks to everybody here for the tips and inspiration.
  4. npauli

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    Correction: I just checked and found a handful of exceptions.
    BMW 335d (diesel I6)
    M-B E320 (diesel V6)
    VW jetta (gas I5)
    VW golf (gas I5)
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    Hi Npauli:

    ___Do not thank us, we are here to thank you!!!

    ___Good Luck and thanks for the excellent FE.

  6. phoebeisis

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    Wow, a 30 mpg short trip with a 25 mpg tank.I never would have believed a 7500 lb 4x4 with a CD close to.5 could get such great mpg.

    I'm pretty happy when I get a 18.5 mpg 15 mile leg in my trips to UNO-and it is 2300 lbs lighter, 2wd and has less frontal area. My pure city tanks are maybe 15 mpg or so.

    The vehicles that "beat" you-3000 lbs lighter and 2wd ,so....

    Silverado- what does a regular cab short bed weigh-4000 lbs or so? My 1980 D-100-318 v-8 regular cab 8 foot bed weighed just 3700 lbs I think.My 1986 Toyota 4 cyl was 2700 lbs.
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    You can still say this:

    Better than any non-hybrid with an gas engine bigger than 5 cylinders. :D

  8. Silverado

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    Yeah, the official number I've found for the curb weight was 4140 lbs. You know, Unfortunately it is loaded down with crappy safety equipment (Just kidding). It's a nice truck, I keep it at 60-65 on the highway. The best tank I got was an average of 25.5 or so mpg out of a 26 gallon tank without using most of the hyper miling techniques.

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