Chrysler filing for a 60-day Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

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Worst Chrysler model

  1. 300C

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  2. Caliber

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  3. Jeep Commander

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  4. Ram

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  5. Nitro

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  6. Sebring

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  7. I didn't care for any of them

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  8. PT Cruiser

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  1. Chumby

    Chumby Active Member

    I think I'd be able to concede the Wrangler, though how realistic is it that it would survive when gas got back to $4/gallon. Its primary role as a frat boy mover would quickly be replaced by something more practical (save on gas = more dough for beer).

    The rest of the vehicles are niche at best.

    I drive a Ranger; it isn't an anti-Ameircan bias it is a anti-junk bias. My old neighbor is a mechanic, owned 5 Chrysler vehicles, and spent 95% of his free time repairing them. It is probably better to say they owned him. One was a brand new (2006) Ram 2500. All but one was "late model." When vehicles with a few thousand on the odometer leak oil, you got to wonder...

    Of the fleet vehicles I have driven, the GM truck and the Ford cars did well. We have a new Prius that is pretty nice.
  2. Blackbelt

    Blackbelt Well-Known Member

    The FJ does not compete with the Wrangler. If you ever took an FJ off road, you would know that. Troll bait summed it up quite nicely

    You LOL all you want about the PT, but the fact is that car started the current 'retro' era of styling that is still going on. Such as the HHR, the Mustang, the Camaro, and the Challenger.

    The Cherokee has never been a "luxury land boat". Do you even know what a Cherokee is? :confused:

    The SRT4 was introduced in 2004. The Cobalt SS didn't come out until 2006. As i said, when it was introduced it had no competition.
  3. Blackbelt

    Blackbelt Well-Known Member

    Maxx, a well thought out and logical post as usual. I hate Honda because i owned 3 of them, and all three were trouble prone. I owned 2 accords and a prelude. I treat my cars like family(family that i like..LOL). Both Accords needed automatic trannies before 60K miles. One was in the shop 4 times for brake issues. One had the AC compressor blow out at 39K. Plus a bunch of other issues. Plus, i just think they are boring, even ugly. I, like you, take a lot of the "IT's GARBAGE" opinions with a grain of salt and ask the same kinds of questions that you do. Like you, i listen to an appreciate when people share info. I have learned a lot. But i also have owned over 85 different vehicles in my life form almost every manufacturer, so i do have practical experiences to back up some of my assertions. I just can't help but be saddened that people seem glad to see Chrysler and GM on the ropes.

    Chumby, At the tender age of 52 i am sure my wife would be shocked to learn i am a "frat boy":biglol::biglol: since we own an 08 Wrangler. BTW, it isn't even broken in yet and i have gotten it up to 24.5MPG. I will get it past 30.
    I agree that the SRT4 and maybe the PT were niche vehicles. But the Jeep Cherokee and Concorde/Intrepid are about as mainstream as you can get.
    As i mentioned above, i have owned over 85 vehicles. MANY of them were Chryslers and all were very reliable cars. The worst car i owned in terms of reliabilty happened to be a Ford. That couldgive me an anti junk bias against Ford, but that wouldn't be fair, as some out there have had good luck with them.
  4. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi All:

    ___A few more tidbits within the last few hours...

    Chrysler LLC Vice Chairman and President Tom LaSorda to Retire

    Aubrun Hills, MI. -- Tom LaSorda, Vice Chairman and President, Chrysler LLC announced to the Chrysler Board Thursday, April 30, his intention to retire from the Company with immediate effect.

    LaSorda -- Chrysler's top executive responsible for Manufacturing, Procurement and Supply, Employee Relations, Global Business Development and Alliances -- was appointed to his current position in August 2007, serving in both the Office of the Chairman and on the Board of Managers.

    "As the head of our global business development, Tom LaSorda arranged the first meeting with Fiat and played a pivotal role in developing the alliance," said Bob Nardelli, Chrysler Chairman and CEO. "His leadership has been instrumental in steering Chrysler through many challenges and has helped our company lay the foundation for a great future. Tom is the fourth generation of LaSordas to work for Chrysler, so he truly has the company in his blood. We thank him for his many contributions and wish him all the best in his future endeavors."

    Many of Chrysler's boldest and most successful operational initiatives of the 21st Century were borne by LaSorda. One example, the Toledo Supplier Park in Ohio, home of the Jeep(R) Wrangler, incorporates suppliers into major elements of the vehicle manufacturing process and went on to become North America's most productive assembly plant.

    He was also known for being active in community and charity events, such as United Way, the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan and the Delray Neighborhood House.

    LaSorda was appointed President and CEO of the Chrysler Group in 2005 after serving as Chief Operating Officer for the Chrysler Group. Prior to joining the company in 2000, he was employed by General Motors Corporation where he served in many capacities including President of Opel Eisenach GmbH and Vice President of Quality, Reliability and Competitive Operations. He earned a reputation as an authority on lean manufacturing by helping to launch the GM-Suzuki joint venture plant, CAMI, in Canada and Opel Eisenach, GM's pioneering venture in the former East Germany.

    In June 2006, LaSorda was presented with an honorary Doctorate of Laws by the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada. The Automotive Hall of Fame also awarded LaSorda the "Distinguished Service Citation" in 2004.

    LaSorda was born on July 24, 1954, in Windsor, Ontario. He has been married to Doreen, his high school sweetheart, for 32 years. They have two daughters, Jackie (26) and Christine (23).
  5. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Chrysler Financial Remains Focused on Running Its Business Operations

    Farmington Hills, MI. -- In response to Chrysler LLC's April 30, 2009, decision to file for protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Act, Chrysler Financial today emphasized that it continues in business as an independent and separate legal entity from the automobile manufacturer, and remains focused on running its business operations.

    Chrysler Financial will continue to provide standard rate financing for retail consumers and to service its existing portfolio. However, as a result of Chrysler LLC's bankruptcy filing, Chrysler Financial is now required to temporarily suspend dealer wholesale financing in the United States and Canada, effective immediately, as it works to implement new procedures with its lenders. Also, the Company will suspend participation in Chrysler LLC's subvented A.P.R. programs while assessing the situation.

    "In support of the decision made by President Obama and the Automotive Taskforce to move forward with the Chrysler Financial and GMAC transition, the Company is committed to working with our lenders, employees, dealers and customers to manage through the results of this decision," stated Tom F. Gilman, Chairman and CEO - Chrysler Financial.

    Chrysler Financial customers should expect no disruption to the servicing of their account as a result of these announcements.
  6. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Actually, I think you'll find that the VW New Beetle started that trend.
  7. JusBringIt

    JusBringIt Be Inspired

    I've owned three chryslers. I spent day in and day out fixing them..why? I WANTED TO. I experimented and I broke things so I repaired them. looking from the outside, someone would say they are problem cars, but I don't buy that. They only thing that comes remotely close to either of the cars having a problem I didn't cause (my current car) is when I bought it used in '07, a couple months later the tranny failed. It was in march and we had a couple blizzards where I'd get stuck and overheat the fluid a few times.
  8. Blackbelt

    Blackbelt Well-Known Member

    Sean you are correct, and as a VW fan who has owned at least one VW since 1980 i should have known that. The New Beetle came out in the 98 model year. I was never a fan of the NB, so i guess i just blocked it from my mind...LOL

    Side note...How far have we come? My 1980 Rabbit Diesel with 4 speed manual got 55MPG.:cool:
  9. peacefrog_0521

    peacefrog_0521 Raj Against The Machine

    I STILL love that skit even though I don't watch SNL anymore. I shout that line out loud and crack myself up every time I see one of these cars, or drive past Sterling Heights Assy Plant (which is only a few miles away).


    I also quote, in a slightly softer voice, Dr. Evil's line about "Hot Pockets" when I'm in the frozen food aisle...

  10. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    I hear you. I wanted a Metro XFi, Civic HX, or a CRX HF for quite a while. I lost the back seat when I got the Insight but it is one vehicle that actually is an improvement in mileage without adding hundreds of pounds to the weight. It is also fairly spartan by modern standards, and I like that.

    I'm also a Beetle nut, by the way. :eek:

    (No, the NB doesn't count. :p)
  11. peacefrog_0521

    peacefrog_0521 Raj Against The Machine

    Oh, so THAT's who I saw getting thrown out of the Pentastar window yesterday...
  12. Blackbelt

    Blackbelt Well-Known Member

    Back in the late 60's early 70's. before i had my license, i was a typical teen of the day. With one exception. All my friends went crazy over the Vette. I loved and wanted a Beetle.
    My 80 rabbit was also pretty spartan. No A/C, manual steering etc, but it handled like a sports car(of its era), and never got less than 40MPG(dead of winter -15 degree temps) I had a set of studded snow tires on that car and i would pass stuck 4x4's with it...LOL.
    I loved that car!

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