What a guy would do for a Geo Metro XFI !

Discussion in 'GM' started by billy, Apr 28, 2009.

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    I say "No Way" on the universal chip sold on ebay. If these things worked everyone here would be using them. - Dale
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    Thats what i was thinking but i was not sure.

    I went from Portland to CA boarder and back and i got 68.3 mpg based on this website.


    i was shocked it blows away the Prius but after that many miles my seats don't fill good.
    Im thinking of loosing some mpg to put in some BMW seats or something very comfortable so when i go on long trips or heck even short trips ill fill better.

    If i can only find a way to do cruse control i would be even happier.

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    That's really close to me, I suggested it to my wife, and she said "I don't need no stinkin' Metro" with an hispanic accent.

    Maybe I'll buy it and park the Tacoma.:eyebrow:
  5. Taliesin

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    I don't know... I just checked kbb.com and that Metro is only worth just over $1K ($1.7K if being sold by a dealer). nada.com puts it at $1,387 if it is perfectly clean.

    I'm wondering why he is asking more...

    It looks pretty clean to me, otherwise I might think it really had 162K miles on it.

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