CleanMPG Previews the 2010 Toyota Prius-III

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    Hi All:

    A little update as some nice additions for the 2012 MY has appeared.

    Displays – While the HIS and associated feedback displays are still monochromatic, they have a new deeper resolution, an EV icon now appears when the engine goes down (a much needed addition mind you), and there is a new screen displaying fuel costs over the last year.

    6.1 Display Audio – Package II adds the 6.1” LCD display screen with BlueTooth hands free operation as standard equipment. Yeah!!! The Energy and Consumption histogram can be viewed using the new screen as well.

    Package III on up receives the Display Audio with a SW based Navigation system, backup camera and Entune.

    The TouchTracer radio and climate control buttons have been rotated so that Volume in now up down as is temperature control vs. side to side previously.

    Exterior – Auto LED DRL’s. You can switch them off or on within a vehicle menu inside the car but leave them on. They look good and burn only a few watts.

    The Yokohama Avids have been replaced with Goodyear Assurance FuelMax tires and the 15” alloys are now black with a nicer looking plastic hubcap.

    While there is a lot more small details, better looking MFD screens with more useful information, a 6.1” screen for basic information on the base, nicer looking base wheels when the new design hubcaps are left on all provide a better Prius. A bit more money of course but a better looking Prius all around.

    I will try and get some shots as we pick up a new Prius v-3 later this afternoon. Yeah, there is a happy ending to that story too :)


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