CleanMPG Previews the 2010 Toyota Prius-III

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by xcel, Mar 25, 2009.

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    Only if the HI2 is driven by a skilled driver, while a stopligh racer drives the HCHII
  2. philmcneal

    philmcneal Has it been 10 years? Wow

    im very happy with that answer, due to the fact civic hybrid II prices are much lower than the insight II ^^ thanks guys!

    edit: I meant to say USED HCH II prices, not new :p
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  3. voodoo22

    voodoo22 Cheaper than the bus

    If that price point remains true in Canada, the Insight II will be nearly 30 grand as the civic hybrid is over 27 grand now before taxes and over 32 grand after freight, pdi and taxes. What a rip off.
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    This is Wayne's co-driver at the event - Wayne, thanks for the mention of me in the story - 77mpg on my first drive out was certainly more than I'd expected!

    I'd concur with Wayne's observations about the car. I was most impressed with the significantly improved economy (I mean, getting over 50mpg on a banzai mountain run is pretty amazing) and with the fact that it's actually a much better driver's car, as long as you get the 17-inch wheels. The steering actually has some resistance now; you don't feel disconnected from the road as you did in the last one.

    Wayne, great meeting you at the event and thanks for the Hypermiling 101 tutelage!

  5. GripperDon

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    Any info on the MPG penalty incurred with the Air Conditioner on?
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    From the intro: If you are one of those who despised the Prius for any number of reasons, have another look because Toyota has addressed nearly every complaint ever voiced.

    From the body of the review: Sight-lines in the 2010 Prius-III are similar to the previous generation with a now familiar rear window blind spot. The hatch functionality is excellent but most customers will never be entirely comfortable with the spit window solution.

    When I first went looking for a hybrid, I ended up test-driving a 2009 Prius-II. The rear window implementation was mind-boggling to me. I see that as a MAJOR loss of visibility. That, combined with the four-to-six month wait I was told to expect for delivery, had me leaving the dealership quite dejected. I wasn't prepared to drop a chunk of money on the table only to wait that long and find out they still might not have exactly what I wanted.

    Being a Honda man for many years now, I decided to stop by the dealership and at least find out if there was a HCH-II to test-drive, to give me a solid compare-and-contrast. There wasn't one, but there was a shipment on the way, and one of those matched what I wanted in options and color. I was able to review the documentation though, and having a realistic rear window made a big difference for me. I was able to test-drive the unit that I eventually bought 3 weeks later, and I've been happy ever since.

    I appreciate the detailed review, Wayne, and it sounds like a great choice for folks who do a majority of their driving off of the highway... but having the same rear-window blind spot as before hardly seems like "Toyota has addressed nearly every complaint ever voiced."

    I'd put a cup-holder complaint being unaddressed into a "nearly every" category, but certainly not the rear window implementation. That seems like a pretty major issue to leave unaddressed. Maybe it's just me, but from the caveats, it seems like you're acknowledging that most people still won't be comfortable with that implementation. Pity, that.

    All said and done though, well done on the review! CleanMPG is still my #1 recommendation to folks looking for information on hybrids, and this review is an excellent example of why.
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    Wayne, All:

    Just test drove a Prius III and was disappointed to find indeed that the EV mode only works up to 25 MPH. Because of my relatively short 6 mile commute, often in WI cold, I routinely use my EV switch (in my '07 Prius) at 25-35 MPH because it greatly increases my MPG while the engine temp is below 170 F (not in stage IV), which is a lot of the time, and I'm on 35 mph speed limit streets mostly. I'd hate to pay for a P-III only to suffer decreased mileage. The only possible countervailing factor would be the decreased warm-up time for the P-III. Does anyone know enough to comment at present as to how this would likely shake out? Has anyone come up with a "hack" to get back to 35 mph for EV (sounds as if programming likely won't allow). Thank you.

    Madison, WI
  11. Xringer

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    I would be afraid to Hack a new Prius!
    But the first thing that comes to mind is chopping into the VSS wire (vehicle speed sensor).
    If it was a plain old digital TTL-like signal, then a Divide/by/two unit could be placed
    in-line with the VSS pluses.

    With a flip-flop cutting the pulse count in half, the Prius computer might think it was
    rolling at 15 MPH, when it was actually going 30.?.

    Of course, if the firmware was smart, it might notice the RPMs, TPS etc didn't jive with
    the VSS and go into error mode.. ;)

    I was just thinking that a VSS flip-flop mod is very likely illegal, if the odometer
    is also fooled and only goes up 1/2 the miles!
    You would know pretty quickly if that was the case.

    You couldn't let anyone else drive your car.
    They would be zooming along the highway at 60, but the
    state police radar would register them at 120 mph... LOL!
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  12. What great reviews! Thanks Wayne. Thanks Dan!

    Mary & I had the opportunity to experience the new 2010 Prius recently and were very impressed by the changes.

    The silhouette was sleeker, more aggressive, more state of the art. The interior was larger, more spacious, more comfortable. I did miss the big screen colorful display though. The new display although in the line of sight was strange and unfamiliar. I didn't care for it. Perhaps it was unchartered waters. I would like to see the nav version to experience the dash more thoroughly.At least they kept the obstructed rear view for all those who appreciate the faults in good art. Who knows, the backup camera may even make that acceptable.

    The ride was noticeably more comfortable and there was even an improved connection between man and machine. I felt a difference in power available with the increased displacement. Smoother. More reserve.

    What we are having a challenge with is the price. With the nav and the sunroof it approaches $32,000. So... we are looking forward to the plug in Focus, at least the difference cost. We'll believe it when we see it and who knows- there's always the rebate fairy.
  13. xcel

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    Hi Toddp:

    ___Hacks might be some time in coming unfortunately... I know what you mean about an EV button (aka FAS switch for the Prius) as it is a godsend in some instances. You should also be able to reach S4 by 157 degrees or so with an idle check if that helps with your current –II.

    ___Regarding mpg’s... Mike Sirach and Jud Engles are currently wringing their Prius-III’s out for what they are worth. Mike believes that higher speed highway is allowing another 3 to 5 more than his -II. The slower speed highway has yet to be determined. Jud has had some 90 mpg segments in his –III already although the tell tale will be the 100’s which should be reported soon. Seeing 100 is one thing. Maintaining 100 is another ;)

    ___Then there is the Prius-III’s 45 mph glides which add yet another feature to our arsenal.

    ___Personally, I believe we may have lost on the 100 mpg pop and the slower speed highway but those questions should be sorted out soon. Plus the FCD to actual. Mike has a tank through already and we will here more back form him before the week is out as he is on his way back from the East Coast now.


    ___There are so many things about the Prius-III to like and only a few that are a step backward (for us anyway ;)).

    ___Regarding the prices... There are reports of some discounting already occurring around the country but with gasoline prices rising back toward the $3.00 per level, Prius-III's are going to become "hot" items again and pricing will sure to follow the negative trend.

    ___It is too bad as the package -III w/ NAVI is not a bad deal at $25,550 and with a $1,500 discount or so makes it very attractive. That discount will more than likely be some time before the average consumer gets there hands on it.

    ___$1,800 for a sunroof is excessive imho but that is just me. I have opened up the Accord’s maybe 3X’s in 110,000 miles whereas the wife’s is open almost every day during the summer??? The sunroofs in the review vehicles are used to see that it works once and the shade doesn’t rattle ;)

    ___Good Luck

  14. lucky1

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    I see you are talking about the VSS. The mechanics at the Taxi company that I have two 2008 Prius taxi's on as cabs were wondering if anyone knows where the VSS is located on the 2010 Prius. I assume they need to know for installing the GPS dispatch system that we use. They have done plenty of 2006-2009 Prius but are stumped on the 2010 and the mechanics at Toyota for some reason didn't know either.
    Will check back later to see if anyone knows the answer.
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  16. Scion_xB

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    I ordered a 2010 Prius II in Sandy Beach Metallic - but delivery is scheduled for 9/30.

    Drove my wife's '07 yesterday to get 58.8 mpg for the day. :eek:;)

    Tony from Richfield, WI
    2005 Scion xB
    Best tank(s) 40 mpg
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    Great Car, definitely will buy when ready
  18. atlaw4u

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    Thanks for the detailed review.
  19. SpencerJ

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    I need to look into this car more. I'm curious as to how long the life of the prius 3 typically is?
  20. xcel

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    Hi Vroomzoom:

    For an all-around comuter, yes. For comfort or a more comfortable highway commute, no.


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