BMW’s new StreetGuard3 riding suit

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    [​IMG] Improved safety AND comfort for the upcoming riding season.

    [xfloat=left][/xfloat]Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Feb. 27, 2009

    New riding suit is safer, more comfortable and looks great too :)

    Munich, Germany -- Arriving just in time for the start of the new riding season, the Streetguard 3 suit offers new safety features and improved comfort for the wearer.

    The new Streetguard 3 suit is equipped with the latest features from Swiss textile manufacturer schoeller®, guaranteeing perfectly coordinated functions. The external material is made from a new protective fabric developed exclusively with and for BMW Motorrad - schoeller®-keproshield™. The high-strength composite fabric with Kevlar, cotton and polyamide elements resulted in an increase in durability and toughness, resistance to tearing and frictional heat of about 20 percent in comparison with its predecessor.

    The outer material is bonded directly to an inner water- and wind-proof membrane. Nature provided the inspiration when the designers came to develop this new membrane called “c_change™”. Mimicking the principle of a pine cone, whose scales open and close in response to heat and cold, c_change™ “breathes” in the summer and insulates in cold weather. This guarantees the perfect body temperature whatever the weather. In addition, the membrane offers elasticity that enables a fully elastic outer shell to be constructed, ensuring even more comfort.

    For the first time, the suit also has the so-called coldblack® feature on the outside. This causes 80 percent of sunlight to be reflected off black surfaces. This suit effectively protects from heat and UV radiation allowing the rider to remain cool for longer periods even in bright sunshine.

    The jacket has a single storm zipper to the front (riri® storm) that keeps out wind, water and UV radiation effectively without resorting to the labyrinth construction used in other gear. Similar water-resistant special zippers (riri®AQUAzip) can also be found on the outside pockets. The jacket includes a detachable storm collar and practical sleeve cuffs for a water-proof transition to the gloves. If conditions are particularly cold, the removable, high-quality 3M Thinsulate lining provides a warm insulation on those days when riding in anything else would be unbearable. In addition, a high waistband with fleece lining on the inside prevents drafts.

    The protection provided is another advance. The suit now comes with NP protectors developed by BMW Motorrad with optimum shock-absorbing properties. These are located on the back, shoulders and elbows and at the hips and knees with the knee protectors adjustable to three different heights. An optional coccyx protector can be added. To ensure that the rider is highly visible at all times, reflective fabric has been incorporated on the front, back and on the sides of the pant legs.

    The versions for men and women differ not only in their design, but also in their cut. The Streetguard 3 suit is available in black in ladies’ sizes 6–16, 6L–14L, or 6P–14P and in men’s sizes 36–56, 40L–50L, or 40S–52S. For additional combination options, the jacket is also available in a black/gray/orange color combination in men’s sizes 36–50 and ladies’ sizes 6–16.
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    How much do these things cost?
  3. xcel

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    Hi Sean:

    ___I have an E-Mail in trying to find out as usual... And a request for a review suit in the black/gray/orange Men's 48 too ;)

    ___Good Luck

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    +1 on the Aerostich.

    I have a 2-piece Aerostich suit plus a separate Darien jacket which I wear with jeans in warmer weather.

    Aerostich has had shoulder, elbow, and hip padding for many years, plus an optional spine protector. They zip on easily over regular clothes, which is handy for commuting purposes. As for cooling, just zip open a sleeve and you have natural AC.

    My only complaint is that they have so many pockets I'm afraid I'll forget where I put things.

    My suit cost around $800 but they last forever.
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  7. lightfoot

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    I've had it for 10 years. Does $80/year sound better? Plus factor in 45mpg without even trying, parking right next to the building at work, giggle factor, etc, etc.

    Also, how much is one's epidermis worth? Painful memories of suppurating (ick!) pavement rash from bicycle racing crashes at much lower speeds.

    Leathers provide better crash protection than these synthetics. But you can't wear normal clothes under them, so for commuting you have to change clothes when you get to work and again when you leave. And when touring, it's just plain weird to walk into a normal restaurant while wearing leathers. Leathers are essential for racing, but for lower speeds on the street cordura, ballistic nylon, and kevlar are reasonable compromises IMO.
  8. Earthling

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    What's a night in the hospital cost?

    The Aerostich suit is some serious riding gear, capable of protecting you in an 80 mph get-off, assuming you don't slide into anything solid. It's made of the world's toughest Gore-Tex fabric, with elbows, knees and shoulders doubled up with even heavier material, and with armor and padding. It's also got large areas of reflective material, something most other riding gear does not offer.


    PS: it's also windproof and sheds rain, so you can get by without a rainsuit. Price the BMW riding gear, and get back to us :flag:
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    That's somewhat better but a decade on those things have to be more expensive yet. With that sort of longevity, I'm sure it is worth it though.
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    Hi All:

    ___Although I have not heard back from BMW about the cost of the StreetGuard3 suit yet (3 calls in and only voice mail to show for it :(), I did speak with Andy Goldfine (owner of Aerostitch) about procuring a review set of Aerostitch - Darien jacket and pants for a XR650L review ride I will performing in Los Angels late next month.

    ___Earthling and John, after spending some time studying the specs of the Darien outer wear, I think they may be one of the best in the business with the crash protection armor and cold weather fleece add-ons available.

    ___Andy mentioned that he was in Europe last fall and had a look at the BMW StreetGuard3 at one of the trade shows he was involved with. He had some very good things to say about it actually.

    ___Good Luck

  11. lightfoot

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    The Darien's zip in fleece liner is very slick. One minor plus is that you can zip it out and wear it as just a fleece jacket when off the bike.

    Forgot to mention that another plus of these riding suits is that electrically heated vest and chaps fit very nicely under them, and you can run the wires for electric gloves out through the sleeves. And put the temperature controller in an outer pocket on your upper leg, where you can adjust it by twisting the fabric over the knob. Electric heat works amazingly well and avoids the need for bulky clothing, sweaters, etc. You can check it out in the Aerostich Riderwearhouse site online.
  12. xcel

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    Hi All:

    ___A bit more on the Street Guard 3...


    Street Guard 3Jacket: $959
    Street Guard 3Pants: $659

    NP protectors

    Elbows: $37
    Knees: $37
    Hips: $24
    Shoulders: $37
    • Black Keproshield™ and Dynatec™ outer materials featuring coldblack® technology
    • Windproof, waterproof and highly breathable due to intelligent c_change™ membrane
    • Softshell material in pockets and inside of cuffs
    • Removable NP protectors for back, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees (three height positions)
    • Zipped protector pocket for back protector
    • Can be retrofitted with coccyx protector
    • Waterproof, windproof and UV-resistant Storm® zip on jacket
    • High-quality waterproof AQUAzip® fasteners on exterior pockets
    • Reflective material on the front, back and pant legs
    • Removable wind and waterproof storm collar
    • Waterproof ventilation zips
    • Removable 3M Thinsulate™ thermal lining
    • High pant waist with fleece lining
    • Radiation-resistant, waterproof mobile phone pocket, and two waterproof inner pockets in the jacket
    • Connecting zipper in two lengths
    Sizes (women): 6 - 16/6L - 14L/6P - 14P
    Sizes (men): 36 - 56/40L - 50L/40S - 52S
    Colors: jacket - black, black/grey/orange; pants – black

    • Sun:particularly suitable for use in high ambient temperatures.
    • Coldblack® Technology: helps fabrics reflect heat and UV rays.
    • Windproof: Apparel that blocks wind via specially engineered materials and sealed seams.
    • Waterproof: Apparel that blocks water penetration via specially engineered materials and sealed seams.
    • Comfort: Waterproof pocket.
    • c_change™: Temperature-regulating, elasticated three-layer laminate.
    • Cat's eye: Reflective material.
    • Keproshield™: A Kevlar/Dynatec®/cotton webbing that protects against wind and water, and provides thermal insulation.
    • Styling: Women's sizes are specially cut and styled.
    • Dynatec®: Protective material that has a high melting point, and is extremely resistant to tears and abrasions.
    • Protection: Removable protectors or back bars supplied as standard for the areas indicated.
    ___Although the Aerostich gear is much more cost effective, you got to love the tech incorporated into the BMW Street Guard 3 gear.

    ___Good Luck


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