Zero Tolerance, Zero Common sense

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    I don't even agree with the Washington Times article that the expulsion is mandated under state law. Many drill props could not be reasonably mistaken for actual firearms by any reasonable person with any familiarity with firearms.
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  2. Shiba3420

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    I'm glad they actually included a picture in one article. Yes, that could be mistaken for an actualy firearm, at least without getting close and examaning it. From the picture, I can't tell if its a functional firearm or a prop. In the back seat of car with stuff possible preventing a clear view, its very reasonable for it to be mistaken. This girl exercised very poor judgement in having these on campus without them being fully covered (like a simple zip bag). Imagine it wasn't some random school, but one that had recently had to deal with a shooting, no one would be giving her sympathy.

    She should be punished. Slap on the wrist to short suspension? Sure.
    Zero tollerence laws/rules make little senese. They often force punishements beyond reason.

    However, giving out stuff for turning her in makes no senes. If you are concerned, you tell the princilples office about it, if your not, not don't. I don't want to start seeing "if your hungry you find something to tell the principles office about"
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    Oh yes, there's another law-abiding citizen who is actually taking part in our community in a positive way (unlike so many of us), let's punish her! An honor student in the Young Marines, let's make an example out of her!

    What exactly should she be punished for? What exactly did she do that was so wrong? Nothing.

    Zero Tolerance is un-American. A firearm is just a tool. A fake firearm is nothing - it's fake. As is that feeling of safety one gets by making absurd rules and punishing decent law-abiding people for breaking them.
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    This reminds me of the policy at a former job for drivers. Zero tolerance against drugs. They had to take random testing and refusing or missing a test constituted a fail and a termination. One driver with a long history of exceptional service took a cough medicine and failed a test that day because of it. Of course she didn't know that a shelf medicine would cause this but she lost her job regardless. Her husband even worked in the company willingly left after the incident.

    Rules are the rules. The former driver knew that drug tests were possible and the medicine she took warns against operating machinery. The cough syrup is similar to this stage rifle. It doesn't matter that the item in question is less hazardous than real guns/drugs. The rules are the rules.

    This women should hopefully learn from this.

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