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  1. groar

    groar X-Frenchy: very


    To give us some challenging objectives in 2009, I propose you to cite your personal records in your hypermiling experience.

    This can be something as simple as "I didn't speed over PSL (Posted Speed Limit) during a full week ;)". The most interesting imho is the different steps you think they were important milestones in your hypermiling experience.

    I begin :
    • I coasted in neutral for a total time of 14 minutes during a 26 minutes trip, ie 53%
  2. fanamingo

    fanamingo Well-Known Member

    • My first 9999 mpg trip. I pushed the car out of the garage (to access the attic) and then pushed it back ;)
    • My first 100+ mile trip at over 50 mpg
    • 560 mile tank completed just a few weeks ago

    How did you record the coasting time? Stopwatch?
  3. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    My records are:
    100+ mpg tank.(101.1 over 867.4 miles)
    longest tank of 1143 miles
    best segment of 227 mpg over 6.4 miles
  4. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    • Best trip: 77.2mpg over 22.0mi (Route home from work -- 08/21/2008)
    • Best day: 73.6mpg over 44.2mi (Round trip for work -- 07/16/2008)
    • Best tank: 65.2mpg over 1111.9mi (Best FE and distance -- 10/13/2008)

    • Best trip: 148.2mpg over 21.8mi (Route home from work -- 08/20/2008)
    • Best day: 129.0mpg over 44.3mi (Round trip for work -- 08/20/2008)
    • Best tank: 115.6mpg over 1567.4mi (Best FE and distance -- 11/13/2008)

    (You can see all the stuff for the Insight records in this thread.)
  5. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi All:

    21 mpg in the Ranger when towing the Landscape trailer around the subdivision trailer once.

    62 mpg in an Insight in – 5 degree F temps while climbing 150’ over 10 miles inside the city.

    28 mpg in the Accord in – 10 degree F temps over 1-mile.

    ___Maybe not the kind of records most think about but they are burned onto my retina's :ccry:

    ___Good Luck

  6. JusBringIt

    JusBringIt Be Inspired

    56.8mpg over a 30 mi(est) trip city/hwy 30/70. 1999 Dodge Avenger V6. I've gotten 77mpg on a short trip of 2.4mi, but i'm still in disbelief.
  7. MT bucket

    MT bucket I want my MPG!

    good topic!

    record best tank in the Mirage is 63.99 m p g 605.4 miles- 9.46 gallons

    record worst 45.5 m p g 453.5- 9.96

    record best tank in the work van 29.38 m p g 413.8- 14.2

    worst tank 20.49 m p g 313.6- 15.3

    My goals for this year for the Mirage, to achieve a 70 + mpg tank, and compete in the A division of the clean M P G fe challenge

    for the van, mainly keep it running til half a million miles, and mabye get a 30 m p g tank

  8. fuzzy

    fuzzy Mild hypermiler

    From the current Alternative Commute Challenge, I had a couple this week:

    * coldest bicycle commute without losing circulation in my toes: +26F;
    * thickest fog while biking at night: I actually needed a fog stripe on the trail, or low-mount fog lights on the bicycle. Ran off the trail twice because the pavement edge was almost invisible.

    Unfortunately some of my automobile bests last summer went unrecorded. Approximations from memory:
    * 1250 mpg on SGII, from a level standing start (over ~7 miles unitl the hill flattened out);
    * (different day) 48 mpg over 48+ miles in the Subaru (modern EPA rating of 21). Couldn't quite pull 50 mpg / 50 mi;
    * Best tank in Subaru, 38.8 mpg over 325.7 miles. (In my logbook, and helped by tailwind.)
  9. groar

    groar X-Frenchy: very

    Your "step on the moon" or "first kiss" moments...

    It can be any kind of record, not necessarily measured by mpg. It can be a record that you beat since but you remember that moment as a great one, may be that changed something... (if so then tell what).

    Here are a few others :
    • First week arriving before 8:05 AM in office every morning (always 1st in my company and once 1st in the building) and got no morning or evening commute lasting more than 55 minutes.
    • First coasting in neutral on 1 km with tires pumped-up at 3.0 bar (44 psi).
    • First coasting in neutral on 1.6 km with tires pumped-up at 3.2 bar (47 psi). On this segment I'm currently coasting only on 1.2 km because I use a slower max speed as the last 400 m contains 2 round about that are generally under traffic.
    • First heavy use of pulse and coast in neutral in city with tires pumped-up at 3.5 bar (51 psi = max sidewall). I had the feeling to fly... since I want an hybrid conceived to stop the ICE in such situations (I don't feel comfortable with the idea of stopping the engine in my current cars : the steering wheel and the brakes are too hard when not assisted).
    • First commute with 12 engine stops instead of idling. Before that I was stopping only 2/3 times before worrying too much about the battery, now I can stop 5/6 times before beginning to worry.
    • The first EPA+50% (52 mpg) tank in megane with rear wheel skirts.
    • The first 50 mpg tank in megane without rear wheel skirts.
    • The first EPA+40% (56 mpg) day in scenic with full grill block and wiper cover.
    • The first 1000+ km (620 mi) tank in megane then in scenic. Now I know that both trip odometers display only 3 digits... I also know that coasting in neutral is efficient.
    • The first 1100+ km (680 mi) tank in scenic. Now I know that I can be more consistent in my daily commutes, but also that a single trip in city can kill your tank.
    • The first time I made a trip last 10% more time and saved 30% gas compared to what I was doing previously on that trip.
    • The first time I didn't took the highway and consumed less gas than through the highway.
    • My first 400+ mi 3 days trip at 53 mpg in scenic with wife, child and lots of Xmas gifts, included a 64 mi leg at 59 mpg.
    • The first 900+ km tank by my wife
    • Our first 50 mpg shared tank my wife and I in the scenic.
    • The great feeling of having a cleaner car when you change air&oil filters and oil from 10w to 5w.
    About the coasting time, I have only 2 hands : one on the wheel and one on the manual stick; so I used 2 methods :
    • my wife activating a stopwatch when I was saying stop (in neutral) and start (in gear), but she didn't really appreciated to be used as such and so she got the feeling the trip was never ending...
    • a voice recorder
    I tried to count orally a couple times but when traffic is too heavy I can't concentrate me on traffic and counting. Anyway when you are at "two hundred and seventy seven, two..." then you spend more than one second per second...

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  10. Kacey Green

    Kacey Green Well-Known Member

    I'll just do two:

    93.7 MPG through my first blind run of the CincyMPG challenge course. This was my first ever clinic, Wayne Mitchel was coaching.

    Also my second clinc ever Just about an hour after the first, Wayne Gerdes urging "USE BOTH LANES! OFF THE BRAKE, GET OFF THE BRAKE!!, ok good"

    Nearly 90 MPG through 20 miles of Cincinnati's best, highways, local roads, mountains and a few stop signs and traffic lights. Also the first time crossing between two states for MPG's sake for me.

    Wayne chime in if you remember the number but I think it was in the high 89s.
  11. laurieaw

    laurieaw Sorceress of the North

    oh lord, do i have THAT voice stuck in my head LOLOL......ask sean about the death turn in coon rapids, at night......i about killed both of them with my bare hands. :eek:


    best tank 801 miles

    best segment 102.5MPG on a test run before a clinic where wayne was going to see if we could break 100 in the civic. i did it before he got there :)

    i think my best fill is 67MPG, though i have had many commute segments in the high 60s to low 70s

    oh, and how could i forget this one: at the WFEC last summer, driving an insight, wayne kept saying something like HOLY SH*T, do you know what those numbers mean? i didn't since they were in metric....turned into about 225MPG for a segment before the actual competition :eek:
  12. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Oh, I do know that one! Add in the one about not touching the shifter - slapping your hand out of the way. ;)

    My records:
    66.6 mpg - best mpg tank
    730 miles - longest tank

    107 degrees F - hottest drive WITHOUT using the AC. :eek::rolleyes: It was hotter inside the car!

    Best single trip:
  13. Taliesin

    Taliesin Well-Known Member

    I only have 3 so far. The colder weather has done some nasty things to me.

    1: Over 400 miles in one tank (401 miles, 13.7 gallons). It wasn't really all that hard to do, but I had never actually broken the 400 mark.

    2: Breaking 30 mpg for a tank. I've done it twice now (31.4 and 30.7), but the cold weather hit.

    3. Getting 29+ even in this bitterly cold weather. Previously I was getting between 25 and 26.
  14. 04 Prius:

    * Best Commute: 120.2mpg over 35.2 mi
    * Best day: 109.4mpg over 70 mi (Round trip for work)
    * Best tank: 79.6 mpg over 1002.9 mi (Best FE and distance for a tank-- 07/13/2008)

    Time Hypermiling: 10 months
    Longest Road Trip Hypermiling: 706 miles 62.5 MPG (Home to Madison WI for HybridFest)

    Gallons saved by selling 05 Dodge Ram for an 04 Prius less than a year ago: 747 gallons or ~$2600
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  15. GaryG

    GaryG Well-Known Member

    My last tank I logged yesterday was the best so far in my new '09 FEH. Nothing great for me with straight gas but this was with E10 on flat roads. Battling cold starts and high winds this past month I still made 718.9 miles with a dash Miles to Empty reading of 13 miles. I got 53.437mpg which is a combined EPA of 164.5%. This puts my LMPG at 46.985 when it gets changed below. Who says all SUV are FSP? Wish I could find 87 octane straight gas here in Florida, no luck yet.

  16. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    My various records in a 2000 5-speed Honda Insight
    • 109.2mpg over 283 miles - average temperature 90F @ 45mph from Houston to Dallas
    • 25mpg at 25F in 30 miles of gridlock (average speed: 2mph)
    • Coldest 100mpg run: about 50F
    • Craziest FAS: over 18miles/45 minutes, decending 1.5 miles down Pikes Peak with gas engine running a total of 10 seconds or less. Result: 1178mpg and dead 12-volt battery. :eek: :eek: :eek: (the potential damage on a hybrid is not worth this risk!)
    • Best tank: About 1010 miles - 10.7 gallons? (Good but definitely no world record)
    • Going I70/I470 in western Denver up 1,500 feet and 20 miles to Idaho Springs on I70: 60mpg (one of the steepest freeway terrains in the US)
    1988 CRX HF: may have gotten 78mpg at 50mph on at 70F, but calculations were not precise
  17. laurieaw

    laurieaw Sorceress of the North

    hey, chuck! you forgot your minnesota trip in the dead of winter and the hairiest drive on 35W south out of minnesota by a texan :eek:
  18. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    Only thing that makes that unique is I'm the only Texan doing that with MIMA installed....then narrowly missed destroying the car at -5F in Kanas when I knocke the relay while sleeping! :eek: Very, very fortunate to guess right on reinstalling it and not having a dead car! BTW, the console is back over that circuit board. ;)
  19. groar

    groar X-Frenchy: very

    Since a couple weeks I have a shorter commute (9 mi. instead of 20). Since a couple tanks I pulse and coast in neutral (engine on) at mid speed (40-55 mph) : .

    During last 2 morning I looked at distances coasted when I'm at mid speed. Out of 12.5 km (7.8mi.) I coasted 7.5 km (4.7 mi.) ie 60% :)
    I just look at the odometer when I put in neutral and leave neutral and I mentally sum up the distances. Results yesterday and this morning were coherent : 7.6 and 7.4 km.

  20. groar

    groar X-Frenchy: very

    My last record :
    * Fuel economy - last 3 fills: 53.89 mpg (US)
    * Distance: 803 mi. (1292.1 km), previous 760.8 mi.
    * MPG: 55.04 US (4.275 l/100), previous 53.69 US
    * Saving: 36.2%, ie EPA +56.7%

    First time in the 800 miles club and first time in the 55 mpg club :cool:

    I have to confess I drove an alternate road, 10 km longer, to achieve 800 mi ;)


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