Chrysler’s news... too disgusting to place on the home page

Discussion in 'Chrysler' started by xcel, Jan 7, 2009.

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    He's doing the best putting-lipstick-on-a-pig job that he possibly can. call it damage control or whatever - its just marketing applied in a reactive rather than proactive way - in other words BS.
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    So it is engineered to be inefficient 60% of the time. Mopar, way to convince me that you are trying to embrace the economics of driving.

    When all 3 of the American runners are out of shape and two are crippled, 3rd place just doesn't seem competitive enough for serious consideration in any form. - Dale
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    I wouldn't take a brand new chrysler vehicle if someone GAVE it to me. I'd promptly sell it or trade it in for something else and be happy with the depreciated loss. there is just no way I could possibly have any confidence in something made by a company so incredibly mismanaged.
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    Thanks for helping to keep the Chrysler death watch up-to-date.

    I wish for Dan Quayle to articulately make the Chrysler pitch to Congress, but perhaps that's too much to wish for.

    Remember Cereberus' role in mythology.. Just remember

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    Death watch or not, most of you are here to stick more pickle forks into Chrysler & the other American car companies.

    Problem is American companies did respond to the foreign companies' assault. America is producing good that last a long time...trucks that take punishment. My work mates love American trucks, SUVs, & bigger American steel. I, myself, always loved the smallest highest MPG hatchbacks, usually American labeled, but foreign in that Americans didn't want for decades.

    Against my usual grain (but to obtain a particular transmission type), I bought a Dodge Caliber over 2.5 years ago. Expecting a great loss of MPG & maybe more mechanical problems than I'm used to, I found the Caliber trounced my expectations. The Caliber build is excellent with not one squeak, creak, or rattle. Except for minor computer glitches that have been easily fixed in this particular first year car, my Caliber makes me proud, staying away from shop repairs & making heavy stop & go traffic smoothly elegant. Further sophistication on high mountain passes is evident with the tranny making the little 2 liter engined car capable of easy gliding on all the widely varying slopes. I can get 32-33 MPG while traveling over 4000 foot mountain passes. Averaging 31.4 MPG in this 3000 pound automatic car, including some cold winter years, it collects 35+MPG on long highway drives, even with some mountain driving.

    A member of a Caliber forum, I can say that the later 280 HP Turbo-charged 2.4 liter engine for the Caliber gives the traditional Dodge oomph that most on this thread poo poo. But at the same time, the hot horses can be reigned in for gentle cruising to gain as much as 30 to 33 MPG on the road!

    There seems to be other fine American vehicles too, if people will purchase with care & good thinking. Of course, American trucks come to mind. The Ford Fusion also seems every bit as admirable as high quality foreign cars.

    With a long history of good cars & motorcycles behind me, I am pleasured by either foreign or American vehicles.
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    I don't know why folks presume mountains are tougher for mpg. That doesn't match my pre-hypermiling experience.

    Even without real HM, my cars generally produce better mpg on mountain passes and winding mountain highways than on sealevel freeway driving. As long as braking needs are minimal, the less dense air and/or lower speeds produce better round-trip economy. Mild hypermiling has widened my difference.
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    Hi Litesong:

    ___I trash mediocrity and obviously the American car buying public has spoken with their pocket books a similar with regards to both Chrysler and GM.

    ___I will not debate the longevity of domestically designed and built vehicles but I know of a 2004 Cavalier that was an absolute POS by 40K miles. The 03 Corolla still feels as solid as the day it was driven off the lot at 90K.

    ___The problems with Trucks and SUV’s is that we are over 60% dependent on foreign oil and those vehicles only harm us. It doesn’t matter how tough or big or macho they are, they harm each and every one of us due to the amount of natural resources it takes to build and own. A 2.3L equipped Ranger w/ a stick, now you are talking tough yet capable P/U while still offering the best FE from an American truck in the US. The mags hate the thing because it was designed in the 80's and has not changed much since then.

    ___Regarding the Caliber, it sounds like you have a quite capable machine and with a little Hypermiling, she has proved her worth. However, a 280 HP Turbo-charged anything is only good for vastly exceeding the speed limits and or racing form stop sign to stop sign which is an absolutely ridiculous amount of power that will be used for seconds vs the hours and days that all of 30 HP will be used. Oomph for what, getting into an accident?

    ___With regards to the 2010 Fusion and Fusion Hybrid, by all means. I would recommend that vehicle over the Camry and Accord at every opportunity because it really is that good.

    ___Good Luck

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    Well why not just scale it down to a smaller size? Perhaps 5.655 Is that small enough? weighs in at 25 lbs, has dual carbs, electronic ignition, and a dry sump lube system. This little beast will turn 12,000 rpm... yeah try that with your full size hemi!!

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    And just yesterday I heard this on the radio:

    Buy a new Dodge truck, and we'll give you the Hemi free.

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    VW made the 2.5L I-5 by cutting the Lamborhini Gallardo's 5L V10 in half. It seems to do okay. If only they'd mated the engine with a taller geared overdrive...
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    I remember someone explaining this before but could anyone go over this again? Slowly and in a way that I can pass it along. :eyebrow: - Dale
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    Dale, pick a distance and then compute the difference in usage.

    For example, if you drive 100mi in a vehicle at the 4 different consumption rates:

    100/15 = 6.7g
    100/19 = 5.3g
    Yielding a savings of 1.4g

    100/20 = 5g
    100/30 = 3.3g
    Yielding a savings of 1.7g

    From the above, it seems the example numbers were poorly chosen. ;)
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    Man I was banging my head figuratively trying to make 19mpg better than 30 in comparison to 15 and 20 respectively. I just couldn't see this as a correct statement but thought that I had forgotten the "angle" I tried the usage idea too and couldn't get it to stand.

    With the above numbers I'll stick to a 50% increase in fuel economy is better than a 26.6% increase.

    So what peacefrog_0521 could have said was:

    15 to 22.5 mpg saves a helluva lot more fuel than going from 20 to 27.5

    Both with an increase of 7.5 mpg a difference of improvement of 50% and 37.5% respectively.

    Or a fuel usage savings of 2.255 gallons from 15mpg to 22.5mpg

    and only 1.3636 gallons saved from 20mpg to 27.5mpg if all traveled 100 miles distance.

    Correct me please. - Dale
  16. Right Lane Cruiser

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    No correction needed.

    A better statement is that the lower the EPA, the greater the savings at the same percentage over EPA.

    For example, at 150% EPA you'd have the numbers below:

    15 --> 22.5
    20 --> 30

    Yielding a savings of 2.3g

    Yielding a savings of 1.7g

    This will work for any comparison of two EPA ratings -- the lower of the two will "save" more fuel with the same percentage increase. In that sense, hypermiling an FSP will have a larger impact on usage than hypermiling a fuel efficient vehicle. However, the fuel efficient vehicle will always win out in net usage with the same effort applied to its use.
  17. drimportracing

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    OK I've got it. Understood as most improved but not most economical. I'll take the 30mpg one please. :D - Dale

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