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Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by slichopshop, Dec 10, 2008.

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    slichopshop SLiChopShop

    Thanks to Everyone!
    For a year or so I have been sitting back reading your posts,
    taking in suggestions and implementing some good advice on driving habbits.

    89 civic sedan, automatic tranny with oversized camshaft, k&n air filter,
    streetpro headers with new catylitic converter and freeflow muffler,
    14" rims and 1+oversized tires in height

    Last tank full of gas surprised me at the end.
    Considering the cold weather blues, 50%in town driving
    and recent Italian tune-up,

    I still ended getting 31mpg :woot:

    41+mpg if i do highway miles only

    So far I have seen my long term average FE up 15mpg
    = 50% better versus when i started here.
    I can only offer long term averages because my Old civic
    rarely preforms at 100% thru any given tank full
    and seems to have issues of one type or another on a regular basis

    Saving money for new project on this car
    hope to post some pictures and results when finished


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