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Discussion in 'Nissan' started by PaulMedley, Nov 26, 2008.

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    There's no rush to buy yet. My 22 year old Chevy Astro still runs fine with 166K on the odometer. Its problem is its thirst for fuel - <20 mpg. I plan to give it away. If the Cube/xB/Soul gets significantly better mileage than my SE-R, I'll retire the latter - probably giving it away to one of my children.

    I'd semi-eliminated the Kia Soul because its weight is reputed to be in the 3150 lb. range, about half a ton more than the Cube and xB. Plus the I-4 Hyundai engines are pretty crude, old Mitsubishi knockoffs without DFCO, and they seem to be FE underachievers. I've owned three Hyundais - one with the 1.8, and two with the 2.0.

    Another concern about the Soul, besides its weight. The 1.6 in the Accent only gets 27/33 city/highway, barely different from the 2.0 in the Elantra (24/33 city/highway).
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    I'll agree with your assessment of Hyundai engines... though if you flog the heck out of them with a stick shift they can surprise you. ;)
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    Yeah, I agree on the second point, it seems the small engines are best with Toyota, then Nissan, then Hyundai/Kia. I had a 2002 Elantra GT 5mt prior to the xB.

    On the weight--I saw a very recent British test drive / review of the 1.6 Soul that published a weight just under 2600lbs--sounds much more realistic than 3150 for a Rio based car. I don't doubt that number was thrown around by American journalists used to heavy cars. The UK mpg ratings were in the low 40s, not sure what that means for us though.
  4. SentraSE-R

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    I might do best building a plywood platform for the Cube. If it's like the Versa, there'll be a depressed compartment behind the rear seat. If there's 28" of space behind the rear seat when it's pushed forward, I could live with a homebuilt flat platform there.

    I don't like the idea of flogging the engine at 2750 rpm to maintain 55 mph a la Toyota, and I don't like interference engines with timing belts (Kia). The Nissan 1.8 has a timing chain. The Kia has a belt. I gather the Scion has a chain.
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    I found a new "300-mile FE Test-Drive" of the Soul, xB, and Cube: http://www.popularmechanics.com/blogs/automotive_news/4306145.html

    Alas, they held all three back by choosing the Cube w/CVT, Soul with the big engine and 18" wheels, and the current xB instead of a 2006 or earlier. Well, that and they seemed to choose winners based on their abilities to crack 30mpg while being flogged on the "canyon-carver" route. The review is hardly worth your time, but I guess if you back up and squint you can get some basic side-by-side info from the article--probably the first of many that will compare these three cars. I'll spoil the ending and say they managed to keep mpg all the way down to 31.2 for the Soul, 30.8 for the Cube, and 28.6 for the xB. And yeah, the Soul was listed at 2800#, Cube at 2829, and Scion at 3020.
  6. SentraSE-R

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    Thanks! The "comparison" helped a bit, although it was rather useless. Our hypermiling priorities differ from the testers', and they ran an uncontrolled comparison with differently equipped cars. At least someone got their hands on them all. The Kia did pretty well on mileage, and obviously with the smaller engine and a little work, it can do a lot better.

    I could live with the Kia, but knowing I'll have to shell out $600 for a timing belt replacement every 60K miles really grates my tight-fisted grip on my wallet. The 2G xB is almost a FSP, and the Cube's lack of a flat floor bugs me. I may just buy a used 1G xB, or I may wait until the Soul and Cube come out. I can get the stimulus bill's tax writeoff for buying a new car, and their mileage and gearing will hopefully be better than the old xB's. I still think if a piece of plywood will fix the Cube's flat floor problem, that may be the best car of the three (replacing the 2G xB with the 1G xB, of course).

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