1921 Rumpler Tropfenwagen

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    The 1906 Stanley Rocket is the earliest streamlined automobile. Its body was made from an upside down canoe, since this was the lowest drag shape the Stanley brothers could think of. It was built to break the land speed record, which it did at 127mph. The Stanley brothers fine tuned its shape by towing it behind another car while measuring its drag with a spring scale on the tow rope.
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    This illustrates an important point. Drag coefficient is NOT the drag force.
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    Anyone got a rope and scale?
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    No, it isn't but no one said it was. If they dragged it at 60 mph, made a change in the aero aspect of it, and redragged i at 60mph ,then Any difference in drag force would be because of a change in CD not in rolling resistance. Smart guys-.It isn't as if they had access to a fancy wind tunnel back then.

    They obviously knew this.


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