New Kia Rio5!

Discussion in 'Kia' started by dixonge, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. dixonge

    dixonge Newb

    don't hate :)

    I go back in tomorrow to sign the paperwork. Barring a major snafu, I guess I'm keeping it.

    I am going back to a stick shift. Might regret that part. But it's zippy!

    Been struggling to keep the old Elantra at 29mpg. Looking forward to 40+ w/ the Kia!

  2. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Congratulations and many happy miles on very little fuel to you!
  3. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    40 is a sure thing with a manual. Good luck and congrats on the new car!
  4. R E P U B L I C

    R E P U B L I C Well-Known Member

    keep us POSTED!!!!!!!!!!!& post Pictures
  5. Showbizk

    Showbizk Well-Known Member

    Nice looking car. At first glance I thought it was a Subie!
  6. dixonge

    dixonge Newb

    they let me drive it home last night - I think they want me to fall in love with it

    I hear it blows a WRX off the road....110hp!!!
  7. Showbizk

    Showbizk Well-Known Member

    LOL! I'm sure you will, Dixonge. If I use the turbo, I use the gas-oh! I'm still looking for a 32 mpg tank! May have to wait till spring now, here in OH, with the Blizzaks on and the temps hanging around 20-30F
  8. dixonge

    dixonge Newb

    first pic


    Now I gotta hook up the scangauge
  9. BlackUp

    BlackUp Active Member

    what are the rpms like in 5th at 55mph?
    nice buy
  10. dixonge

    dixonge Newb

    they are 3000rpm at 60mph - seems a bit high, no?
  11. BlackUp

    BlackUp Active Member

    yeah it is a bit high, my MT is at ~2800 rpm at 60 mph
    I can still regularly get 40 mpg on 55 mph hwys without trying much, and can get 50mpg+ if I work for it
    hopefully you dont have alot of 70mph interstate travel in your commuting
  12. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    For smaller cars that seems to be typical these days. Sound driving techniques result in good numbers anyway, so I wouldn't decline the car on that basis. It's an industry problem, not a Kia problem.

    Looks like a nice car. I hope it serves you very well!
  13. aca2983

    aca2983 Well-Known Member

    I've liked those since they came out, and the orange is my fave color.
  14. R E P U B L I C

    R E P U B L I C Well-Known Member

    Wow!!!!Looks great
  15. JusBringIt

    JusBringIt Be Inspired

    Looks Great!!
  16. dixonge

    dixonge Newb

    I got 33+ on the way in to work this morning - will try to work on that some on the way home.
  17. Showbizk

    Showbizk Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't expect super numbrs till the engine is more broken-in: 3000-5000 miles?
  18. v8eaterWRX

    v8eaterWRX New Member



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