2002 Saturn SL dropped 10mpg after oil change

Discussion in 'GM' started by Jalen, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. Jalen

    Jalen Well-Known Member

    So I've wasted a lot of money on those plugs I can't return now? heh. Figures.
  2. ILAveo

    ILAveo Well-Known Member

    Our 01 Saturn knows that code well--misfire on cylinder 1. I've worked my way down the troubleshooting list to intake manifold gasket leak which is reported to be a common defect for that code in aging SL1's. I haven't had the chance to dig out the old gasket yet. For us it's just a transient problem--mostly for other drivers in the family since I don't idle at stops much.
  3. Jalen

    Jalen Well-Known Member

    That code... does it prompt a Check Engine light? Or does the saturn just ignore it and move on? I'm curious now to see if I need to hook a code reader up (no scan gauge yet) and look for problems.
  4. LeanBurn

    LeanBurn Well-Known Member

    Check PCV valve.
  5. stylishskier

    stylishskier Member

    can anyone tell me off the top of their head... if I average between 35 and 38 mpg (its winter)... I just netted 37.48 with little effort... what increase will I see running max sidewall pressure (44psi) in the 2002 Saturn SL 5M... any other quick easy safe mods I can make to net better milage... 40+ with little effort and expense? btw sorry for the thread jack... same car... nearly 179k... looking for some good milage!
  6. Jalen

    Jalen Well-Known Member

    I'd like to know what you're doing to get that kind of FE in winter! I can barely keep it around 34 after the winter RFG went into effect and the temp dropped.

    Also, 44psi tires? are they stock or aftermarket?

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