Housing bills in congress that never got passed

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    Okay so this doesn't specifically have anything to do with car legislation however there is one key bill I noticed this committee is sitting on that I will bold.

    3 seperate bills from 2005-2007 in the house and senate dealing with the housing crisis. What happened to the bills? All ended up in the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs which hasn't done anything with them yet, except H109 and S 190 got deleted due to the fact that all bills not passed during each session of congress are cleared when the next session comes into office.


    Gets even worse if you actually look at all the bills they are sitting on.

    Some really good ones are:
    S 413 bill to amend the bank holding act of 1956
    HR 698 Industrial bank holding act of 2007
    HR 755 promoting transperecy in financial reporting act of 2007
    HR 1227 Gulf coast hurricane recovery act of 2007
    HR 1427 Federal Housing reform act of 2007
    S 1012 disclosure of all costs in agreements in rental and other businesses
    S 3252 Credit CARD act of 2008
    S 3380 Saving Energy through Mass Transportation Act

    But they will all be gone in a matter of months, deleted off the records as the new congress comes into office.

    I've heard reports about housing reforms being submitted all the way back in 2002, but have not looked up the proof yet. However, everyone should find it interesting that John McCain cosponsored the 2005 Housing reform act.

    The committee chairman is Christopher Dodd who I lost respect for as soon as I found this info out.
    The committee has 10 democrats and 9 republicans, who I think lower of now due to them sitting on over 200 bills that could solve alot of things.

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