New Pontiac G6 4-banger is a guzzler

Discussion in 'GM' started by somedude, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. safooma

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    I found that the DIC on my G6 was remarkably accurate. Always within 10% of actual milage and I double checked every single tank. Note that it is important to reset the mpg function with each tank as the number is an average.
  2. jkp1187

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    Alas, I do that religiously (and especially right before we went on that Virginia trip,) and it always seems optimistic versus the gallons filled in the tank.

    My wife's G6 is a GT-V6, so keep in mind we're not comparing apples to apples here.
  3. Kacey Green

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    We have a few folks here who deliver, I'm sure they could say. What could hurt FE more than the driving cycle of their job.
  4. jkp1187

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    Just an aside, I drove a friend's G6 4cyl to pick up some food for lunch yesterday. I re-set the MPG meter and then drove it the same way that I drive my wife's G6 GT. I registered just about the same MPG that I get from the V6 engine over the same route -- about 20 MPG (I had driven my wife's 6-cyl G6 on that exact route the day before.) Granted, this was stop-and-go traffic, and a very hilly route from my office to the Panera (I did key-off at a long red light,) but still the difference was negligible. I think part of the reason might be that the power delivery in the 4 cyl/4-speed auto powertrain just seems a bit anemic.... There are a few places where there's a traffic control device at the BOTTOM or midway up a hill, and thus have to accelerate uphill from a standstill, and thus have to stay at higher RPMs longer than in the bigger-displacement engine. I kind of wonder if the 4 cyl's powertrain is well-suited to the G6....

    I'm sure if I'd had more experience with the power delivery of the 4 cyl, it might've been better, and maybe the 4 cyl gets much better mileage on the highway? But based on this, I'm not really that impressed with the 4cyl's fuel economy.
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