Your Commute Profile?

Discussion in 'The Daily Grind' started by brother, Sep 6, 2008.

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    I saw the same problem. I had to do a right-click, copy image, paste into MSPaint, save, and upload to my own hosting service. Something like photobucket should work.
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    Wow...should be an easier way. Thanks Andrew, for the quick response!
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    Here is my commute to work.

  4. voodoo22

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    I think my commute is really easy, but the kicker is the traffic. It can take anywhere from 50 minutes to 3 hours depending on traffic, so I try my best to drive when the likelihood of getting stuck in a 3 hour jam is less likely, but traffic volume is always really high with over a thousand cars easily passing me on each stretch of my commute.

    Driving to work I have:

    A steep grade to exit the parkade and can gain no momentum for it
    1 merge, 2 stop signs, 4 lights and one left turn at an uncontrolled intersection

    Driving home I have:

    1 stop sign, 1 yield, 1 merge, 2 lights and one left turn at an uncontrolled intersection

    Every day after work I pick up my wife when she's finished work and that involves a short 1km commute with:

    2 stop signs and a left at an uncontrolled intersection on the way there and 1 stop sign, a left turn at an uncontrolled intersection, and waiting for the blasted garage door to open to go into the parkade

    Overall a pretty easy commute. All I have to worry about is a high volume of road ragers which test my discipline and getting stuck in a traffic jam. Every now and then I get the yield, merge and 2 lights right on the way home and only have the 1 stop sign. That's a good day.

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