Nissan Versa CVT Coasting Ability

Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers' started by philmcneal, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. philmcneal

    philmcneal Has it been 10 years? Wow

    Quoted from Mudd from forums

    sweet! so it acts like N when the user lifts his foot off the gas... this could be the car for me ;) I like how if you apply light throttle it will be in a deadband wannabe mode.... sounds promising!!!

    And from what I read about the CVT ride, its almost hybrid like, when coasting you can't hear the engine. There were a few edmund users posting 40 ish tanks and their engines haven't even broken in yet! So I think this car looks promising since its 5000 cheaper (including the hybrid tax refund) than a new hybrid car.
  2. xcel

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    Hi Phil:

    ___When you get the chance to sit in any of the 3 B-Class sized subs vs. a Hybrid, you will find there shortcomings quickly let alone the poor FE of the Versa in particular. The Fit has the best Fit/Finish, best ergonomics, and HQ feel, the Yaris has the highest FE capability, and the Versa has the most std. features when similarly equipped vs. the other two at a lower price IIRC.

    ___Good Luck

  3. Green&Blue

    Green&Blue Well-Known Member

    Wayne - have you had the chance to drive both the Fit & Yaris, particularly with a ScanGauge attached ?

    Track records being what they are between Honda / Toyota and these two engine families, I'd wager that the Fit's 1.5L L15A has more FE potential when pushed than the Toyota's 1.5L 2NZ-FE ...FET75 notwithstanding ? But we'd need some testing to prove it.

    The shorter gearing in the Fit would handicap it a bit, I know. :(

    I've seen a few Fits, one or two Yaris (Yarii ?), and no Versas on the street thus far.
  4. AZBrandon

    AZBrandon Guest

    The Yaris hit dealership lots around the start of April, the Fit hit in the 3rd week of April, and the Versa just reached dealerships at the end of June, so it would make sense that you haven't seen any Versas yet. I don't know about the CVT version of the Versa, but for the manual transmission versions, engine RPM @ 65mph:

    Versa: 2928
    Yaris: 2876
    Fit: 3155

    The 6-speed transmission on the Versa is actually extremely short geared and would cruise at higher RPM than even the 5-speed Yaris! The Fit of course cruises at the highest engine speed, nearly 10% more RPM than the Yaris, which is probably a big factor in why it has only a 38mpg EPA highway versus the 40mpg in the Yaris.
  5. hobbit

    hobbit He who posts articles

    Would playing with neutral help?
  6. philmcneal

    philmcneal Has it been 10 years? Wow

    the cvt is rated 120 km/h at 2000 rpms. very quiet many say!!!

    which is why this car appeals to me, i will post my opinions soon.

    in short: quiet ride, smooth transmission and good enough coasting abilities since I can retune my driving style to take advantage of the mpg hit since i'm more interested in the CVT gearbox..

    oh and best available addon stereo ;)

    hmm: I just learned another thing from the same guy

    sweet you can control when you want engine braking! and i'm a huge fan of engine braking! I'm finding more reasons to ditch the FAs capability for smooth shiftless accel and its limited coasting abilities since personally as much as I hate shifting gears I do find FAsing a huge gas saver and I mostly drive in the city, so the high rpms at highway speeds don't bug me too much. If I do go highway I'll never go over 60 mph EVER so its not really an issue for me at the moment.

    But hearing that the CVT is more more quiet, smooth and if I were to go all the way for luxury I might as well spring for the audio upgrade and go extreme lazy comfortness. I might not coast as good, but at least I never have to work as hard to get to A to B!! Plus the upgraded audio would kill the battery at the way how I FAS things now.

    After all who wouldn't enjoy 75 mph at 2000 rpms... can you imagine what I'll get if I enjoy driving 60!?!?!?! 55 when I feel I can get lucky :D although the 6spd at that same speed I'm guessing 3500 +? What a difference....
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  7. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    My concern about this is the fact that we don't know what the engine is doing when it's in "dead-band mode." Maybe the car feels like it's coasting, but how much fuel is flowing? The major advantage to the HCH-II is that deadbanding actually seals valves and shuts off the fuel flow, which makes it nearly as good as a neutral FAS. (I would say better since an experienced driver would probably do it on a whim.) But unless the Versa has cylinder deactivation, the only way to achieve 1100RPMs of drag-free coast down is to burn some fuel. I'm not saying this isn't good, just probably not as good as FAS in your current car. This probably makes it more like a NICE-on without having to shift to N.
  8. AZBrandon

    AZBrandon Guest

    Agreed with Tim. In order to eliminate engine drag entirely, it would have to switch the injectors back on, even if it were just a 0.2gph burn to do it. There's no free lunch. Anyway, I checked the EPA stats, since a lot of different numbers had been kicked around for a while and I see the Versa 6-speed manual is rated 30/34 while the CVT is 30/36. That ultra tall final drive ratio of the CVT obviously makes a huge difference in the fuel economy since CVT's have higher mechanical losses than manual transmissions. A super-tall 6th gear in the manual probably would have been worth 37-38mpg. Oh well!
  9. philmcneal

    philmcneal Has it been 10 years? Wow

    hmmm i did not think of it that way... althought the advantage the cvt had was being able to accelerate at 2000 rpms until you've reached your crusing speed. Unlike the 6spd , 0 to 2000 rpms, then 1000 to 2000, rise and repeat till crusing speed is reached.... how annoying!!!

    but ya... Fasing is such a gem, until then i'll dig some more info and update it what teh versa is capable of (or not.)
  10. Just_Spiffy

    Just_Spiffy Wasteful Noob

    I was wondering if it would be applicable to try p&g with the cvt, even if just for short bursts down hills?
  11. gvyong

    gvyong New Member

    I have been applying Hypermiling tactics (NICE-On, DWL, DWB, FAS at lights) and since Aug and can confirm this coasting ability of the Versa at 40mph. This is on my 1.5L JDM model of the Versa (known as Latio) driven in Singapore's compact urban setting (no more than 30 mins of driving at 55mph before reaching the end of the highway!)

    I'm averaging 29.3mpg/city vs the EPA revised rating of 27mpg/city. My best was 31.2mpg, so I have a few 'lifestyle' driving choices (family using A/C and what not).

    Hope this post helps Versa / Latio drivers. It is a pity you cannot FAS while moving on this car w/o damaging the CVT tranny.
  12. Sol

    Sol Member

    I'm from sg too, and I drive a 4AT.

    I heard that CVTs can't coast in neutral though, you sure you do NICE-on?

    So far been getting 40-50mpg, I'm sure CVTs can do better! :woot:
  13. gvyong

    gvyong New Member

    Wow :eek: can u share how do u get 40-50mpg?
  14. Sol

    Sol Member

    Its mostly what the others have posted here.

    DWL, DWB, moderate acceleration, anticipate lights, coast whenever possible.

    It probably helps that I don't on A/C for my 90% highway 10% city commute. =]

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