Your "best" biking accident

Discussion in 'General' started by pdk, Aug 21, 2008.

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    Oh, boy.
    In about 1970 I was riding my bike around Baton Rouge-LSUBR campus-a cheapo German bike called a Kolkoff(sic)(and don't believe that theW.Germans never make cheapo junk-this bike was practically pot metal.It was a 27" 10 speed-probably weighed 35lb or more.

    I was blasting along, and in front of me was a VW just sitting in the street not turning, not signaling.Sooo, it should have been obvious that the turn signals were broken, but I didn't notice it. I went blasting by on the left-well just then he started his turn-BLAM- I hit the outside mirror, and the left front fender, and flip over the hood.The frame bent so the front wheel was kissing the frame.I was a little dinged, but not too bad.

    Turns out that his turn signals were broken-explains why he wasn't signaling. I have no idea why I was sooo stupid as to not see the obvious, but there it is.

  2. drimportracing

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    German on German violence!
  3. phoebeisis

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    Funny,I never thought of it that way-the Deutchers were after me.
    To its credit,I pulled the frame out right there and rode on. I kept it for a couple more years.A couple of years later I moved to NOLA and bought my first "good" bike-a Columbus double butted tubed Bottechia Pro(sic once again I suspect).It was maybe 23 lbs with tubulars(which lasted maybe 3 miles without a flat in NOLA). I loved that bike. A set of clincher wheels later and I rode that bike for 10,000's of miles.
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    I have to add at least one story to this thread.

    When I was about 14 my bike was a single speed Montgomery Ward 'coaster' that was really quite a good bike, considering the horrific abuse it suffered. It was nicknamed the 'Harley Hog' or just 'Hog', partly because of the oversized knobby rear tire. I was a very proficient 'trick' rider (for that time, nothing like the maniacs on xcross bikes now), doing dirt roads at speed, jumping ditches, great braking slides under 'perfect' control on virtually any surface. I even had it up to 50 mph once on this really incredible hill near the lake house.

    One of my 'talents' was riding with no hands... not just slight downhill in a straight line on paved roads, but around curves, pedaling on level ground or uphill, and a lot of the time on dirt or gravel roads too. Out of the group of ruffians that I was hanging with, I held the distance and steepest hill climb 'records'.

    Well, one day I decided I had to do something spectacular... I've no doubt that it was to 'impress' a girl, plus of course keeping my top dog position. My intended course for this was on the road by our house, it has a slight straight downgrade then at the bottom a somewhat gentle 90 degree turn to the left and the straight again. About 3/4 of the way through the curve is our driveway on the outside of the curve. Of course I know this route incredibly well, think of cliches like the back of my hand, like I could do it blindfolded...

    Yup, I decided to do the road from about 2 blocks up the hill, around the corner and about 2 more blocks with no hands... and my eyes CLOSED :cool:

    I was using my 'spider sense' or 'Ninja skills' to feel the road and little gravel bits to know where I was. I actually made it 2 blocks down the hill and most of the way through the curve... whereupon my skills gave way to inertia and less gravel bits, dumping me head on into the 5 foot high wild THORN bush hedge that was along the road starting at our driveway! :eek::eek: The guys laughed their butts off for days (ok weeks) every time they saw me and my rather spectacular collection of cuts and scrapes, and very bruised ego.

    What about the girl I was showing off for? I think most of you can guess her reaction, and subsequent opinion of my 'coolness' :(
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    Best story yet! Should call you NoHands! :D - Dale
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    Yes, I concede Slowhands has us beat.

    Drimportracing- If you get a chance check my post on a Chevy Metro 3 cyl MT worth-low miles, dead ac, dents, usual story.
    Thanks, Charlie
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    :woot: Ken! Best story yet.
  8. St. Mushroom

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    Most of these seem to be childhood stories but I have one from like two years ago. Riding in Livestrong Challenge in Philadelphia, and was powering down a steep-downhill at a clip around 30 or so MPH down high-traction pavement. You know the kind with deep, thick ridges? Someone said we were going 40+, but I really doubt that. It was fast, though, and not a good time to be balancing the bike with one hand on the bar while drinking gatorade, which was exactly what I was doing.

    As a car passed me on the left, I was distracted from a deep, oncoming pothole. Front wheel jacknknifed and I was slammed left-side onto the ground (thankfully after the car had passed). Luckily, my petals disengaged prior to impact, so upon bouncing off the pavement on my left side, the bike bounced onto the side without tripping me me up, and with mild scoring of the left handlebar plastic. I was left standing on my two feet with a noticible, but not critical amount of flesh grated off my left arm and leg, and what turned out to be a pretty a large bruise. I'm still not sure what kind of physics were involved with this, but I swear me and the bike had traveled a good 15 feet after hitting the pothole, meaning a good 7 feet between tripping and impacting and another 7 airborne before landing on my feet.

    I was back on the bike and riding in under a minute, didn't feel it until the next day.
  9. drimportracing

    drimportracing Pizza driver: 61,000+ deliveries

    Gatorade saved your life! :D - Dale
  10. St. Mushroom

    St. Mushroom doesn't wash his car.

    Or greatly endangered it! ;)

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