Tigers HCH II Detailed & Waiting in Garage to leave for Hybridfest 2006 :)

Discussion in 'Events and Gatherings' started by tigerhonaker, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. tigerhonaker

    tigerhonaker Platinum Contributor


    It was only a little over a 100 Degrees in the Garage with the door down. Bugs come in after dark have to shut main door.

    HCH II said, Daddy I am like so ready for this road trip to Hybridfest 2006. 1st lets go by Chicago and then shoot on over to Madison, WI. I'm not coming out of this Garage until Thursday morning. :p So don't try to get me Dusty or anything before Thursday when it's time for the road trip, Okey?

    What could I say but, your right HCH II, you stay in here and I will walk to work in the morning. :(

    Here is HCH II waiting in it's Garage and refusing to move until Thursday morning. Bad-Car :p

    These Pics are taken with a Verizon Cell Phone. So this is as good as it gets. Better than Nothing, I Guess.


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  2. tbaleno

    tbaleno Well-Known Member

    Man, you are going to cringe when you see my car. All the hail damage and nicks and bad body work from the accident.

    I'm almost embarased now to show it.
  3. Hot Georgia

    Hot Georgia Well-Known Member

    Tom what happenend? :eek:
  4. tbaleno

    tbaleno Well-Known Member

    hail storm and then a few months ago someone ran a red light and hit my rear quarter pannel. The body shop did a below average job repairing it.
  5. krousdb

    krousdb Defiant NX-74205

    Very nice job Terry. If HF was in Pittsburgh, I would give mine a good wash and wax. But since I will be driving through 600 miles of bugs and bird droppings, it will end up looking no different than it looks today. Good luck on your drive!
  6. philmcneal

    philmcneal Has it been 10 years? Wow

    ya your car is nice, what a baby too bad hatches cant look as great.
  7. tigerhonaker

    tigerhonaker Platinum Contributor

    Hey Dan,

    See you there. Yeah I just hope all I have to do at Wayne's house is like De-Bug it. :p

    It will be nice to see the faces behind the Text on the Forums. Safe driving Dan. ;)


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