volo performance chip?

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    I always wanted to know how much range you could get out of a load of wood... cant be much.

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    April/May issue of Mother Earth had a write-up about him. This farmer DROVE his big block p/u truck (1 of several personal farm trucks that he converted to date) from AL to Utah on wood the whole way without clogging up. Quite a feat. Yes, he does have to fiddle with the mixture. 16# equiv to 1 gal gas.
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    I have 2 Escapes almost identical- 4WD, V6, auto
    sand roads out here so we don't get very good gas mileage - short trips both are running right around 24.7
    on the highway in ideal conditions without using cruise control-
    09 running at 65mph 2,000 rpm I got 30.999 mpg on a 343 mile trip
    08 65mph, 2,000rpm I got 27.921 on the same trip driving the same

    So- I ordered the Volo VP12 OBD DSF Performance Chip- from Volo dirrectly-

    I installed this chip in the 08- very easy-

    first thing I noticed was it started right up- let the vehicle idle till it warmed up- then calibrated it- nothing really seemed to change- so out for a test drive to see
    3 miles on sand road till the blacktop then 11 miles and then return
    something was different

    yesterday I had the over 120 miles-

    I like it- haven't performed any mileage test but will pretty soon
    I can tell the engine revs smoother under load- I can tell the engine feels stronger at crusing speed-
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    Shadescape, I for one will be very interested to see the results of your mileage test.
    Good luck !
  5. shadescape

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    thanks- biggest issue out here is the wind- right now 20 mph winds with gusts up there arround 30- pretty normal arround here

    my 09 has the info center- actually I was quite surprised that it was quite accurate-
    it's the wife's Escape- showed her what that is for- she's trying-

    thinking about an ultra guage for the 08- so far just have a simple vacuum guage-

    the 09 has more power- changes in the cam and air inlet-
    I installed my tires on it and went with a bit larger and more aggressive tread on the 08
    50lbs tire pressure seems pretty good- really doesn't effect the ride much-
    off road like in the sand I lower the pressure

    when I do get a good mileage test and find what I can get- I'm putting on her tire/wheels for a test-

    interesting fact is the 09 is happy between 65-69mph
    08 is at 63mph

    the reason I went with the Volo VP12- figure if I can gain a bit of HP/torque it will cruise better- we'll see

    interesting thing- couple new spark plugs/test before and after- shows just a tad cleaner plugs- I think the VP12 is advancing the timing a bit and fuel to air
  6. shadescape

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    not sure about the other Volo Chips-
    VP12 is a difference on my vehicle-
    it does go into sleep mode- shuts off after 3-4 min
    open the door it comes on

    volt ohm meter is easy to verify

    1st- I need a scan gauge

    2nd- although both my Escapes are basically the same- this VP12 I bought for the 08 and Volo says it's not compatable with the 09- so I can't install it on the 09

    3rd- I believe the VP12 is more of a performance improvement chip than a FE chip
    with it installed the engine is mildly different under medium acceleration- and way different under heavy load acceleration- as in my recent experience in sand in the Cimarron NG- I took it on some trails- sand was 6-10" - there was a real noticable pull from the engine and when I had to get on the pedal hard it totally came alive-
    engine sounds different and the exhaust sounds different- and it comes alive right at 3,200rpm and continues- not like it was before installing the chip

    4- it was 68 miles on blacktop so I topped the fuel tank in town and topped it off at the last gas station before heading into the Cimarron-

    mileage wasn't all that much better- 10 mph side wind- 60mph- 28.7mpg
    but this chip is exactly what I wanted and got-
    ScanGauge might provide more usefull info- topping the tank off on short trips isn't real accurate
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  7. shadescape

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    Edwin- I had a 2008 Honda Civic EX 5 speed std
    I drove from KC to Minneapolis at 63 mph with the cruise on
    never touched the gas or the brake till I pulled in to fill- gauge was pretty low- I had a 2 gallon gas can along
    510.8 miles 10.1 gal
    family meeting- they didn't believe-
    so- my sister having a Prius, stating "I can't get that good mileage I don't believe you"

    $1,000.00 says I can do it on the way back, you can follow me-
  8. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    If you had such a fuel-efficient vehicle,why are you now driving some AWD piggies ?
    I don't understand.
  9. shadescape

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    moved out here to the farm 4 years ago
    2008 Civic and 2000 Taurus-
    when it rains these sand roads are like wet beach sand- when it rained heavy it was soup- the Civic was hard to keep in the middle of the road- and it was dragging the bottom alot-
    wife would take my Taurus- one morning she called- afraid to go any furthur- I walked- she was only a 1/2 mile- I drove it back- she took a sick day

    rained thru the day and night- I drove her to work in the Taurus- bad- sideways quite a bit- she was not happy with my driving- dropped her off and returned to the farm-
    in 3 miles I was in the field 2 times- quite fun actually- (same engine as my Escape, knew where the power was) couldn't really slow down-

    called the Ford dealer- "you got a 4WD Escape with the 3.0 V6, auto"
    yep- next morning I went in- almost all day wheeling and dealing- got a real good deal

    wife was driving mine most of the time-

    next year- she goes "lets trade in the Civic before we ruin it" she had a point

    and besides- the Ford dealership wanted that Civic

    wasn't hard when I drove it in- they knew me-

    short of it- she loves the 09-

    last winter we had a good snow- she couldn't get out the driveway- I wasn't happy
    I got in mine- going to show her these Escapes can go anywhere- her words "don't call me"

    I didn't make it to the blacktop- burried in a snowdrift 2 miles from the farm- sort of a blizzard- 35 mph winds- 22 degrees- whiteout actually

    no problem- use the cell- "ah, stuck, jump in your Escape and follow my tracks, I'm not far you'll see me shortly

    short of it- she got stuck in sight of my Escape-

    can't get a wrecker or anyone to come- time to walk- grab 2 shovels- phone rings-
    "big 4WD truck just about hit me and is stuck right in front of me"

    5 of us were stuck on that section of road- one guy comes up to me
    says- no need to shovel, I have help coming

    you ever been pulled out by a buldozer

    these low to the ground vehicles aren't real good in sand and rutted roads

    we sure hated to part with the Civic- but since we figure to be out here for some years it just wasn't practicle
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    Understood. All of the Civics I have owned liked smooth flat pavement. Even less ground clearance than ever on my 08.
  11. shadescape

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    The Volo VP12 performance chip works- sure would seem anyone who doesn't think should listen to ones who have it- the Ultra Gauge proves it in my Escape- sure would seem any of their chips wouldn't be scams

    and I am getting quite a bit better gas mileage every where

    the power, HP/TRQ is quite a bit different- feels the same as my 09- which has more HP and Torque

    there is also quite a revealing write up/test facts of this performance chip as well as others which were good, ok, poor "scams"
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    Sounds like you need a real Jeep with lots of clearance.. or a mule.
  13. shadescape

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    bought at cost a 1981 F150 4X4, 6 cly, 5 speed man OD, posi front and rear
    2nd year I picked up a 76 Bronco, 302, 3 speed, 4X4, with 31" monster mudders in almost new condition

    fenders were cut out- tires stuck out quite a bit-
    engine seemed weak- my uncle had 2 mustang engine- 302's and gave me one
    so- stripped it down, blueprinted the crank.rods- ballanced- .30 oversized bore with 10.0 to 1 pistons- Edelbroc performance intake 600 cfm quadrajet- customer dual exhast with 18" glasspacks- it would talk-
    was a beast- I towed it up north because there was a back backroad to the stands for the deer hunting parts- comments were- "you ruined the trail"

    something for you

    I could exchange engines and tires-

    I prefered to tow the Bronco the 500+ miles- with the F150 and 6 cyl
    back of the F150 I had a 3 wheeler and the mudder tires-
    quite the scene when I arrived-
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