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Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by 9074runner, Jul 24, 2008.

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    Yea thats what im thinking to... Well from my experience with it is that you have to be very light on the pedal to acheive the better FE gains. But it really is nice cause i can be much more light on the pedal but im maintaining speed, for an example i was able to maintain a speed of 30 mpg at about 1200 rpm's. I also believe that FE is also better during acceleration. But im not sure about the original test i was going to do.... i havnt done it yet basicly cause i havnt had time but ther should be a gain unless thats when it sends out diff maps to improve hp and well pretty much richens up the fuel mixure.
  2. 9074runner

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    Ok so I took the chip out and drove ther car without the chip for 3 days, and yes the FE eventually begain to decress. The rout that i got 33.1 mpg on with the chip, after a day of the chip being out I did the same rout and got just 0ver 30 with the same driving style. Then yester day and today i did the rout a couple more times and it eventually went down to a 28 mpg average for the rout. Also when driving back to my house after completing the rout I would get a steady 27 mpg almost every time with the chip installed. After i unistalled the chip it went to what i used to get without the chip and that was a steady 24 mpg on the rout back from my girlfriends house. So i have just re-installed the chip and it is working properly and well im almost positive that the FE will go up agian. Im very suprised in these results but I am not complaining at all.:D .....However I am not saying this chip will work for your car all i know is it worked for mine......... this was totally experimental. So please buy at your own risk. Thank You
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    Did you disconnect the battery while you installed the chip?
  4. 9074runner

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    No i did not disconect the battery while i installed it.
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    I find it interesting that they have no contact information and are using Yahoo! Private Domain Registration to hide their registration info.
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    Hello All!!!!
    I just got my Volo Gas Saver chip/module in today. I will be installing it into a 1997 Chevy Z-71 Pickup that has been raised with 35's underneath. I will post results of the results when I get them. Install was in one word "easy". Here is my setup: I used to get 14.38 MPG with 278.8 miles on a tank before I used Ethos Fuel Reformulator (a cleaning and lubricating additive) and now my best tank was 404.6 miles on a tank with 18.26 MPG. That is where I will be starting with this test of this module/chip. Whishful thinking but I would love to get 20 MPG in that truck which would be about another 10% gain on top of the 26.94% I have gotten so far. Well, everyone wish me luck (figuratively as I don't believe in luck... not unless you consider God as my luck.

    More to come.......:driveby1:
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    Hi Sting Ray.

    Would you be so kind to let us know how did you go with the chip?

  8. sciclunam

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    Any news re chip?
  9. DestinGator

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    What was the test results???
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    I just purchased an 04 GTO in pristine condition with 16k miles in a city where low miles is considered 40k! A woman owned this car and obviously didn't drive it much. i did lots of research on the car before buying it. Having owned a corvette prior to this, I was impressed with the consumer ratings and the comparisons to the corvette more than just the inherent p\LS1 and LS2 power plants. I am usually very thorough but missed a few design flaws that have not plagued me yet but havng been used to drivig the Corvette as a Corvette should be driven and getting 19-22 mpg all day long in the city, the GTO really disappointed me when I started logging fuel consumption. If i drove it like an old lady I could get 16.5 mpg and if i drove it like a GTO (but not overly aggressive) I got anywhere between 13.7-15.5.

    The tires arent excessively worn. The car idels fine and runs strong with no obvious symptoms. I have a K&N AIR FILTER (IN MY STOCK AIRBOX) that is free of dirt and I run 93 octane so........

    I have been looking at possible remedies and saw this Volo. I could buy a programmer but I don't have $400.00 to save the $400, in extra gas I waste that I can spend over a period of time. I OD have to do something or I am going to have to give up this very-fun-to-drive car and get something very ordinary and unfun to drive to get the MPGs. (my car is showroom new looking but it is an 04 with a lousy book value and dealers are more vampires these days that before the economy went south.I would love to know if anyone bought and put one of these Volo chips to the test so I can give myself the green light to proceed with a purchase.
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    I purchased a Volo FS3 chip for my 1999 Ford Ranger with the 3.0 liter "flex fuel" engine, automatic transmission. My truck is "stock" other than adding a scan gauge and the FS3 chip. It so happens that I was making many trips on the same route hauling nearly identical loads of firewood for the winter, making a perfect opportunity for a controlled test. The route involves a mix of 55 mph highway driving, plus 35 mph suburban driving with traffic signals and stop signs. I made three trips before installing the chip and the average was 19.3 MPG. After a 100 mile "break in" as recommended by the manufacturer before taking readings, I was averaging 20.8 MPG over six trips. The difference between each individual trip was 0.2 MPG or less, so I consider the 7% gain to be statistically significant, although not as great as the 14%-20% claimed by Volo. Still I think that the device is worth getting if you drive a lot. I drive about 14,000 miles a year in the truck and with gas prices at $3.60 a gallon on the average right now I will save $188 a year, enough to pay for the device in 7 months.

    CPLTECH Well-Known Member

    RE: 2006 Nissan Pathfinder 4.0L, V6 4WD
    VOLO experience

    Can not say I’m a hyper miler, but always been mileage conscious. My 2006 Nissan Pathfinder has a rather accurate factory built in avg MPG gauge. Before that, I bought a kit from Australia, OZ Trip Computer, that gave me instantaneous MPG or avg (+ lots more options) on my 98 Tahoe. Took an engineer to figure out how to make it function, but it worked great once I talked a co-worker into programming it for me. Years before, I put a Sears MPG gauge on a 78 Chevy van 5.7L. It required magnets strapped to the driveshaft and a flow meter in the fuel line (how many remember that?). Can’t wait to just “plug in” a Scan Gauge some day in the near future. I also use store brand synthetic oil and an oil hyper lubricant that truckers swear by, MotorKote. If it makes my chain saw run cooler, hey, it’s got to help my car, too.

    Currently, I am experimenting with the Volo Performance model FS3 purchased early January 2011 to improve mileage. It gets wired into the OBD II wiring. An email response from the company explains: “The chip reads the ECU and only the ECU's calculated fuel delivery and timing values are altered.” I will mention that I drove 600 miles to the east mid-Feb 2011 using cruise control for the most part at speeds generally 67-69 MPH. Used Shell & BP reg 87 fuel only (no noticeable difference of brands between fill-ups) & got 22.16MPG. But on the return westerly trip under similar conditions except very strong headwinds we got 18.99 MPG. I feel this was an improvement since this is winter blend calculations, but last July it was normal to get ~20MPG on interstate travel and at a slightly slower speed. Looking forward to summer’s figures.

    Another example:
    Trip to daughter is 30 miles round trip. Best summer driving in a 98 Tahoe was 15 MPG. After buying this used 06 Pathfinder, I was thrilled that it got 18 MPG in warm weather (without the VOLO). However, the month of March (winter blend) it registered 20.1 MPG !!! Now, in the middle of June it is up to 22.2 MPG. Odometer reads 76K.

    We make an annual trip of 200 miles, (150 mi of interstate, 50 mi of state highway) around April. Last yr I got 21.8 MPG. This time it was 20.1. What’s with that??? Was it the slightly cooler temp?

    Another trip that we can compare with the previous year is a 140 miles round trip, all interstate. This yr (July 2011) with the VOLO and 41% Shell prem 93 in the tank(= 89 octane), it gave 23.7MPG, a wk later with 89, 22.8MPG . With 87 it then fell to 21.8. So prem helps. Last yr 2 similar trips in a hot July on Shell reg 87 was 21.74 &19.56, an avg of 20.5MPG.

    Overall, my figures show an improvement with the VOLO FS3.

    I applaud those who are able to get high numbers in those high MPG cars. Just understand that this Pathfinder is not fulfilling my WANTS, it is for my NEEDS. As a result, I make the effort to reduce fuel usage where possible.
  13. 2704ET

    2704ET New Member

    I friend of mine got one of the famous Volo FE chips for me to check it out. Now I am not tuning expert but what I do know is that PIC chip that they use can not communicate with CAN BUS network. But there are few things that it can do, it can blink a light every few seconds.I will do a bit more research about this product and let you know what this product actually do to your vehicle. I am sorry to burst your bubble, but to me looks like you are paying only for a light show. :(

    CPLTECH Well-Known Member

    I feel I must defend my previous comments and those others of us as VOLO users. It may not be right for everybody on the forum, but as a small sub-group we found positive benefits without spending $300+ on a tuner. I hesitate to remove the VOLO just to prove its worthiness, since it takes about 120 miles for the ECM to accept any new changes the VOLO makes. As members of this forum, we do a lot of little things that in the long run add up to savings (even using a credit card that offers gas rebates). I see you are new here but stick around and you will find we here are not so crazy. Keep reading the forum.

    About a month ago I purchased a ScanGuageII from this site and have learned a little more about my engine.

    Here are some interesting facts the SG2 revealed to me:
    In idle at a stop, throw the AT into N and save 10% of idle GPH
    Headlights or the blower fan increases HP and GPH (measured at a stop) (I already knew electric is not free but now you see the #’s). Should I go a step further & get LED brake / marker lights. Mine uses relays for the blinker circuit so would not be affected by the drop on amperage but will it think I now have a blown bulb? Is it worth the $$$?
    MPG improves as the water temp increases to normal (some yrs back I tricked a Tahoe into thinking the temp was higher than actual & boosted the MPG that way)
  15. herm

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    even a placebo effect is beneficial if it makes you feel good.
  16. RMasters

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    Hi all!

    I just happened to come across this forum by accident, and due to my recent experience with one of those "fuel savers", I thought I comment as well.

    We drive a little over 480 miles every weekend (visiting family), in a dealer maintained van, mechanically top. Mostly highway, and there with cruise control only (nothing else would make sense). Heck, we even fill up when starting at the gas station next to our house, and the one around the corner at our destination.

    So, the basic setup is almost perfect for accurate fuel consumption calculation.

    Now, I consider myself a good driver, am already at least 1mpg above the EPA rating for our main vehicle (which qualifies for being called a "Hypermiler"), oh well.

    My lovely wife, bless her heart, "fell" for one of these chips (FS3 aggressive fuel saver). I guess because I used to drive diesel for work, and a fine tuned chip can show a little improvement. None of those "buy now through the internet" of course. It has to be fit to the specific vehicle.

    She got me one for Christmas last near, never intended to mess around with our main vehicle, but was "forced" (unfortunately without the pleasant pressure :p) to do so 2 months ago.

    Long story short: First, the Volo chip does not go into sleep mode in our vehicle. This causes additional drain (of course larger than they claim) of our battery, instead of charging it before a trip for about 5 minutes before it trickle-charges (we store the van during the week), it now takes a little over 3 hours to do so.

    Second: There is no gain in fuel mileage at all. As a matter of fact, we went from an average mpg of 15.1/16.8/16.6 to 13.4/13.6/12.9.

    We talked to Volo, reset the chip several times, tried everything they "recommended", no positive changes.

    Well, 2 weeks ago I took it off and mailed it back. We made 2 trips since then, guess what: MPG was 16.4 and 16.3 already.

    I made my wife do some reading of professional writings online (not forums), she now realizes that this is all just money making, and that most people who claim savings only encounter them because they either did something else, or simply just changed their own behavior because they installed something.

    This was my 2 cents (more like 20, I know).

  17. 2704ET

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    Hi as I promised I did look bit deeper in to this new " chip" technology. As I suspected this thing does nothing for your engine. I was going to say nothing for your vehicle but actually it does have effect on your car. This unit will drain your battery if is left for prolong period of time, so your alternator will have to work harder to replenish used energy. But looking on the bright side your money is not completely wasted, you do get nice light show.

    CPLTECH Well-Known Member

    Say what you want, but as for me and my Pathfinder, the VOLO stays in. I do worry that some devices can lean out the fuel to excess and may therefore damage the engine valves & plugs, but I’m no mechanic.

    Also, I plan on continued use of MotorKote in the engine. If my 2 cycle Stihl chainsaw idles faster with a little bit added to the gas/oil mixture to the point that the idle has to be reduced to keep the clutch from engaging, no one is going to tell me that additive is hogwash.

    I do think that the car mfg’s don’t give the American public enough choices compared to other parts of the world where options such as smaller engines, diesel, and MT are available. Let us all keep doing what we can with what we got to work with until wood gas mods are perfected.
  19. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Yeah , I hear that wood gas is just about ready to hit the market.

    And just in time !
  20. lightfoot

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    At least stoking the gasifier in the back will keep the kids occupied on long trips.

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