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Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by 9074runner, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. 9074runner

    9074runner Well-Known Member

    Ok i know ther are alot of scams on ebay about performance chips that are really just 10 cent resistors. But when i was on ebay today i saw a performance chip that i had never seen before. Here is the site of the volo performance chip........ www.VoloPerformance.com ......... It claims an increase of FE.

    I know that this is most likly a gimic but if this chip does what they say it should work IMO.

    I found a forum on another website on this subjuct and someone asked the manufacturer come questions and here they are.

    Here are the questions he asked and the answers received:


    1 - do you change the air-fuel ratio?
    2 - do you change timing?
    3 - do you change boost?
    4 - will this be noticeable at part throttle, wide open, or both?
    5 - I currently monitor my car's parameters by having an OBD scan gauge hooked up to the OBD port. Will I now see the revised figures on my scan gauge's display?


    1. Yes, the air/fuel ratio is agressively tuned.
    2. Yes, if conditions warrant.
    3. For safety reasons, no. However we do offer a Volo EBC on our website.
    4. For this vehicle, and keep in mind I'm just glancing at the dyno I'm not driving one right now, gains are going to be most noticible at WOT, but still there at part throttle.
    5. Depends on the gauge. I'm not the expert on this one. As far as I know, as long as the gauge doesn't interfere with the injection signals, it will be fine. However, the chip itself has been designed to be undetectable.

    All good answers IMO.

    Tell me what yall think. :)
  2. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    The answers sound reasonable, but I'm not convinced that the product would do much for a FE driver. If the engine is in proper tune, the A/F ratio and ignition timing should not need to be changed. The exception would be if you wish to run something like E85 that the ECU is unable to handle without reprogramming. You can't really do something like lean-burn without extra hardware like a wideband o2 sensor, and that's one of the few things an FE driver would want. Emissions would be a big problem, though.

    I am familiar with other performance "chips" that have been offered to the Volvo community over the years. The most effective implementations are specifically for turbocharged cars, and involve swapping out the entire ECU for an upgraded one. They generate horsepower by cranking up the boost and providing the correct maps to keep the engine from destroying itself. Maybe it's possible to do something similar, but with boost, fuel, and ignition geared specifically for FE. There are tricks you can play with forced induction that might help depending on how they are programmed from the factory.
  3. 9074runner

    9074runner Well-Known Member

    Yea im not totally convinced either, thats why im askin yall lol. I went to ther website and if you go and watch some of there videos you can see the hardware inside and its deffinatly not just some resistor. Im slightly considering getting one of these and seeing if it has an effect. I have a scangauge so i would be able to tell how it effects FE and posible HP. Idk im gona research it someore.
  4. 9074runner

    9074runner Well-Known Member

    Anyone else want to say anything lol. Id Really like to figure out if this thing works or not.
  5. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    Finally looked at the site.

    They sure give themselves broad license to void your 60 day warranty. They can basically say "It says you installed it wrong so go pound sand." Reputable vendors provide a guarantee without all the weasel language.

    Other than that, who knows. I just spent some time surfing for anybody with knowledge and the most recent posts are other people hypothesizing (like us) and generally within the last couple of weeks. Guess somebody somewhere will have to get one and see.

    Not it...
  6. 9074runner

    9074runner Well-Known Member

    Yea, I might just get one and see if they work. It looks like they do alot of ther buisness on ebay so if i buy through ebay and its crap then I can always file a complaint through ebay and try to get my money that way.
  7. 9074runner

    9074runner Well-Known Member

    Ok well ive decided to fork over the 60 bucks and test this so called "chip" out. I'll keep everyone posted on how it works. When I install it il first look for FE changes and i might just check the hp to. Ok crossing my fings hoping it works.......but doubtful.
  8. beatr911

    beatr911 Tightwad

    Looks like a good idea for a NON-scangauge user. It uses the OBDII port for its operation so your SG won't work in conjunction with it.

    I definitely believe that optimizing tuning for efficiency could yield 18% in some cases, for sure 10% in all OBDII vehicles. Leaning the mixture with an EFIE yields just about 5% and with additional ignition timing and a slightly leaner open loop 10% is realistic. Effect on emissions depends on the current state of tune (or out of tune) of the vehicle though.

    If this actually does something like what it says, this would be the hot set up for helping grandma, or always-too-late-to-hypermile family members get a little boost in FE.
  9. 9074runner

    9074runner Well-Known Member

    Yea im not sure if my scanegauge will work with this. I guess ill see, hopefully it will still work and i can track FE right after install. On there website i believe they say that this chip will not interfere with a divice being used through the OBDII port so hopefully there telling the truth.
  10. 9074runner

    9074runner Well-Known Member

    Ok ive ordered it and well see how it goes. Im currently tearing out the carpet in my 4runner so hopefully ill be done putting in the truck liner by the time the so called chip comes in.
  11. 9074runner

    9074runner Well-Known Member

    Ok so the chip came in but my 4runner still has the intirior riped out of it so ill prob be able to put in the chip in a week. Ill keep everyone updated on my progress.
  12. JusBringIt

    JusBringIt Be Inspired

    im very interested in the results!
  13. bearda

    bearda New Member

    I've been looking for more info on the Volo chip for a while, and registered when I saw you had just bought one.

    They throw around a lot of jargon that sounds somewhat plausable on the surface, but when you get down to it there's next to no way the thing could actually be doing what they claim. EPROM code isn't sent across the OBD-II port before execution, so there's no way to do a soft-patch at runtime (different than a full reflash).

    That's not to say it isn't doing SOMETHING, which is why I'm so curious to hear your impressions. I've been half-tempted to buy one and dump the code on their firmware chip just to see what it DOES do, but I'm not $60 worth of curious yet.
  14. 9074runner

    9074runner Well-Known Member

    Ok well ive almost got my car put back together. :) I replaced my nasty carpet with a truck bed liner that you well kinda paint in. It looks great now. Ill try to get everything put back together and then do my base run. I have a place that is slightly uphill for about a mile and ill be running that at 50 mph. Ill most likely drive it 3-5 times and then i should have a good base average. Once ive got my base average im going to install the so called "chip". Ill drive it for a couple days and then do another set of 3-5 runs and see if its any different. The best tank mileage ive ever gotten was 24.4 so if this works i should be getting tanks in the 27 range. Ok well Ill let yall know how it goes asap.
  15. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    Make sure you record temp, humidity, winds, road conditions, etc.
  16. 9074runner

    9074runner Well-Known Member

    Yes i will be recording weather and road conditions and all that other stuff. If there FE gains are what they say they are it shouldnt matter.
  17. 9074runner

    9074runner Well-Known Member

    Ok i did my base tests and this is how they went.

    Base test

    1st run 21.9mpg at 50mph
    2nd run 21.8mpg at 50 mph
    3rd run 21.8mpg at 50 mph

    The weather conditions were good, nice and sunny about 70 degrees.

    Ive already installed the chip and its not functioning as the manual says it should, so ive contacted the seller and im trying to find out if what is happaning is normal or not. Although it does seem to have a little more power and seems to running smoother at idle and at slightly lower rpm's. So this is getting interesting, I guess well so how it goes from here.
  18. 9074runner

    9074runner Well-Known Member

    Ok ive got the chip installed and its working properly now. As in its led lights flash as they are supposed to at startup and such. Ther is an increase in power and my scanguage seems to agree that im getting better gas mileage while accelerating to greater speeds however the mpg at cruzing speeds have not seemed to change. Ill try to do the runs with the chip in but latly it hasnt been to nice here and id like to have the same conditions.
  19. 9074runner

    9074runner Well-Known Member

    Ok my girlfriend lives about 15 miles away, I would say its about 6 city miles and 9 highway miles. Anyway my previous best for going to her house was 28.6 MPG, I have been trying to get use to how my 4runner reacts to certain amounts of presser on the pedal because it has definitly changed sence i got the volo chip. So ive finally got it down and i decided to see what type of FE I could get on a trip to her house, On the way ther im doing what i would usually do to get the best FE, driveing about 50-55, Pulse and Gliding, timing lights, you know just the usual. Anyway after getting to her house i was shocked at the results, my trip average was 33.1 MPG!!!!!!! Im thinking now that this chip has had to of done somthing cause you dont just gain 4+ MPG all of a sudden, and if your wondering if i had tried to get maximum FE on this rout before i got the chip the answer is yes many times and the best i had ever goten was 28.6 and i was doing exactly what i did when i got the 33.1 with the chip. Ok well i just thought i would share that with yall!!
  20. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    Well, I'm amazed. I guess the thing to do is log some numbers with it for a while and then see if the numbers decline when it is removed.

    Now that I think about it, definitely run through two or three tanks to make sure that the impact is real. Since the chip supposedly interacts with the ECU through the OBD-II system there is always the chance that it is impacting the SG. Maybe, maybe not...who knows.
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