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    Hey all! Just popping in to lay out my story. Been driving this little car for almost 2 years now. Picked it up for $1000, AC, manual tranny... Up until about a month ago I was only getting about 27mpg, which at the time I thought was pretty good.

    Then I started getting into alternative fuel cars and researching better fuel economy and whatnot. I came across this thing called hypermiling and started implementing some of these techniques into my driving habits. I jumped from 27 to 35 by just slowing down and coasting a lot.

    Then I heard about people who shut their cars off frequently and did a lot of gliding. I thought it was a good idea, you know, use the engine only when necessary. But it was kind of a pain (and probably looked retarded to most people) reaching up to turn the key all of the time, especially at stop lights.

    So I went ahead and installed two buttons on my shift lever, which are held in place by double-sided velcro. One button the ignition coil runs through and kills the engine when depressed, and one that goes from the battery post terminal of the starter solenoid through the switch and back out to the signal post of the solenoid starts the car.

    Now I can pop it out of gear and kill the motor and glide and start it at my whim, without having to reach for the key (which also resets the stereo and the radar detector and is annoying)! Sometimes while coasting I have to turn a corner, so I hit the start button, turn the corner, speed up a hair and then kill it again. This gives me power steering!

    During my daily commute, which is 22 miles one way, I coast with the engine off a total of about 5 miles or more, depending on when I am forced off of the freeway by stopped traffic. Now I get between 40 and 50mpg! Last time I filled was 45, this time is looking more like 40. We'll see on Monday when I fill 'er up!

    Anyone with any other hints, please let me know. I already do the slow acceleration thing and keep it under 60mph at most times. Sometimes I will get behind a semi and keep a couple of car lengths back, depending on traffic around us. Aside from making my car more aerodynamic, I am all out of ideas. I have been toying with the idea of installing one of those HHO generators, but not sure if it is worth the hassle.

    Anyways, enough of this, I gotta get going. Keep on coastin'!

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    looks like you got some great numbers there JD. thanks for sharing the info here with us. you will find tons of info in the articles section to the left. it seems like you are already into some of the advanced methods and make them work really well for you. I have some time so i will probably look into implementing the engine kill switch in a different manner this time. last time was a bit more problematic. you can reduce weight in your car and use synthetic oil 0w 30 if your car says 5/10w 30. again welcome!

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